__________by Michelle Knight

There is a quiet pause;
A Majickal moment,
When Reality is lifted away,
Leaving behind in its wake...
Peace; The Joy Of Now; Comfort; Nurturing Female
Strength and Power;
(Inner)Peace Of Mind Comes From
Acceptance, From Acceptance, Understanding,
From Understanding to empthathy,
To Compassion and
I accept Myself, Here and Now.
As a Divine Childe of the Universe,
I have the Birthright to be
The whole of who I am,
And to show the world my true self.
Some secrets we will always keep,
No matter the connection,
Pain often too deep...
So Here today, I do stand
Face to face with Self,
And I demand,
Truth, Understanding, Friendship, honor
Compassion and protection so that
I can uncover
The truth I know from way deep inside
Is there tring hard to be heard, as it cries...
Its time I heard that cry, answered that call,
Became true to myself,
After all,
In the end, its all about who you touched,
What you have changed
Some things bad, but Hopefully,
Mostly good.
I just want to be REAL...
So tired of all the games of denying,
Eyes cast down, constantly trying
Not to disturb the status quo, you knoow
People like me should never rock the boat.
So now, I declare, in the sate I am in,
I shall no longer be ashamed of
The Divine Creature Within.

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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