I Care
Virgo Red

I care about people dying
I wish i could stop it
I wish Ihad the power
To take all diseases
Put them in a bottle and
Shoot them all
To the moon
Where no one will find them
I care about teenage mothers
Struggling to make it
Fighting for their children
Fighting the need for death
I care about
Finding a cure
For AIDS, cancer, and HEP A through CI want to stop violence
With my words
With my heart
I care for the people
I care for their lives
I want everyone to be happy
For however long
I wish i could rewind time
And give everyone a chance
To say what they mean
And mean what they say
A chance to say good-bye
On a loved ones last day
To speak their minds
To forgive
To forget
I care that as a black woman
I'm apart of a dying race
I want to help in the fight
To erase all hate
I want all races to get along
No matter if
Red, white, or blue
I care enough to start
A revolutionFor my children's lives
I want them to know no fear
And fear no man
But God
I care for my daughters
HappinessI want her to always smile
Even as I'm somewhere else
Watching her care
Watching her change
Watching her grow
Watching my revolution rise in her
I want to be proud
That she cares
As I'm looking down and As I'm watching her
As I'm caring for her

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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