I Am
by Intellectual Sunshyne

Only lord knows…

What I wouldn’t give right now 2 be free!

Free of what you ask?

Free of complaints and restraints,
Rules and regulations.
Statements and stereotypes,
That I’m faced with because of my “preference”
One that the rest of the world is 2 narrow-minded 2 see as anything but sexual.
Never 4 a moment thinking that it might also be highly intellectual, emotional, mental and yes
“simply physical.”
That maybe the first thing I noticed were her eyes rather than her thighs!
That her words are of greater importance than her kisses,
Because she made love to my psyche first.
But not by putting me under false,“ghetto-romantic” pretenses.
Instead she truthfully expressed her desire to obtain several degrees and conscious efforts 2
follow her dreams.
That she actually fills a void,
Better than any toy!
So think twice b4 you damn her into a category,
And declare her soul unworthy of God’s glory.
Take a second 2 hear her triumphant cry,
I am LESBIAN, and so much more!

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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