I'm sitting here typing and thinking of you. I envision you walking into the office and sitting on my lap and me rubbing your back and kissing u softly on the lips. I get up and proceed to dance slowly, encircling you and beckoning for you to come to me. You do and I kiss you again. I'm surprised when you place your tongue on my lips. I accept the invite and lick your lips very slowly, making sure to savor each moment. Damn u smell good baby, I say as I pull you closer to me. I put my tongue inside of your mouth and wait for you to respond. Once your tongue enters my mouth I suck on it slowly, rolling it around my mouth and then I let go of it only to pull it back into my mouth, similar to the way I will do other parts of you.

I sit back in my chair and place you on my lap. I hold onto your waist tightly and to the song "I don't really want to stay, I don't really want to go" and grind my hips into you and mimic lovemaking. You lean back pressing your back into my chest, my lips graze your neck and I hear you sigh. I let one of my hands slide up the length of your body and outline your breast. I imagine your nipple getting hard but I won't go there, yet. Soon you have my rhythm down and we lean back together with our hips thrust into the air, slowly grinding. Your head moves from side to side and I feel your pulse speed up. I bend you slightly over and rub my hand up your spine, life up your shirt and lick your back, slowly, nibbling some spots. I move my hips as if I am taking you from the back, never losing the rhythm. "This weekend I'll be making love to my man" plays softly and I know that this weekend I'll be dreaming of Beauty and awaiting her call.

Slowly I lift you and spin you around so that you are now facing me. Tonight you belong to me. I look into your eyes and smile. I see the desire and the look of disappointment on your face. "It's not time yet my love but I can do something else." I help you place your legs on either side of the chair and I angle our bodies just right. I feel your heat against my jeans and I feel my temperature rise. I grind my hips in a circular motion against your love. You ride me as if there will be no tomorrow. Your hands find my head and you undo my hair. Your nails scrape against my scalp; I don't mind the pain I'm too wrapped up into you. I place my mouth over your breast and blow, you arch your back and try to get me to bite your nipple but I take your waist into my hands and lean forward and upward. I increase the speed of my hips and I feel your legs clinch my waist. "Grab onto the desk." You lean back on the desk and I softly nibble your neck and ears and I more pressure on that spot. The one that is throbbing and wanting to be touched sucked and licked by me. You pull my hair tightly and I hear you call out my name "K." You go limp in my arms. I cradle your body to mine.

"In due time Beauty, in due time."

Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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