Last night while I was hittin’ it, I wanted so bad to tell you what it was like for me. I was aching to describe to you what it meant to me to be inside yo’ pussy. Now don’t get me wrong, even if I was Hemmingway, I know I couldn’t do justice to this. I mean, the thoughts and sensations the I experience when I’m banging you defy description, but I’ll try and break it down for you in a way they you can feel.

Entering yo’ pussy is like… hmmm… I wanna say this just right…it’s like...How the fuck can I describe what I feel? When I 1st put it in and you make that mind-blowin’ sound that you make. You know that quick moan that you do like you trying to find your breath. How can I describe that? I know what it’s like. It’s like …like taking that 1st puff. Nah…nah… it’s more like the buzz you feel when the shit 1st start kickin in. Nah…nah…nah…it’s like the ahhhhhh you feel when Demoral 1st hitcha. Shit yessss that’s it…

And that 1st full stroke is like….mmmmmm…it’s like …like I wanna just go slow and…I wanna take my time cause it’s so smooth. Kinda like when you feel yourself mellowing out. But it feels so, so good, I just can’t. You know how you feel when you just wanna have another puff. When you so anxious to have more because you know in a bit you gonna be blazed the fuck out… And I feel you wanting it too… and I see it in your eyes. Lawd gurl I’m fucking hooked.

I just wanna work yo’ pussy. I’m so caught up that if I died right then my life would be complete. I’m feenin so bad that I’d sell my soul for one more of those moans you makin’. Hell I’d steal from grandma to hear you say my name. The only thought in my head is fucking you. All I want is more. I gotta make it good to you. I gotta make you feel what I’m feeling. I need you to want to give me all of your pussy cause it’s the only thing that can make me feel this way. I need this high. I need to see your eyes roll back and feel you loose it under me. All over me…just for me. You beggin’ me to do it harder and it’s like blowin’ me a charge. Yo’ pussy is so damn good . I’m straight fucked up.

My clit is on fire. Every time I stroke you, I feel my shit pulse and I get higher. I’m sweating like I got a fever…like I’m going through withdrawal. I know I can’t keep this up much longer cause my shit is about to explode. I’m hurting to give you this nut, but I can’t cause I need more. Please baby, I need another hit…just a little bit more…please. I’m almost there. This is the best high I’ve ever had and I don’t even wanna come down. I wanna cum so bad, but I don’t wanna ever come down. I wanna scream and shout cause yo’ pussy feelin so good to me, but I refuse to come down. I’m your junkie. I’ll pay whatever you say. Just please, gimme so more. Please gimme another hit…another stroke. Please let me work this out on you…for you. I need to give you all of this. You can take whatever you want from me…take all of me. You can have this dick every night. Just please don’t take this pussy away. I’ll be ya freak, ya fool, all dat shit…just please lemme give you this nut. Just lemme have another hit. Your rhythm is so damn good to me and you saying all that nasty shit to me. I feel like I’m breakin apart inside. I’m truly loosing it. My head is a wreck. Aww shiiiitttt…here it cummmmss. I can’t even hold it no more. I don’t wanna hold it no more. Got dammn gurl…what the fuck you doing to me. This nut is like some crackstacy shit or something. It’s like…like my head just exploded and I can’t fucking breath. Like I’m on pussy overdose. It’d the biggest fucking rush.

Even after I stop cumming…I can’t come down. All I can do is replay that shit in my head over and over. That shit was so good I get high all over just thinking about it. That shit…I mean YO’ PUSSY is truly the perfect drug.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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