__________by Feriginal

Lying still and listening to the silence
It looms so large that itís almost deafening
Lonely is the dark and heartless night
I hold my breath and cry

Tossing and turning alone in this big bed
Hoping that the night will pass quickly
But I know it will not, for it cannot
time is merciless and undaunted

It drags along at a snailís pace
I wonder if the sun will ever rise
Loneliness is a hard taskmaster
Never leaving one to rest

Managing to cry myself to sleep
To again dream and hope
The bed now sags to one side
Unbalanced and so cold

A familiar scent now fills the thick air
A warm body slides in and near
Itís the heat of that special other
Loving arms apologetically drape and squeeze

Into my ear a low voice begs to please
Sighs of comfort and unseen smiles
Loneliness defeated once again
As love returns and brings whispers in the dark

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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