Alexis Hill

After I got out the shower, I wrapped a towel around my dripping wet body and headed towards my full size mirror in my bedroom. Damn I looked good! You couldn't tell me nothing! I stood 5'5, weighed 135-140 pounds of pure, natural, sexy, thickness. I was a high yellow sistah with big hazel brown eyes and long curly eyelashes. I wore my hair in short curly waves and like I said before, you couldn't tell me nothing!

After putting on my new low-cut Baby Phat jeans, black Baby Phat top that stopped just below my breast, revealing my stomach, and belly button ring, black high heel boots, and black 8 ball tongue ring, I got into my car and turned on the radio. As I drove out of my driveway, the voice of Amanda Perez filled my ears with her new song, "Angel." This song was off the hook. I was off to pick up my best friend, Ebony. Ebony and I had been good friends for close to two years. We were heading to the club tonight because it was Friday, and we worked our asses off at work this week. We needed a break from the headaches the customers at AT&T gave us day in and day out.

"Whatís up chick! You lookiní hot tonight, girl," Ebony said in that sexy southern voice of hers. She was the smallest thang too! She was short and didnít weigh more than 115 pounds. Smooth dark brown skin, full lips, and pearly-white teeth were some of her best assets. Not to mention her big behind. It wasnít bigger than mine, but for a Jada Pinkett frame, Ebony had ass for days!

"Nah baby girl, you working that outfit tonight. Those red pumps look hot with that dress," I replied giving her a wink. I noticed her micro braids in a high bun, with a couple of loose braids hanging down, framing her face. She looked nice.

About fifteen minutes later, we walked into Club Ex, and all eyes were on us. Some of these niggas was with their girl, but still their eyes followed us as we passed them to a table in the back of the club. We sat there for a minute, filling out the mood of the seductive, reggae club. I looked on the dance floor and saw women grinding on men to the beat of a slow reggae song. The lights were dimmed and the smell of incense filled the club. I loved this club and this was only my third time attending.

"Tonya, do you see those women dancing on the dance floor?" Ebony whispered in my ear like a little schoolgirl.

I looked back on the dance floor, and in clear view, was two women kissing while moving their hips to the music.

Like most girls, I thought about how it was like to be with females, but never acted on it. I didnít really think about it too much. I had been in and out of relationships with men, and Iíve always ended the relationships for unexplainable reasons. I just felt like something was missing, so ended the relationships as fast as they begun. Little did I know, there was something deep down inside of me that was unexplainable...a feeling that I never too much thought of. I liked females and caught myself staring at an attractive one sometimes. "But donít all women do that," I thought to myself. Here I was, 25 years old, still having mixed feelings as to what my sexuality was. I never did stop surprising myself!

I looked deep into Ebonyís dark, sexy slanted eyes and said, "Letís show those broads how to really dance."

Ebony smiled and said, "What?" Youíre kidding right?"

"No, Iím not," I said in a serious tone. "We only live once," I concluded, grabbing Ebonyís hand, and taking her out to the dance floor.

As we found a clear space on the dance floor, I realized how nervous Ebony was. Her hand was somewhat trembling in mine, and I could tell she was trying hard not to make eye contact with me.

I got up close to Ebony and swayed my curvaceous hips from side to side, allowing my breasts to slightly come into contact with hers. At first, she didnít move, and her jaw dropped.

I laughed to myself, wondering what kind of idea I just came up with in the first place. It must have been stupid of me and embarrassing for her. What if she didnít want to continue to be my girl anymore, or think I was some kind of weirdo? I stopped thinking negatively and thought about the last words I said to her. "We only live once." Us as people really do. We have no idea whatsoever as to what will happen when weíre gone, so the best thing to do is live our lives to the fullest. I didnít want to go about my life not knowing what would happen if I did this or did that, but actually taking a chance and experiencing the experiences that could change my life for the better. I built up some courage and continued to do my thang on the dance floor.

"Dance," I whispered in Ebonyís ear, breaking the silence between us. After a few more seconds, she finally looked into my eyes and a grin appeared on her pretty little face that gave me total relief. Surprisingly, she began to move her body to the same rhythm and motion as mine, and are bodies seemed to unite as one.

Her medium, round breasts pressed against mine and I felt my pussy begin to throb in excitement. Emotions and different feelings came over me and I wanted her right then and there. After countless minutes of grinding and embracing one another, we looked into one anotherís face, and then Ebony brushed her lips slowly and softly on mine. I closed my eyes and inhaled Ebonyís sweet scent, enjoying every moment of her. To my surprise, her hands cupped my round ass and she gently caressed it, her nails sliding down the crack of my ass, and sliding up my back, squeezing me ever so tightly.

To this day, I remember how it really felt to want a woman in every way possible. I wanted to taste her sweet pussy, and feel her hard dark nipples in my mouth. I wanted to suck and tease her nipples and make her say my name in ecstasy. I wanted to feel my semi-shaved pussy on hers and feel her throbbing clit on mine. I wanted our bodies to become one while we made love to each other passionately.

Nearly everyone in Club Ex stopped dancing, and their eyes were on us, but our eyes were on each other. So Ebony and I succeeded. We showed those broads how to really dance! Although we had everyoneís attention, and some of the women in the club were hating, both of us really didnít give a fuck who noticed two beautiful women dancing freaky.

We left the club side by side, but no words exchanged to one another. I got into my car and looked at her from the corner of my eye as she got into the passenger seat of my car. She again, looked nervous.

"I never felt this way," Ebony finally said breaking the silence five minutes into the car ride. For some reason, I wasnít shy or really nervous at all, but I didnít want to make her feel awkward, so waited for her to say something first.

"Me either. But I think I always was bi curious," I responded.

"Me too...." She hesitated for a moment, and said, " I want to try it with you."

Ten minutes later, I pulled up in front of her garage door, and we both got out of the car. I followed her up to the stairs to her small, two-bedroom house. My eyes were glued to her ass as she walked up the stairs. She then turned around to give me that sexy ass grin of hers. "Youí ainít ready," Ebony joked, inserting the key into her door. Ebony had so many different personality traits that I was constantly amazed at different moments throughout our friendship. Sometimes she could be the boldest person in the crowd, never showing fear to her competitor. She could be that wild girl, always catching you off guard with her wit and fondness of doing the unbelievable...that thing to make your jaw drop down to the ground. And then, like earlier, she could be that innocent chick who is shy and bashful. Deep down, I was drawn to her. Deep down, I had feelings for her, but I really didnít know that....

She cut on the lights to her living room, and said, "Take a seat." I did as I was told, sitting in the love seat in her living room. "You want something to drink?" Ebony asked, walking towards the entrance of her kitchen. "Naw, Iím straight," I replied crossing my legs. She came back with a Corona in her hand.

"Letís watch TV in my room," Ebony said, taking a swallow of her drink as we walked into the back of the house to her room. Like I said earlier, her house was small. It didnít have a second floor, so everything was pretty much convenient.

It was funny how different we were acting. We usually talked our mouths off, but tonight it was different. IWe both sensed it.

Ebony sat down on her Canopy bed, setting her drink on the nightstand. I took off my boots, and laid down on the queen-sized bed, never stopping to look in the other direction of Ebony. The girl was a pretty sight. She turned on her TV, and I could tell that we were gonna be procrastinating for awhile. We both were laid side by side, watching "The Wash", with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, but after an hour or so, I made the first move. I was tired of acting like I didnít want her, knowing good and well we both wanted each other right now, this very second.

I sat up on her bed, and took of my Baby Phat shirt, exposing a black Victoria Secret bra. She looked at me while I took off my jeans, exposing my black thong. She grabbed the remote, and turned off the TV, and said, "You look so good, Tonya." "You do too," I responded, taking off my bra. My round 36 Dís stood up, and I grabbed at my light brown nipples, making them hard. She watched intensively as I held up my titty while sucking on my hard nipple. I did the same to my other nipple, moving my tongue in fast motions, never taking my eyes off of Ebony. I could tell she was getting moist. She then unzipped her red dress from the side, and to my surprise, the only thing she had on was a red g-string. I looked at her bare breast and as I imagined, was perfect. Her dark nipples looked soft and succulent, with a slightly upright touch to them.

She came over to me, and slid off my thong dropping it to her bedroom floor. She looked at my pussy, and licked her lips. "You look so yummy baby," Ebony said, rubbing her hand on top of my pussy. She slid her finger between my lips and then she brought it to her lips, sucking the juices from her finger. "Sweet," she whispered, taking off her g-string. I moved to the top of her bed, and she got on top of me, our pussies lined up, and she began to ride me. I felt her warm moist pussy, and let out a soft moan. Ebonyís body felt so good on mine. She came down to my face, still grinding her pussy on mine, and sucked on my bottom lip. We kissed passionately as my tongue slid in her mouth, slowly caressing her tongue with mine. She did things with her tongue that I didnít know you could do while kissing someone. Sucking my tongue and lips didnít make it any better either. Ebony was the best kisser as far as I was concerned. Just the touch of her full lips next to mine made my pussy get even more excited.

We switched positions. She was on her back, and I was on top of her, sucking on her left tity. "Suck harder," she said in a cool, sexy voice. And I did. I softly bit on her nipple and sucked on it like I was trying to get milk out of it. As I did the same method to her unattended breast, my hand roamed her small stomach until I got to her pussy. She moaned. I put two fingers in her and began to fuck her with my fingers, devouring her tity into my mouth. "Harder," she said through moans. And I did. I fucked her tight pussy, fast, and deep taking turns sucking her tits. "Iím cummmming" she screamed. Still going deep in her moist pussy, my thumb began to rub fast on her clit and I could feel her legs shake. "Oh shit, Tonya."Tonyaa!!", Ebony said, moaning loud, cumming all over my fingers. "Say my name louder," I commanded. "TONYA! Damn baby, donít stop. Please, Tonya! Oh my god, Iím cumming," Ebony screamed. I was already a pro, and this was my first experience with a girl! I loved it.

I went down to her pussy and began licking on her clit. She tasted sweet, like honey. I could feel her hands on my head, her fingers sliding between my hair. I then began to suck on her throbbing clit, as my hands came up her body, grabbing hold on to her smooth titties. She moaned loud as I twisted her nipples around and my tongue went deep inside her pussy. My tongue went in and out of her soft twat fast, and then I grabbed on to her thighs, as she moved her body, screaming my name. After cumming for the second time, I still continued to fuck her pussy with my tongue, my finger teasing her clit. I was addicted.

That night, it was all about us and our curiosity towards women. She gave me pleasure that no one else had, and I found out that I did the same. Ebony and I began seeing each other more often, and not just for sexual purposes. We were missing something in our lives that we just found out was each other. Sheís now my woman, my soul mate, and my little freak.

7 months later

"Baby, remember when you got me to dance with you at the club?" Ebony asked.

"Yeah," I responded.

"I was so nervous. Iím glad you made the first move cause I probably wouldnít have. Look at us now," Ebony said, rubbing oil on my body. She was giving me a massage tonight.

I smiled, and replied, "I had to. We only live once."

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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