Love Is Love

Remember when you experienced that first flutter
in the pit of your stomach?
Remember how hard you swallowed the spit
in your mouth?
Remember how your chest would pound
with anticipation at the thought of your lover?
Remember how you two would gaze
into each other’s eyes?
Remember the long late nite talks
on the phone… the promises made
that you two would love one another throughout eternity?
Remember the flowers, the presents, the going out
and enjoying others in the midst of one another’s company?
Remember the long kisses… the strong tight squeezes
In your lovers arms?
Remember losing your breath when you made love…
how you cried….how your body shook from the intensity
of the others touch?
Remember how good that felt?
Remember when you said to each other…
let’s not ever forget why we fell in love in the first place?
Remember how nice and respectful you were to each other’s
wants and needs?
Remember when you promised to never hurt
one another?
Remember when you both stood before God and said
till death do us part…and it did?
I asked my mother to try and remember
what it was like for her and daddy.
I said to her, mommy…
remember love?
love is love
she did remember
and we cried together.

Copyright © 2004. Used with author's permission.

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