C. A. Lindsey

_____I'd suggested we go back to my place, after having wined and dined sufficiently; and have a drink or two before ending the night. She agreed as often my dates have...knowing the outcome of my own selfish desires... would be met. The lucky womyn tonight? Sharina, I've had my eyes on this fine azz Sistah for months, plotting just how exactly I was gonna make my move on her... the vibes transmitted and received, indicated she was fully receptive of all my signals. Once Sharina and I got to my apartment... it was on... the scented candle I left burning in my living room, welcomed us with a mutual feeling of euphoria and warmth, as I turned on my favorite E-Z jazz CD and dimmed the lights even lower... I extended my hands out to Sharina to welcome her to my body. I had longed  to be close to her all night, and to feel the beat of her heart next to mine, as two hearts interwoven into one... I knew what she wanted and she knew exactly, what I needed.
_____Her fine tight chocolate body... held the scent of her passion... begging; without words, for me to take her to a place of never return... I kissed her perfectly full painted lips, letting my tongue take full control, enticing her even more, she allowed my hands to run through her hair...holding on and prolonging the moment. Sharina... was then in the mood for the next stage of the night. My tongue nibbled her earlobe, kissing and directing its way into her ear...she moved her head in a way that told continue I did. As I kissed her finely structured neck, sucking gently yet... with a firmness, trying to leave a mark of my accomplishment... Sharina moaned with pleasure and directed my path, that trailed to her un-veiled "come here" breasts... unbuttoning her half unbuttoned blouse that covered her mounds of my delight, I felt for the back of her bra...releasing...setting her two captives free... and Ahhhhh. It was really... on now!!!
_____I enjoyed the feel of her voluptuous breasts in my hands, and then the feel in my mouth...  with her nipples standing erect as in allegiance, to me and me only.  I nursed each "tit" in my mouth, while cupping one with both my hands...Sharina...whispered in a low sexy voice... "Baby fuck me, fuck me now." As I led Sharina to my bedroom to my king sized waterbed, I proceeded to undress her, as she undressed me.  With our clothes scattered on the floor ... in the darkness of my bedroom; my bed was our destination for the night...feeling the nakedness of our two hot bodies... and the simplicity of our natural desire. I could sense the intensity and felt the moistness generated,  from both our bodies as we  humped each other. I went down on Sharina teasing, slowly magnifying her pleasure, encircling her navel with my hot salivating  tongue...that made a trail to her shaven area of pleasure.
_____Not before reaching the zone of her excitement... I retrieved. I loved to hear my womyn beg me, to give them what they want... As Sharina's body jerked and demanded me to continue. I whispered into her ear, "Tell me what you want...Baby"? "Tell me"? Sharina...responded back in a high pitched voice... "You... you, Lindsey" That was all I needed to hear... to fulfill her, and get my shit on...even stronger. I pulled out in full force now; letting all the experiences of lovemaking overwhelm her, beyond spoken words....  When my tongue hit the spot where her "river ran deep"... she screamed in a tone... I'd never heard before, exploding her wet hot juice into my mouth, saturating my face with her scent... I was completely elated in knowing...yet another Sistah satisfied.  As Sharina laid with her legs still spread apart, she pulled me towards her upper body, caressing me  and tasting her own "juice" left on my face. She whispered ... Thank you... Baby!!! Completely exhausted... and drained,  Sharina... fell asleep with her soft warm arm, wrapped around me.
_____I'd fallen asleep too, and after awhile...only to be awakened and aroused by the tactics of skillful fingers, at work manipulating, now teasing...daring me into full consciousness, and then I heard a spraying sound, and felt the coldness of cream...damn... girlfriend, had gone and got the whip cream out... it felt so good as she licked the rich creamy sweetness from my pussy and probed her tongue into me, as if she was trying to find the cherry to her ice cream sundae... I could feel every skillful sensation she made with her tongue...tempting me to the edge.. while  inside my body, I kept trying to fight back my orgasm... I didn't want to cum, not now. I wanted more teasing, licking , sucking ...I wanted it all, and just didn't want it to stop! Sharina...was now in control and knew it...she had me as if under her spell... I couldn't believe this womyn, could be as aggressive as she demanding me to beg her... almost in a sadistic manner... I was too far gone to stop the groove I begged her to fuck my brains out, and she did.
_____"Lindsey...wake the hell on up, it's time to get ready for  work"... "Oh Shit!!! Damn"!!!...  I muttered under my breath," Just a dream"... and Sharina as always the star character of this dream.
_____Only now... I was ready for an character change... after seven months of her... the thrill was gone. Oh well, I thought at least for a moment.. until I find a way to get with that new, Sistah at the job... Sharina, will serve my purpose... although, I have a strange feeling... I'm serving her purpose too. "By the way...Babe, on your way home tonight...don't forget to pick up couple of cans of Whipped Cream" Sharina, said while winking her left eye at me; as I headed towards the front door. Mmmmh??? I thought to myself... I might just re-think about, getting rid of her so quickly. Anyway... only time will tell what the future holds. ... and for now... I kinda like waking up not knowing if I've lived a dream, or dreamed a dream... but I do know one thing... I like... Whipped Cream!!!


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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