The 90 Day Relationship

    • Haven't gotten any in a few months; you are extremely horny
    • Masturbating is okay, but you've reached the point where you need to be pressed
      against another's bare flesh
    • Tired of being the only person you know not in a relationship
      Then, you meet her . . .

    First 30 Days:
    • Anytime you 2 are alone for more than 2 minutes, you are making out. Alone for 5
      minutes and you are having sex.
    • It's good too -- hot, fantastic, live out all of your freaky fantasies, sex
    • Everyone sees you together and assumes you two are a couple
    • Eventually you start to act like a couple, even though it hasn't been officially declared or
    • Except for work and/or school, try to spend as much time as you can in her company
    • You've left a sweater at her place; she's left panties at yours
    • Is it love? Could she be Ms. Right?

    Next 30 Days:
    • Sex is still great.
    • Hypersexual activity slows down and u can be in her presence without trying to fondle
    • You are talking and learning more about each other.
    • Start to realize you are not 100% compatible
    • Spending time with her is still cool, but you don't like her friends
    • There are petty arguements here and there, but no relationship is perfect. This is a
      relationship right?
    • You'd rather have sex than talk to her. Some times you fuck her just to shut her up.

    Last 30 Days:
    • You realize you don't love her -- or particularly like her.
    • Start taking your time responding to her voice messages/emails.
    • You argue so much you don't want to be around her any more, much less have sex with
    • The couple of times you do have sex, it feels like a job, not an adventure
    • If you are alone with her for 2 minutes you feel like you are suffocating
    • You don't care if you get your sweater back; the undies get tossed in the trash.
    • It's over.

    • Mad at yourself for getting involved with her in the first place.
    • Tired of drama and swear off of women for a while.
    • You are not horny at all. In fact, you could go months without getting some.

Copyright 2002.

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