I can smell the essence of you.

As I close my eyes, as my body reacts to the scent of your body.

This is as close to heaven as I've ever been, here with you right now.

My hand finds a soft mound of flesh and a silent whisper escapes you lips.

I feel your legs part slightly at the knees, and from your very soul I feel a welcoming from your soul.

You lift your feet and rest them on the table that sits in front of us.

In one sudden fluid movement you lift your dress up and then over your head.

My head turns to look in your eyes.

I see your beautiful face looking back at me.

My eyes drink of the sight of your body exposed.

You spread your legs further apart, and I take advantage of this silent invitation.

I slither down to my knees and my lips meet yours for the very first time.

I can see moisture droplets dripping from each side of your smooth lips.

I open my mouth to taste all your sweetness.

I look up to see you smiling.

I knew what you wanted.

Lifting my hand to your mouth, teasing you, I pressed my dripping fingers to you lips.

With the back of my fingers I drew a thin wet line across your lips.

I draw a thin line down from your nose to your chin. I feel your body tremble above me.

You start to open your mouth to lick your lips.

I go down between your legs slip my fingers inside you.


I push two fingers deep into your pussy.

I hear you talking to God as my mouth falls upon your clit.

My thumb and finger opens your lips so I can suck and nibble on your clit.

You start to move now to move now and you are shaking uncontrollably.

I move my fingers inside you, slowly sliding them in and out.

I move my hand in rhythm with your ass.

Faster and faster...

Then just as you launch into a mind blowing orgasm my mouth goes over your pussy.

My tongue starts to make round little circles around your clit.

I suck your swollen clit, and my free hand slides out from around your waist.

I reach up and take a nipple between my thumb and finger.

I feel it harden as I roll it round and around...

Pulling and pinching...

My mouth sucking and tugging at your clit.

Your whole body moving and shaking.

Tiny beads of sweat are forming on your forehead.

I move my fingers back to your pussy and as your body tilts as I push three fingers deep into you.

Your juices are all over us, your thighs, pussy and tummy are covered.

My face, hair, and hands are drenched just from you my lady...

I am on the floor in front of you.

My arms cross over your legs and both hands pull apart your sweet lips.

My tongue is working on your clit, sucking and licking.

Sweat is covering both are bodies now.

My hair is dripping wet with your juices.

You are on the verge of a super orgasm.

You are moving uncontrollably, and your screams of delight are louder and louder.

I don't let up for a breath of air.

Your body gets real rigid...

I see goosebumps on your arms and legs.

You start to yell and scream and you grab the back of my hair and push my face and mouth into your core.

My mouth opens to accept every thing your body has to give.

Your ass and hips are pounding into my face.

Your hands never let go of my hair.

This starts my pussy to react.

I feel the first droplets on my tongue.

Oh God!!

I'm cumming too...

I grab your ass and hold on...

Then a flood hits my mouth.

I reach down with one hand rub my pussy one time...

Then I reach back up to you and grab your ass again.

I know it's cumming.

You are turning me on...

Just watching you get off...

We are consumed with each other...

I can't take all of you...

You hold me to you and I try to get every bit.

Down between my legs a hot, sticky river covers the floor.

I can't hold back anymore...

I squeeze your sides where I am holding on and I feel you react...

You are moaning and telling me you love it...

I arch my back and and give it one last push.

You are pushing for your last also.

You are still convulsing a little, and smiling at me from ear to ear.

You reach out your arms and tell me to come to you.

I am spent and my head is lying across your very, very wet pussy.

I raise my head and look into your beautiful eyes.

I tell you I love you.

I raise my hands up to meet yours and you pull me to your side.

You lean over and covered my mouth with a long passionate kiss.

When our breathing returns and we can move again I reached out and take you by the hand and I lead you to the bathroom.

There I give you a bath you will never forget...

What a beautiful candle lit affair...


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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