Freedom From Confusion

eyelids block dark mirrors to eyes
that offer nothing of little nothings
as closed tightly they remain to me

in your lifetime
my appearance from the beginning
promised obstruction

the slouch in my jeans
a boyish cut and a studs swagger
branded this so

sunlit clouds become dark and ominous
words that once sparked curious insight
now thunderstorm disappointment
I am but a stone in the complexity of you

within these human walls
created by skin that brands me woman
my exterior stamps me distant
though sensual nonetheless, I remain

these verbal realizations of self
leave me breathless and free
the wondering misdirection of confusion
now slithers lifeless before me

though I am still just a jagged thorn
in the rose garden that is you
my essence remains a cry for disdain
because my closet lacks a black skirt

Copyright © 2005. Used with author's permission.

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