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I am never going to let this happen again!

I’m tired of getting played like a damn PS2. It’s really beginning to take a toll on me. I can’t trust anyone anymore, not even myself. I don’t know whether I’m delusional or justified. But I’ll tell you one thing: this is the end of one long game and the start of a newer, shorter game. Here’s the scoop:

I’ve been in enough relationships to know that when your loved one starts playing ‘THE PHONE GAME’, something is amiss. You know how to play that one, right? Well, if you call your girl and she says, ‘Lemme call you right back’, but she doesn’t have the power to make it happen (i.e. no long distance, cell turned off, etc), she’s up to something. Or if you tell her “I love you” and she says “Ok”. Or if she doesn’t pick up the phone when you call, yet you know she’s home, common sense says she’s doing something she doesn’t wanna be caught doing. We’ve all played this game; I just wish, for once, I could be on the other side of the team.

Then there’s the ‘CONFESSION AFTER THE FACT’ game. You think maybe, just maybe, your girl is cheating on you? Ask her and be direct about it. Hell, most of the time she’ll deny it right to your face and you’ll still smell a rat. If this happens, let the conversation die down for a while. If she likes to play C.A.T.F., she’ll tell you about it approximately 3 weeks later. She will downplay her actions because it’s an event in the past. She will not expect a blowup on your part, considering you already knew and questioned her about it earlier. The players determine the ending of that game. You could take her back, but don’t get upset if she plays this game with you again. Apparently, she thought you liked to play this with her! I wonder why….

Hmmmm… what other types of games are there? Ah, my favorite: ‘IT WAS JUST A KISS’ game. That has got to be the most common way to admit to cheating. You know you fucked her but you break the ice by claiming it was just a kiss. Kisses don’t mean shit and you get to clear the conscience with ‘At least I told her I cheated… sorta!’ I never liked this game at all but again I’m never playing on the right team.

Finally, there’s ‘THROW OFF SUSPICION’, the game where your paranoia of being a cheater comes back to haunt you. T.O.S. involves blaming your girl for things you did and don’t want her doing in return. So, while it is you that’s screwin’ the chick you claim is just a friend, you pay special attention to any new female in your girl’s life. This is a familiar game that cheaters and liars find themselves playing involuntarily.
"Who was that on the phone?"
"Where do you know her from?"
"Ummmhmmm… sure!"

While this list of games certainly could be much longer, these are the most frequent ones I’ve encountered. In response, I’ve created my own game entitled, IM NOT PLAYING WITH YOU ANYMORE. Guess what that one’s about?

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