Marsha Blue

I have been so many things
So many, many different people
But I cannot just be myself
I act as though I am someone else
Afraid that if the world sees me they will shun away
Take away from me the only thing that is mine
Ridicule me
Put me down
Even belittle me
For the fact that I do love differently
For the fact that I want to love her
Maybe love she
The type that is me
And I am not he
The type that is feminine
That is soft
That is everything that I am
And when we touch it will be electric
Because it is forbidden
It is looked on as wrong
Because in the ways of the world we have
No rights to one another
Not to our feelings
Not to our children
That we created together
Not to our Love
But who are they that judges us
The ones that look at us and
Say that we are under them
Who are they
No different from us
We of course just love differently.

Copyright © 2005. Used with author's permission.

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