_____My husband and I had been married for about 2 year now but it seems longer then that. Our once electric marriage was now withered down to small sparks, mainly because of his job. He’s an advertising agent for one of the biggest agencies in the US. Many nights while I’m in bed ready to feel him, he’s in his office typing away at his damn computer. He’s up for a executive promotion so I can understand him wanting to be the best. But I’m his wife and sometimes I need him to do things for me. Sometimes I wish he would just touch me the way he did when we were newlyweds.
_____One particular night my body needed attention like never before. I had just gotten out of the shower and the cold air on my wet body felt divine. Instead of drying off, I just put in my silk robe and let the smooth material cling to my wet flesh. I let my shoulder length hair fall down with no restrictions. I walked down stairs and made my way to my husband’s office. I could hear him tapping away on his computer. I only wished that his finger would pay as much attention to my body as they did to his keyboard. I walked into his office and stood in the threshold of his door. He was so into his work that he didn’t notice me, so I spoke to him.
_____“I was hoping that maybe tonight, we could do some things,” I said.
_____He looked up at me with his hazel eyes and before he even spoke. I knew what he was going to say. “Baby, I’m so busy right now. I need to finish these final reports. I have so much work to do,” he said.
_____I refused to take no as an answer. I walked over to him and sat in his lap. My robe was still open and I revealed my damp body to him. My nipples were already hard and begging for his touch. “Please baby. Just for a little while. You haven’t touched me in weeks and it’s almost been 2 months since we last made love. I just need to feel you for awhile.” I said.
_____He looked at me with want in his eyes. I could feel the bulge in his pants telling me he wanted me. I began to rotate my hips and small circles. He moaned a little and kissed my neck. His hands started to roam my skin. It felt so good to have him touch me like this.
_____“I need you inside me," I begged.
_____“Kiana, I can’t. Not tonight. I need to finish this work.”
_____I was fed up. Anger and frustration started to settle in. I snapped at my husband. “I’m so fucking sick and tired of being second! You never touch me. You never kiss me, all you do is type on your fucking computer and I’ve had enough of it!”
_____Before I even let him speak, I got off of his lap and stormed off to our bedroom. That night I slept alone, once again. In the silence, I could here my husband tapping away at his computer.

_____The next day I woke up around 9:30. My husband as usual had already gone to work. I had too much energy to sit around and do nothing, so I decided to head to the gym. I threw on some workout clothes and grabbed my gym bag and made my way to the gym. I got there around 9:50; normally there are a few familiar faces, men who of course hit on me and tried their hardest to get me to stray from my husband. But I was the faithful type. When my needs were being met that is. The people that I did know waved and said their hellos. I was familiar with all except this woman who was on the treadmill. Her back was towards me so I couldn’t see her face. But her body was amazing. She had long toned legs that automatically flexed every time she would step on the treadmill. Her movement flowed like she was used to running long distances. Her body glistened with sweat and he damp clothes clung to her body. She had a caramel complexion and her hair was up in a bun. Now, I will admit that I have been intrigued by females before, but I never actually stared at any female the way I was staring at her. The way her body moved had me hypnotized. I had to snap out of my trance.
_____I began my work out by doing simple stretching exercises. I move on to something move vigorous. I need to let all this pent up frustrations out. I decide to pay the punching bag a visit. I pretend the bag is my husband and I beat the hell out of the bag. I think about all the times my husband would rather work then make love to me. I punch harder. I think about the times he wouldn’t touch me. I punch the bag even harder. Thirty minutes on the bag and my hands are starting to sting from the impact of my punching. I feel better. Less stressed and more invigorated. I’m covered with sweat and I need to take a shower. There’s nothing like having a good work out and then taking a nice hot shower.
_____On my way to the shower I notice that the beautiful woman that was on the treadmill was no where to be found. It was all for the best because she was too sexy for her own good. I made my way to the shower. Thankfully I was the only one in there. I turned the water on full blast and felt the sting from the heat. I poured some of my body wash into my loofah and began to scrub my body. I loved the feel of soap dripping down my body. I think that’s why I enjoy taking showers so often. I let the hot water cover me from head to toe. Before I even realized, the beautiful woman on the treadmill was standing right beside me.
_____“Someone must have really pissed you off,” she said.
_____I looked at her and I was amazed. She was gorgeous. Her lips were thick and full; her eyes were slightly slanted and were the color of evergreen. She was too beautiful for words.
_____“Yea, I guess I was kind of taking my anger out on the bag. But it felt so damn good.”
_____We both laughed. She had a kind of laugh that was honest. “My name is Jazmine.” She spoke to me.
_____“Hi, I’m Kiana.” I replied.
_____We shook hands and under any other circumstance, shaking hands with a naked woman would have made me kind of weary. But there was something about Jazmine that set me at ease. I couldn’t help but notice how toned and tight her body was. I started to feel somewhat self conscious of my own body. That is until she paid me the ultimate compliment.
_____“I’m sorry I don’t mean to be so forward, but you have an amazing body.” She said.
_____I blushed and thanked her for the compliment. It made me feel good and even made parts of me that had never been affected by a female come to life.
_____“You also have a beautiful body. I noticed you when I first came in here.” I was surprised at how forward I was with this whole situation. But I liked it. And I liked the fact that this woman was talking to me.
_____“So, if I’m not being to nosey Miss. Kiana, who pissed you off?" she asked.
_____“No you’re not being too nosey. Last night my husband decided that he would rather do work, then to work on me, if you get my meaning.”
_____She laughed and shook her head. “How long have the two of you been married?” she asked.
_____“It’s been about 2 years now. “ I replied.
_____She looked at me with those green eyes and said “It’s hard to believe that your husband would rather work then make love to you. I know if I had the opportunity to do it, I’d make love to you all night.”
_____I just stared at her. She had this devilish look on her face that made me so wet. The combination of hot water from the shower and her sexual advances made my stream start to seriously flow. “Jazmine, if I’m not mistaken and do correct me if I’m wrong, but are you flirting with me?”I asked.
_____“Kiana, if I was what would you do?" she coyly responded.
_____“Well Miss. Jazmine, if you were to flirt with me, I’d probably flirt back”
_____Before I knew it we were kissing each other. Her lips were so soft and warm and her tongue was like velvet. She kissed my neck and that is my number one spot. I took her hand and lead her to the spot that was begging to be touched. She backed me up against the cool shower wall and began to tease my pussy with her fingers tips. She ran her fingers and down my slit. She rubbed her fingers across my bare lips as she kissed me harder. Her other hand was rubbing against my ass while the one that was playing with my pussy teased me even more. The hot water on my body and the sensation of Jazmine teasing me was enough stimulation for me to climax right then and there. But I had to fight the feeling.
_____“Mmmmmmm, go inside, please go inside.” I begged her.
_____“You only have to say it once,” she replied.
_____She dipped her long fingers all the way inside of me. She pulled out and did it over and over while biting on my neck. She kissed me lower and started to suck on my hard nipples. She bit down on the left one and then on the right. She slid her fingers as deep inside me as they would do. I dug my nails into her back and hissed at the pleasure that this newly introduced stranger gave to me.
_____“You like that Kiana?” she asked me.
_____“Hell yes. Please don’t stop," I begged
_____“I want to feel you cum all over my fingers. Can you do that for me?” she asked.
_____I didn’t even get a chance to reply. Right when she said cum all over my fingers, my body released the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced. The intensity of it made my knees so weak that Jazmine had to hold me up.
_____Jazmine got on her knees. She lifted one of my legs onto her shoulder. By now the water was cold but the thought of her being inside of me once again warmed me. I looked down at her and smiled. She knew I wanted her. She knew I needed to feel her tongue inside of me. Yet she teased me by only using the tip of her tongue to caress my swollen clit. She licked me from the top of my clit to the bottom of my pussy. With each lick I felt myself getting wetter and warmer.
_____“Jazmine, I want you all the way inside of me.”
_____She obliged by sliding her tongue all the way inside. I could feel the texture of her tongue caress the walls of my pussy. I grabbed Jazmine’s wet hair and begged her to slide her tongue deeper inside. She tongue fucked me hard and deep. She slid her tongue up to my pussy and started to once again suck on my clit. She slowly slid four fingers deep inside me. She started to fuck me with her thick fingers while sucking on my clit. All the sensations and feelings that were running through my body were too much for me to handle. I closed my eyes so tight I started to see light flashing in front of them.
_____Jazmine licked me deep and shallow. She gave me sensations that no one has ever given me, to include my husband. She worked my pussy like it was her job and she was shooting for double over time.
_____Once again, I came so hard that I felt the earth move off its axis. I was dizzy and thoroughly satisfied. I tried to catch my breath but she just kept licking on my clit. Before long I had to literally beg her to stop, and that’s a first for me.
_____Jazmine stood up and looked directly into my eyes. She kissed me deep and I tasted my own nectar on her lips. We kissed for what seemed like forever. It was like she and I were in our own world and we both wanted to stay there. She turned the water off and wrapped me in a towel and I wrapped her in one also. We got dressed and made our way out of the shower. On the way out the men were looking at us with lust in their eyes and the females looked at us with disbelief. I whispered to her “I think I was a little too loud”.
_____We both laughed and made our way to the front door. Luck should have it we were parked next to each other. I unlocked my door and she opened it for me. She looked at me and said “ Whenever that so called man you married doesn’t want to take the time out to love you the way you should be loved, then you come see me." She handed me a card with her contact information . . . and a familiar company logo.
_____“Damn, it’s like that. I get the house, the cell and the two way.” I jokingly said.
_____She leaned into my car, kissed me, and said “If it were up to me, I’d give you more then that.”
_____“I’ll be sure to call you tonight,” I smiled.
_____I drove off with the biggest smile on my face. When I got home, my husband was waiting for me. He had taken the day off and decided to spend time with me. He looked at me and asked me why I was so happy.
_____“Nothing.” I replied. I just had a good workout at the gym today.
_____“Oh. Well I wanted to apologize for the way I’ve been lately. It’s just the promotion and everything had my nerves on edge”
_____“How did that whole thing go anyway?" I asked.
_____He looked at me with somber eyes. “I didn’t get it.”
_____I looked at my husband and saw rejection in my eyes and I couldn’t help but to feel so sorry for him. “Who did they give it to?”
_____“Some woman named Jazmine something. She’s new. ”
_____All I could do was stand there and nod my head. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to feel. I just knew that I had the best sex I had ever had and I had it with the woman my husband would now call his boss. And I did plan on seeing her again.
_____Yes I know its scandalous. But what he doesn’t know, won’t hurt him.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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