__________by DL

Itís rude to stare
But donít look away
I love the feel of your eyes
as they watch me that way

I like the way they gently press against my lips
How they settle on rhythm and pulse of my hips
How they teasingly play guess who covering my eyes
While sneaking and creeping from behind rubbing on my thighs
How they stroke and hold the back of my neck
Before boldly resting on my nipples and caressing my breast
And how they
Swipe against my legs
Brush against my ear
Massage the center of my back
And playfully tousle my hair
I especially like when I cross your path
The friction like heat they emit
As they grab and squeeze my ass

Yeah itís rude to stare
But please donít look away
I get off on the feel of your eyes
As they watch me that wayÖ.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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