_____Jess parked her sedan in the lot, got out and headed for the door. Upon approach she could hear the jam playing in the club filter out into the night air. Entering the club she could feel the tension mounting within her. One of these lovely beauties scattered around the club would be lucky enough to cum in the presence of royalty this evening for the twospirited King of studs was in rare form and on the prowl. The night was young, the women hot, the music cool and fun was bound to be had by all.
_____ Pam peeping over her sunshades looked around the club chastising herself yet again for giving into her carnal desires by getting together with the kid. Sex between them was in a word, incredible; but aside from that the kid was getting to be a real pain in the ass. Oh how she longed for the companionship of someone of her own caliber; but in her situation, married w/kids, no worthwhile stud in her right mind would ever take her seriously. Funny, according to most, the Goddess blessed her with beauty that far surpassed the average, yet as far as she could tell beauty did her no justice when it came to the things most important to her in life.
_____Thoroughly bored, Pam caught a glimpse of the kid working around to sidling up to some chicken-head little bitch that caught her eye. The kid always took such pride in her imagined skill at being so damn slick and going unnoticed, but the truth of the matter was Pam always peeped the game from the start and gave less than a damn. She had seen enough in eight months to tell her all she needed to know. The kid although great in bed was troublesome and virtually useless out of it. To Pam, the kid was nothing more than a sex toy and she wasn't kidding herself about it. Pam decided to be devilish and get a better look at the prospects available in the club by taking an “around the way” trip to the bathroom. On her way Pam would spook the kid for fun. Pushing a buck across the bar for the bartender, Pam stood up, stepped around the bar stool right into a solid mass of one of the handsomest butches she had seen in years. Only two, maybe three inches taller the woman's presence sent chills through out Pam's body accented by the hardening of her nipples and a thumping throb from her clit.
_____“Excuse me, I'm sorry…” came this deep resonating voice from the butch, “Ooh, not at all” replied Pam, thinking to herself that if this was any indication of what was floating around the room the kid's replacement would be emanate.
_____Jess having given the 'once over' through the club decided to get a drink. There appeared to be some acceptable choices but only after the full crowd for the night had gathered. Patience was not a long suit for the stud but she understood the value and exercised it well when the occasion demanded it. Approaching the bar, Jess spotted an opening that she could grab attention from and stepped up and into a distinctly exotic beauty that she was surprisingly unprepared for. Gathering her composure, Jess seized the opportunity to make the lovely female work of art aware of her existence. Excusing herself for blocking the beauty's path, Jess then assessed the ladys reactions. Hmmm Jess thought, tough, guarded, articulate, good, good, I like that. Attuned to human chemistry and reaction to lust, Jess, in spite of the outwardly calm demeanor of this beautiful delight, felt the distinct pull of animal lust that rode the undercurrent of their encounter. Allowing the girl exit, Jess attentively watching, followed the beauty’s path through the club and decided to skip the drink, for the moment.
_____There was definitely plenty of eye candy if nothing else thought Pam, winding her way around the parameters of the club. Glancing around the place she found much to look at but very little that peaked her interests. Suddenly Pam realized where she was and gathered her composure to appear not to notice the kid making her 'move' as Pam, apparently oblivious to her close proximity, swept by. Calculating her move Pam “bumped” into the tramp the kid was flirting with on her way by then ducked into the near by bathroom, leaving the kid scurrying to hide her identity.
_____ Jess utilized the availability of an open stall and relieved herself. As she sat upon the john she was aware of someone's entrance into the stall next to hers and wondered if they would notice how long she was peeing. Amused by what they might think she wiped herself and redressed.
_____Washing her hands and checking her appearance in the mirror, suddenly the stall behind Jess opened and out stepped the exquisite beauty from the bar. Pam was unprepared for the sight of the butch again or the stillness that gripped Jess when she saw Pam standing behind her. The two stared at one another’s reflection in the mirror on the wall shocked at being face to face once again so soon. Jess adept at procuring opportunities acted first by turning around and approaching the young woman and in doing so became acutely aware of the electricity arching between them. Once toe to toe with the girl Jess kissed her full on the mouth. At first touch Pam was immersed in the passion of that kiss. Every nerve ending in her body reacted to this woman's advance. Stopping her never entered Pam's mind. Instead she slid into the studs arms and offered herself up a willing participant. The heat in Jess grew rapidly and she wanted to take Pam right on the spot, but she managed to pull herself away realizing that a lust this strong would demand more than one encounter and as such must be nurtured differently if meant to last. Pam out of the embrace began to wake up from the surreal little place that she had entered; at which point she mildly questioned her judgment. Since she was very pleased with the sample, headed out into the bar to find the kid and drop her once and for all, happily anticipating what was turning into a wonderful evening.
_____Amused by the unhurried departure of the object of her desire, Jess headed for the bar to get that drink she had put off earlier. After which joining some aquaintences hanging out by the dance floor observing their antics as they tried to impress the objects of their desire. Every now again Jess glancing in the direction of her own.
_____On her way back to the bar, Pam found the kid and informed her that they needed to talk immediately. When the cheap thrill of hers began to protest Pam told her to shut up and to be glad that she would be sending the kid back to her momentarily instead of whippin that ass. Arriving at the bar Pam found the spot she had previously unocupied. So she stepped up and perched upon it waiting for the loping kid to catch up. Pam ordered a drink and as it arrived so did the kid. With drink in hand, Pam turned to face the kid and said “It’s over. We are not getting anywhere so let’s just move on.” Stunned, the kid began to swawk like a bird about to be butchered. Pam held up her hand saying, “let’s not make a scene.” The surrounding crowed at the bar sensing trouble, began to move back. Eyes narrowing to slits, the kid began to spit expletives. “Why you little bitch, I don’t know who the fuck you got hiding up in heah, but when I catch ‘em Im a fuck ‘em up and then you next.” The kid stepped towards Pam who then raised a well sculpted leg and jammed her toe in the kids chest. “Look, it’s not that deep and never was. I just wanted to be clear about it and give YOU the respect you never gave me. Now go back to your little chicken head before she flies the coup.” With that, Pam flexed her leg and the kid went flying as the crowd roared.
_____Alerted by the noise, Jess shot a glance in the direction of Pam. Alarmed by what she observed, Jess with surprising speed and agility one would not attribute to someone her size and build, shot across the club in the direction of the bar. Regaining her footing, the kid approached Pam once again seething from a bruised ego. When halted by the toe of Pams’ shoe, the kid knocked it aside with one hand and raised the other to strike only to have it locked in an iron clad grip. Jess spun the kid around and grabbed her up by her shirt. After assessing that the kid was not only half her size but half her age, Jess simply smiled and said “Isn’t it time you moved across the way?” As Jess released her grip the kid stood as tall as she could and replied, “Make me” Jess reared back, laughed and mushed the kid in the face. Loosing her footing, the kid fell backward and down to the floor. Fueled by embarrassment and ready to fight, the kid bounced back up like a rubber ball right into Jess’ waiting fist. The crowed bellowed and scattered like chickens. Aware of the approaching club bouncers, Jess raised both hands over her head and backed off. The kid lay on the floor, out like a light.
_____After the excitement was over the crowd settled down, the music went on and the festivities resumed. Jess after talking with the management looked around and found Pam standing near by. She waited while the management spoke with Pam. When they were done Jess stepped to Pam and asked “Can I buy you a drink?”
_____ “ Sure” replied Pam, but as Jess raised her hand to signal the bartender Pam gently placed her hand on Jess’ arm. When Jess looked at her Pam pulled the strapping stud towards her and kissed Jess full on the mouth. Their tongues did the mating dance of lovers and sent electricity rushing through their bodies. Jess’ arms encircled Pams’ waist and her hands kneading Pams’ buttocks forced Pam’s pelvis into hers, while Pam wrapped her arms around Jess’ shoulders and sighed into the kiss. When they finally parted Pam sat back upon a stool and whispered “I want a drink, but I don’t want it here.” Saying no more, Jess pulled Pam from the stool and lead her towards the door.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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