Complex Yet Complete
Rhythmic Pleasurez

I ask do you understand what its like to be different,
To be looked at like a mutant with no purpose of living,
On a daily basis I am tried and sometimes I fail,
Just once I wanna be the winner and prevail,
To fight off all the negative vibes and be a hustla in this thing we call life,
To suceed in my living and daily fight,
I feel like a germ, People steady tryin to get rid of me, When deep down inside I am my own worse enemy,
I let you bring me down and tell me im wrong,
But I ask of you what is so wrong,
To love someone of the same sex,
It's not very complex.
For just one day I wish you could stand,
In the shoes of a lesbian judged by the man,
"Your not right"
"Thats just sick"
Why is it sick because I don't like dick?
My lifestyle is far more deeper,
Than you could ever imagine,
It's not all about sexxin a woman,
Please tell me can you fathom,
It's about loving and understanding MY purpose for living, To be whole and feel pure in the arms of another woman.

Copyright © 2005. Used with author's permission.All Rights Reserved.

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