Do Lesbians Want Children?
Annisa Arthur

Why do people believe that lesbians donít want kids?
Isnít that the reason why women were created?
We must make use of our wombís function,
Though we may not want to use Adamís method.
And even if we do, we threeíll make team work out of it
Or resort to using a needle filled with biological engineering.
To sense a life germinating inside of us
Should never be a topic for others to discuss.
Technology has provided us many ways
T o have something our nature castigates,
A baby to rock- a- bye,
With the help of a donor we design child.
And hope that a safe delivery my wife will have
So that the institute of parenting will give us a chance.
The chance to produce a dynamic individual.
Someone my wife and I will be proud of.
Whether you walk the straight path or choose to bend,
In your mothers you will always have a friend.
When the world, which seemed to care so much about your conception, fails you.
Mummy and I will come running to the rescue.
She and I care about you and youíre not even born.
I have not even procured for myself a woman.
But one day it will all fall into place
Because unlike some heterosexual couples who play God,
Even when you were just a thought you were loved.

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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