Come Here And Be My Girl

Come here and be my girl
I want all of you or nothing at all.
Do as I say but not as I do.
Sit still and be a nice little girl while I go do my thing.
Oh yeah, by the way
when I call answer the damn phone
if not you're gonna pay and explain why you've decided to defy me.

Oh don't feel like that
I love you, can't you tell?
I'm sorry I made you feel like that
I'll do better-- I don't want to lose you
I'll treat you better.

Fuck your family and friends
it's all about me
I thought I told you that before.

oh am I doing that again?
I'm sorry let's kiss and make up
close this door spread emm wide let me inside.
I promise not to hurt you anymore.
Please tell me how you feel cause if you don't how can we heal?

Okay I'm tired of the shit.
I've been doing my part but you keep pissing me off.
I keep telling you it's all your fault
now sit here and listen
while I blame the whole reason
I treat you like shit on you.
I gotta make it sound just right
so it'll stick like glue--make you carry all this guilt with you.
You say you love me so you better not leave me.
I know if I tell you all those sweet nothings you'll fold again
I know how your mind works it's so easy to pretend.

Come here and be my girl.
we gone make this work this time
I promise.

Copyright © 2006. Used with author's permission.

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