_____The night was just like any other night. My girlfriend Sasha and I were hanging out and watching television in our friend Porschea’s room. Every now and again the previously viewed movie would be interrupted with fragments of a shattered conversation but the last hour of the movie went on in complete silence
_____Without a motivation or a prelude or motivation Porschea broke the silence, “Why y’all be actin’ like yall scared to show each other affection in front of me?” she sarcastically inquired. “It ain’t like I don’t know. Shay you knew I knew even before yall you told me.”
_____ “Yeah I know," I quickly assured her. “But trust, it ain’t like that.”
_____“Yeah!” Sasha jumped in. “We just don’t want you to feel uncomfortable around us.”
_____I grew increasingly annoyed as Sasha tried to explain the reasoning behind our actions. It started to sound as if she was attempting to defend an underlying assumption of shame or guilt about our relationship. “Ok, not even a whole month ago you almost had a heart attack when you thought Sasha was going to kiss me in front of you, now you wonder why…” I snapped as I raised my hands and hunched my shoulders.
_____“Well that was then and this is now," she snapped back with a matter-of-fact attitude and matching face.
_____“Dang Porschea, you act like you want me to jump her bones right here in front of you. Sasha laughed.
_____I joined Sasha in her light-hearted humor with a smirk. A few moments passed. With a devious look she Porschea responded, “I do.” Those words ringing in my ears, I followed the familiar voice to make sure they had come from the same lips. Standing tall, as if to let us know she could hold her own, Porchea’s lips smiled but her eyes said she wasn’t playing.
_____To me, at that moment, she seemed like the badest bitch ever and it kinda turned me on. In spite of my interpretationshow I felt about of her intentions, I decided to call her on it. I sat therelaid back on the couch laid back with my legs far apart in the same nonchalant manner as before while Sasha joked about the situation even more. She thought if she simply kissed me that would be enough to scare Porschea out of the joke. I could tell Sasha was a bit aroused by the very thought of someone watching us. . It Desire seeped out of her pores along with nervousness.
_____“I’m not playin’," Porchea assured us while she stared directly into my eyes. I didn’t flinch. I could faintly smell baby powder, which she often sprinkled in her panties. She was getting there or at least a part of her was.
_____“Kiss her," Porchea ordered.
_____“You for real," Sasha asked a final time, allowing her a chance to back out.
_____“I’m serious," she assured herself.
_____Sasha walked over to me and stood between my legs. Bending down, she gave me this June Clever peck on the lips. Even I looked at her like she was crazy after that one.
_____“Kiss her like you kiss her in private," Porchea restated what she wanted to see. As Sasha bent down to try again, I grabbed her by the back of her neck causing her to fall into me. I slid my tongue into her mouth while I ran my fingers through her hair. First I massaged her tongue with mine. Then I nibbled on her top lip and lightly sucked her bottom lip. Teasing her by pulling away almost out of her neck’s stretch, I delivered soft, almost missed kisses. I slowly drew her into the moment. Just before she would forget that we were not alone, I stopped. Lying on the couch beside me, we both looked up at our dictator in silence to see her reaction.
_____“Shay, rub on her breast.” Porschea said. Beginning to do as I was told, Porschea walked across the room while I . began to do as I was told. Never taking her eyes off us, she turned off the T.V. “Take her shirt off and suck on her titties.” she ordered meinstructed, as she walked to the other corner of the room. She lit two candles and turned off the lights. By this time, Sasha had already escaped into the world of erotica. Her body pulsating with the very idea of pleasure seeking; I moved from one breast to the other then down her torso. Sucking, licking and lightly biting every area my eyes could see. Her honey colored skin began to glisten and glow in the light of the fire. “Now take off her pants," Porchea said but I was beyond her words. My hands were moving to a beat all our own. It’s a song that can’t be tainted by another artist. We were there, listening to our music and having nothing to do with this world.
_____Porschea felt it too. She played soft music to give her living fantasy some sort of theme music. Lying in the bed, she watched us play out her deepest, darkest thoughts. From Sasha’s lips, I nibbled on her ear lobes and sucked her neck. Grazing her shoulder with my partially open mouth, I moved to her fingers. I slid my tongue strategically in and out of her fingers making sure to suckle her lingering fingers with a gentle playfulness that forced sounds out of her mouth.
_____Sasha’s hands began to move blindly about her throbbing body, trying to satisfy the longing deep within. And wherever her hands went, I gladly followed. Chest, breast, stomach to thighs, I made my way down her beautiful, golden body to her love spot. First teasing then pleasing her with passionate strokes to her clitoris, our music rescinded. So caught up in the rhythm of our bodies, Sasha forgot we were not alone and released all her inhibitions. I ran my tongue passed the insides of her hips; lightly kissing one inner thigh and then the other. Her body now pulsated with pleasure.
_____ Impatiently, she waited for me to satisfy her. Slowly, I kissed the cleanly shaved skin of her outer lips. Then moving inward, my fingers parted her love spot and without hesitation, I slid my fingers. As my fingers massaged her vaginal walls, my tongue teased her clitoris. Her legs trembled. One hand went over her mouth in a horrible attempt to silence the “Yeses” and “Oh my Gods” that ran through the spaces between her fingers. The other hand went forcefully behind my head. I quickly pinned her hand down. Now vigorously licking and sucking the inner lips of her vagina and clitoris, she could not hold back any longer.
_____As Sasha sang aloud in exaltation of an orgasm, I looked up a Porchea who had been moving to our music all along. Singing silently to herself with her hands lost beneath her covers. When our eyes met, her body jerked softly and she laid back with a long sigh leaving her lips. Both Porchea and Sasha now breathing heavily laid in silence, taking in the moment. They were beyond time, beyond this room, perhaps this world. Wherever they were, they could still hear the music. Their bodies still swayed without consideration of the mind. Our song played on deep into the night.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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