I Don't Like This

Pondering , wheels turning,
thoughts churning
my mind in heavy contemplation
I promise you
IM being sincere when I ask you to
watch ya situation
Cuz ya situation is coming to me with reckless
said thoughts of me in her mind on heavy rotation
My favorite color blue
so I get shoes
in my favorite hue
she's giving clues
But I choose
to digress
I hear complaints about ya slow progress
Im being sincere
Prolly hard to believe I really care
I just think it'll be sad to see
such potential loose out on a gem so rare
because of ya lack and intermprance
Said u like a fad diet a vision of pretentious
trifle uncertainty
U make sure ya get up is fly from head to toe
but u on the verge of being hollow
cuz ya conversations have become shallow
Said when it comes to her inner extremities
a brother has gone aloof
The pictures she paints
on the insides
of my thigh are full proof
Ya whole chapter is being written in past tense
Relationship dead without pretense
Standing on the outside ya situation makes no sense
But back to said situation
said she wanted to go out for a drink
asked for what she said in celebration
said she felt like she was sentenced to incarceration
til she met me
now she free
like government cheese
But wait somebody's paying for it
I guess that would be you
sounds like a lie but its true so
im ya teacher I got a list of 17 things you can do

Copyright © 2005. Used with author's permission.

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