I saw this coming
But I ignored the signs
I felt you slippin
But tried to hold on tight
Your EX she's dirty, but you like dirt
The bruises and abuse, apparently didn't hurt
Yeah you say im nice, you're sorry too
But that shit don't fix anything you do
Let me in, to heal your heart
Then stomp on mine, rip mine apart
Some thanks you give, for consoling you
When your ass was crying what did she do?
Calling you up wishing you would die
But I was there wiping every tear you cried
I wrote you a letter, Yeah I was mad
Every word in it was probably bad
But in my mind that shit was true
I tried so hard to believe in you
Now she's back, and im no more
Hung up in my face, what the fuck was that for?
Can't have no friends, she thinks you cheatin
Beatin on you for no damn reason
I shouldn't be mad, because you're just weak
I think of you so much that I barely get sleep
Wondering if you're okay, and did she hurt you
But you're in love
There aint a thing I can do

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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