_____Kandy was beautiful, smart, and funny and had a great personality. But the girls don't really seem to care about her mental beauty, only the things on the outside. It seems all the really cared about was her long light brown hair, natural green eyes, redbone complexion (light skinned), long eye lashes and perfect smile. Her sexy girly figure, nice ass and full 38D breast always seemed to catch their eyes first. They don't really care that this 5'9 pretty faced 18-year-old femme can love them and make them feel good inside and out. No. They only care that they show her off like some prized car and get her in their bed.
_____Kandy has been through a number of different girlfriends. Some were sweet, some were assholes and others were cute faces she slept with for one night. At first this didn't really bother her. In fact she was pleased and impressed with herself that so many girls wanted her and found her sexy. But then she found herself feeling used up after awhile. When she saw the strong tight love between Coco and her cousin Tony, she became jealous. Jealous because she had no one to love her back, no one to have the nerve to hold her, to be there for her when she was going through life's problems. Kandy wanted what Coco had with Tony so badly. She wanted a girl like Tony too. Kandy saw how good and loving she treated Coco and they were always together. If you never saw Coco and Tony together you knew something was wrong. They held hands all the time and were always kissing. When Kandy had a problem and wanted to talk to Coco about it, this always seems to happen:
_____"Coco, I feel so lonely sometimes," said Kandy on the phone one day.
_____"Why do you say that?" asked Coco on the other end of the phone. She lay on her bed while Tony rubbed her feet.
_____" 'Cause it seems all these niggas out here want from me is my body and shit. They don't seem to want me for Me." said Kandy.
_____"Oh Kandy don't-" Coco began but Tony cut her off.
_____"Get off the phone, Coco" whined Tony.
_____"Oh god" mumbled Coco "Anyways don't worry. Remember I've been there too so I know where your coming from."
_____"But what if I never find someone like you did?" asked Kandy.
_____"Don't worry, you will" said Coco.
_____"Come on, get off the phone." whined Tony "You can talk to her later!"
_____"Would you just shut the fuck up? I'll be off in a minute, shit.," said Coco.
_____"Why do studs have to be big babies like that?" asked Kandy.
_____"I don't even know. I can't...I can't...I can't really oooo Tony. Look Kandy I'ma call you back later." Coco hung up the phone before Kandy could say anything else.
_____Kandy had just broken up with her last girlfriend Nikkia who was a real asshole. Nikkia always needed to know where the hell Kandy was and always had people watching her. It seemed every time Kandy blinked Nikkia knew about it. Nikkia also had a real bad temper and at times she was ready to beat the fuck out Kandy. Kandy had seen Nikkia beat the shit out of people and it wasn't something she wanted done to her, so she broke up with Nikkia whom attempted to punch Kandy in the face but she ducked and Nikkia's fist hit a wall causing her to break some bones in her fist. Now imagine if Nikkia hadn't missed.
_____Kandy was looking for love but never could find it and thought she never would. She thought she loved Nikkia and thought Nikkia loved her back, she was wrong of course. All the girls Kandy ever dated were terrible and always seemed to get the wrong ones. It seems she had better relationships with guys then girls. At least they had the nerve to call her the day after they fucked. Kandy finally figured love just wasn't for her, but that was all before one Friday night.
_____Kandy, Coco, Dee, Caress and Tony were all out one night looking for something to do. They were all out by Dee and Coco's grandmother's crib, which was near a suburban village called 'Oak Park'.
_____" Hey, don't Cam live somewhere around here?" asked Tony to Dee.
_____"Yeah in Oak Park where all them rich people live." said Dee.
_____"Who the hell is Cam?" asked Kandy.
_____"A cousin of ours." said Dee.
_____"What school she go to?" asked Kandy.
_____"That school 'Oak Park/River Forest'." said Tony.
_____"Oh where all them rich stuck up wannabe kids go?" asked Kandy.
_____"Not all of them like that" said Dee "Well not Cam at least. She come right out the ghetto."
_____"How she end up here?" asked Kandy.
_____"Her parents started working for some famous record company. Now they living in the big time" said Dee.
_____"Hey lets ask her to go to that party wit' us. Shit don't never be fun till she there" said Tony.
_____They walked to out to Cam's house, which took a little bit, about 15 minutes. They finally got to this huge house and Tony rang the bell.
_____Meanwhile in the back of the house, Cam was swimming in her pool when she heard the doorbell ring. She climbed out, grabbed a towel as she walked up the patio and went to answer the door. When she opened it Tony and Dee greeted her.
_____"Hey fat head!" said Tony to Cam.
_____While Tony and Dee greeted their friend, Kandy looked in to get a better look at Cam and she really liked what she saw. Cam was a tall one about 6'1, had short dark hair that came to the middle of her neck, skin the color of caramel, light brown eyes and a nice swimmer's build. Her biceps were tones as well as her legs and stomach that was cut into a tight 4 pack. Cam couldn't look any sexier in her swim top, swim trunks and the dim light of the house glistened off her wet flesh. Cam was so fine Kandy had to remember to catch her breathe. She was that fine. Cam knew Kandy was staring but didn't want to make it obvious.
_____"You wanna come to this basement party on rice street wit' us?" asked Dee.
_____"Uh not if you don't mind waiting for me to get ready. As you can see I got to shower and everything." said Cam.
_____"Ok, we don't mind. How long you gonna be?" asked Dee.
_____"About 30 minutes." said Cam.
_____"Damn. Ok we can still wait," said Tony.
_____"Good. The entertainment system is right there along with the remotes and stuff. I'll try to be quick," said Cam as she went upstairs to get ready.
_____It took Cam about 40 minutes and she finally came downstairs ready to go.
_____"Finally!" said Tony. Always the first to complain.
_____"Well you know how I be. I change at least 15 times before clubbin'" said Cam.
_____Kandy saw she looked even sexier than when she first saw her. Cam had on a black Sean John button down shirt she wore open with a white tank top under it. She had a pair of black Sean John shorts and a pair of black Timberlands. Cam had on a Platinum chain with a charm studded with real diamonds. She also had a diamond stud in her ear. Kandy thought it didn't make any since for Cam to be THAT fine. As Tammy walked past Cam to leave the house, she could smell the scent of 'Cool Water' cologne on Cam's clothes.
_____"Damn, the girl even smell good!" thought Kandy to herself.

They rolled up to the party in Cam's red BMW convertible. They were a little crammed in the back but it was all good. When they got to the house where the party was being held, they saw that people were running out.
_____"Oh shit" said Cam " There must have been a fight." She parked the car and went to see what happened, Tony and Dee followed.
_____"Coco, why didn't you tell me that girl was goin' to be fine?" asked Kandy.
_____"I ain't know we was goin' over there tonight" said Coco.
_____"Well you should have. Damn, I would have worn something better."
_____"Whatever, girl. You look fine as it is. Don't be so worried" said Caress.
_____"Oh my god she smells good, she got money and she can dress her ass off. Lord help yo' bisexual child!"
_____Coco and Caress laughed.
_____" Girl, you's a damn foo'. Look, no matter what you'll always look cute no matter what." Said Caress "Now shut up cause they comin' back to the car."
_____Tony, Cam and Dee got back in the car.
_____"So what's the deal?" asked Coco.
_____"Two dumbass niggas got into it cause one stepped on the other one shoes and they got the fight'n," explained Cam.
_____"Is it coo' to go in now?" asked Kandy.
_____"Hell naw, one of them fools got shot and they waitin' for the cops and shit to come," said Tony.
_____"Shit" said Coco, Caress, and Kandy in unison.
_____"So what ya'll wanna do? I ain't get ready for nothing," said Cam.
_____"Lets go to the lake front," said Tony "Its a nice night for it anyway."
_____"Naw, I only like to go up there when I got a date" said Cam.
_____"I'll be your date, Cam," said Kandy putting her hand on Cam's thigh. Cam looked at her and was all smiles. Her sexy full lips smiled and her deep dimples made her look even cuter. Kandy thought everything about Cam was perfect, even her teeth.
_____"Alright." said Cam winking at Kandy.
_____When they got to the lake, Tony and Coco went they own way while Dee and Caress ran off somewhere, leaving Cam and Kandy alone in the car.
_____"So do you wanna sit in here or go for a walk?" asked Cam.
_____"Uh we can stay here, if you want to," said Kandy shyly.
_____"Ok. I don't mind. So what's your name again?"
_____"That's a cute name. It suits you."
_____Kandy blushed. Cam knew she was scoring brownie points good so far.
_____"So Kandy, you got a girlfriend? Boyfriend?"
_____"I just broke up with my girlfriend a week ago."
_____Oh, I'm sorry."
_____"Sorry? Why should you be? She was a real asshole and a dog anyway."
_____"Damn. What she do?"
_____Kandy told Cam how much of an asshole Nikkia was and how she treated her.
_____"Shit, ma. That's some shit," said Cam after Kandy was done. "You don't deserve to be treated like that. She was stupid."
_____"Yeah. So do you have a girl?"
_____"We just broke up"
_____"Oh. Why?"
_____"She was money hungry and a bitch. I couldn't handle that. Plus she cheated on me."
_____"Cheated?!? On you of all people?!? Damn that bitch was stupid. REAL stupid."
_____That made Cam laugh. "Why you sayin' it like that?"
_____"Cause its like why? It's like you so fine and why should she have gone for somebody else?"
_____Cam blushed lightly while she chuckled at what Kandy had said.
_____"You funny, girl and sweet. I likes that in a girl."
_____Of course Kandy had to blush herself.
_____"You seem really sweet too."
_____"Maybe me and you should get to know each other better"
_____The blood rushed to Kandy's pussy because a thought in her head said she was gettin' some ass tonight. When Kandy saw Cam's hand reach for the glove box, she thought is coming for her thigh and she jumped. Cam just chuckled and continued to get a pen and a small piece of paper. She wrote her house phone and cell phone number down and gave it to Kandy.
_____"You'll be better off calling my cell. I'm never home it seems" said Cam.
_____"Here's my cell phone number. I'm hardly in the crib either."
_____"Where you be at?"
_____"Chillin' wit' who ever. What about you?"
_____"Mostly the same thing. Hey how old are you?"
_____"Eighteen. Why?"
_____"Ok just makin' sure. Girls can really fool you these days."
_____"I take it something like that had happened to you before?"
_____"I wanna know!"
_____"It was just that I had met this girl and I swear she looked like she was like 18 or something and I found out the girl was like 13."
_____"Oh my damn. Was this before or after you spelt with her?"
_____"Unfortunately after."
_____Kandy started laughing. Her laugh was so cute Cam just had to laugh.

_____They drove around the city after leaving the lakefront. Finally at 2 in the morning, Cam drove everyone home. Coco was staying the night with Tony so she dropped them off along with Dee whom lived next door to Tony. Then Cam dropped Kandy off at home 15 minutes away.
_____"I hope you didn't mind dropping us all off all late and stuff." Said Kandy as Cam turned down her street.
_____"No I don't mind. I really didn't want to go home right away anyway." Said Cam "Is this your building?"
_____Cam parked in front of Kandy's crib.
_____"Can I walk you to the door?" Asked Cam.
_____"Sure." Said Kandy.
_____Cam walked Kandy up the steps to the front door holding her hand.
_____"Please try to call me tomorrow at around like 10 or whenever you wake up. I really wanna talk to you again, get to know you better."
_____"Ok, I'll do that. I wanna get to know you better too." Said Kandy waiting for Cam to kiss her like all the other girls do but instead Cam kissed her hand and left. Kandy had a feeling this girl was different.
_____A few weeks went by and the two continued to talk and hang out together. They would either hang out with their friends or by themselves. Soon weeks turned into a month and Cam remained sweet so far. Cam would buy Kandy teddy bears all the time and give her cards to show how she felt about her. The more she and Cam were together, the more Kandy felt she was falling deeply in love with her. Everything about Cam made Kandy feel so good and they did everything together. Well almost everything.
_____Kandy and Cam went up to the lakefront one night. The air was a little chilly but they kept each other warm as they closely held each other, kissing passionately while they lay on a blanket on the sand. No one was around to see them. Cam softly caressed the inside of Kandy's thigh, slowly moving it up her short skirt. Kandy had on no panties so Cam was able to slid a finger inside her wet pussy, swirling the finger around making Kandy moan against Cam's lips.
_____"Lets go back to my place," whispered Cam into Kandy's sensitive ear.
_____The 20-minute drive back to Cam's crib seemed like forever. They both wanted to get there as soon as possible. Kandy tried rubbing her aching pussy but Cam would stop her.
_____"Save that for me, baby." Cam said removing Kandy's hand from her crotch.
_____Finally they got to the house and they went straight to Cam's bedroom. Before walking up the steps to her room, Cam gave Kandy a breath-taking kiss that lasted a good minute then they went up stairs. It had just started raining outside and a breeze with the smell of rain came through the window. Kandy always wanted to make love while it rained. The room was dark and the only light in the room was a few flickering candles. They undressed each other at the same time before Cam laid Kandy on the bed and kissed every inch of her torso. Cam's soft kisses made Kandy's skin tingle and her pussy moisten even more. Cam kissed her way up Kandy's flat stomach, up the valley of her breast, to her neck. She softly sucked Kandy's neck, being careful not to leave a hickey on the light skin. Kandy grinded her pussy up against Cam's because it felt so good. Cam moved down again and kissed Kandy's breast, ignoring her hardened nipples that ached to be sucked. Finally Kandy felt Cam's soft lips kiss her nipple before she took it into her mouth to suck. Cam let the nipple slip from between her lips before running her tongue all over it. Cam gradually moved to the next one and sucked it as well as she rolled the other between her fingers.
_____Kandy couldn't stop the soft moans that escaped her lips. She grinded her pussy into Cam's stomach. Cam gave the two nipples a kiss before kissing down Kandy's stomach. Before getting her lips between Kandy's thighs, Cam licked the inside of her navel and blew air into it. That sent shivers all over Kandy's body. Cam lifted Kandy's leg up and wide as she went down and circle the tip of her tongue around her stiff clit. Kandy moaned out as strong tingles coursed over her body. It had been a while since she had this done to her so everything felt good at that moment. Cam fingered Kandy's pussy as she sucked softy on her clit that pounded lightly between her lips. She dipped her tongue into Kandy's hot hole just to taste it and went back to eating her clit. Cam licked and sucked the clit off and on as she continued to massage Kandy's inner walls. Kandy pulled Cam's head closer into her pussy so she could feel the pressure of Cam's lips against her clit. Sharp tingles shocked Kandy's clit as she got closer and closer to her orgasm, each tingle being stronger than the last. Suddenly her pussy walls began to pulsate and intense tingles spread all over her pussy, getting stronger and stronger. Cam sensed this was a sign of her orgasm, so she stopped.
_____"Cam, why are you stopping?" said Kandy near tears of disappointment.
_____"Hold on. Ok?" said Cam climbing out the bed to get something on the other side of the room. Kandy heard a drawer open and close. About two minutes later Cam got back in the bed. Cam kissed her lips softly as she pressed her strap slowly into Kandy. Kandy gasped when she felt the large object push into her. She knew she was in for a very strong orgasm. Over time, Kandy had heard Cam could really work a strap in the bed (as told by one of Cam's ex).
_____As Cam just started to move the strap in and out Kandy's pussy a few times, Kandy was already moaning loudly, at the point of screaming. Cam went slow and deep inside Kandy. She began to moan herself as the strap, that seemed to be attached to be clit, put pressure on her clit. Kandy decided to hold her climax back for a while because Cam was feeling so good inside her cunt. She held out for a good 30 minutes before bursting out in a long orgasm. Kandy couldn't stop moaning loud because Cam continued to fuck her pussy even harder causing her pussy to become even more sensitive. Her sweet come oozed out from inside her. Cam pulled out, went down and licked it all up. Before Cam removed her strap, Kandy licked her own juice off of it. When Cam detached the strap from her body, Kandy went right to work on her pussy. Though Cam had many females eat her pussy, Kandy had to be the best at it. Kandy paid attention to the inside of Cam's pussy, that's just where Cam likes it most. Kandy's long tongue stroked the closed in walls of Cam's pussy. Cam slowly ran her hands threw Kandy's soft hair. Soon she came hard in Kandy's mouth. Her juice was sweet with a hint of tang in it. Cam laid flat on the bed catching her breath. Kandy lay beside Cam and kissed her lips. Cam closed her eyes, falling asleep because the climax had drained all her energy.
_____"Oh, so she's one of those" Kandy thought to herself. She figured Cam was the kind that fucked you, rolled over, fell asleep and not want to see you the next morning. Kandy knew a lot of those. So she rolled out the bed and started putting her clothes back on. Cam felt Kandy get out the bed, opened her eyes to see her pulling on her skirt. Cam sat up in surprise.
_____"Are you leaving?" she asked Kandy with a look of concern on her face.
_____"Yeah." Said Kandy wondering why Cam even cared.
_____"Don't want to wear out my welcome."
_____"Don't you wanna get some sleep?"
_____"Huh? No, no. Don't even think like that baby girl. I'm not like that. Come back to bed. I want you here with me."
_____Kandy felt stupid now. The look on her face told Cam she felt like shit.
"Baby don't feel bad. Its ok. It was just a misunderstanding." Said Cam holding out her hand. " Come on back to bed."
_____Kandy removed her skirt and crawled back in bed with Cam. She cuddled up in Cam's arms.
_____"I understand why you felt that way but remember baby girl, I'm not like those other studs. You can trust me baby." Said Cam.
_____"I'll try," said Kandy. Tears came flowing from her eyes.
_____"Please try" Cam wiped the tears away and kissed Kandy's eyes "Because I think I'm falling in love with you"
_____Kandy's heart stopped. She looked into Cam's eyes.
_____"Are you serious?" asked Kandy.
_____"I wouldn't have said it if I didn't mean it"
_____"Oh my god. I was…I was feeling the same way."
_____Cam smiled and kissed Kandy's lips. The kiss was sweet and soft at first, then Kandy slipped her tongue in Cam's mouth and the kiss got deep. Very passionate while the rain outside lightly tapped the windowpane.They held each other close as the quiet storm rocked them asleep. The last thing Kandy could remember hearing was Cam's steady heartbeat while she laid her head on her chest.
_____Kandy finally found the girl she had been looking for. It took sometime. She had to go through some bad relationships but she finally got there and now she was complete.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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