__________by Lyrical

Here we go on this trip shyt blowing off steam taking shyt to the extreme
Neva dat serious waxin' ya azz off like a bad dream makin' my way to da door, tired of the bullshyt, i'm not listenin' anymore
Now you trippin' stoppin' me dead in my tracks, you want me to give you some feed back
I'll be cool wit it cuz to me this is bullshyt, got me loosin' hours of sleep
I'll speak my mind and tell you how I feel
This time you might actually care

All starts off everynight you telling me I'm not there, that I don't care
Accusing me of love triangles and shyt when you the one doin' da freaky shyt
Why we don't fucc or make love no more, Plan and simple,
I don't turn tricks or do ho'z
You claim and love me behind close doors but in the street the melody is a different beat

I had my chance to fucc up and cheat but the opportunities weren't dat sweet
But unlike you, you don't let shyt stand in ya way
You let ya hipz sway with any muggafugga who will let you lay
Fucc the respect as long as you bust a couple of nuts or 2

Yeah I know all this shyt but you wondering why I stayed with you for so long
Cuz you would be the one to feel the pain at the end of this love song
For some years I put up with ya shyt, I'm tired basically runied for life
Fucc this shyt you call a love life

Why you wait til now to leave? Why wait til now to cry and talk about your dirty deeds? Why wait til now to apologize to me?

Cuz now my heart skips to a whole different beat.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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