Tigress Healy

Black women are beautiful
And it may come to you as a surprise
But Iím not going to release a book of
Poetry exposing me
And let this aspect of my
Sexuality go unrecognized

Strong Afrikan features
Beautiful legs, thighs, and eyes
Not to mention lovely locs and
Perky breasts
All arranged nicely to help you
Work your dress

Not to mention divine black nipples
That somehow make my eyes cripple

I notice now some young ladies are
Not really shy
Especially when they donít try to hide the
Loud moans and groans that they
Drone when my tongue roams their
Clit then goes inside

Iím not going to deny it
I refuse to wear societyís disguises
As a heterosexual woman whose
Interest only lies in guys

My sexual appetite is bigger than that
I want the veggie burger and the fries

And even when some women claim that they
Donít get down like that
They still call me later and wanna try

And I can see why

No disrespect to my brothers
Cuz I wanna raise my babies with you
But I have to give props to my sistahs
Cuz they are so beautiful

Copyright © 2007. Used with author's permission.

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