I wanna be a gangsta
Gangstalicious in your bed
Crawl to me Mommie
Open up and let me get fed
My gun is my dildo
I’ll squeeze the trigger real slow
My rotation continuous
On target, full flow
I’m you’re stick up artist
Poking you with ease
Squeezing your titties
Fucking you as I please
Mugging that pussy
All up in that cunt
Give it to me Mommie
From the back or front
I wanna rob your honey
Snatch the moans from your gut
Ride it baby
Scream…and give it up
I’m Gangstalicious baby
That hard-core thug you want in bed
“This is a stick-up Baby!”
One false move and you’ll pass out as if dead

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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