It Was You
MizZ. JaCkSoN

What ever happened to her they say.
Why'd she turn out like that?
She use to be so caring.
And always had her life intact.
She was full of life and laughter,
The most selfless person I knew.
And no matter what the circumstances,
If you needed her,
She'd come through.

She was always so happy,
And put others needs before her own.
But now its as if the lifes been sucked out of her,
And she's always so remote.
If you look in her eyes they're empty,
She seems to have nothing left.
Her life just has no purpose,
And her ambitions have been laid to rest.

So what ever happened to her they say.
Why'd she turn out like that?
'Cuz she gave her love away continuously,
And never got anything back.
She put her all in everything,
And gave all that she could give.
And in the end she was left with nothing,
But an empty space where her heart had once been.

Nothing matters to her anymore,
And she walks around in a daze.
She's forgotten what it's like to smile,
And her happiness could never be replaced.
She doesn't even feel anymore,
It's as if her whole body is numb.
And all this was at the hands of the one she truly loved.

She's not with us anymore,
She began to hate herself.
She couldn't take the pain she felt,
And ended her very breath.
They found her in her bed one day,
Thought she'd taken a rest.
That is until the note they found,
She was holding it upon her chest.

I have lived my life the best I can,
And always came up short.
And you continued to hurt me,
Ruthless with no remorse.

So when my life is over,
And they ask how it came to be.
I want you to stand,
And say proudly.
Of course, it was me!

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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