__________by Sin cere

Stepped out of the crib. Fa those ebonically challenged, the place where I live

Headed down W. Market to that hot spot on Thursday nights called Palms 2 check out the “scenery”

Pocket full of Greenery and that double shot of Hennessey is callin out to me

Before walkin up 2 tha bar wit my dawg wit the dreadz,

My nygga dat love getting between dem womyns legs

A slim, pretty piece of yellow ass walks pass

*Ladies, Trust this is no disrespect so 4give my rudeness, but right now this is how ima do this*

“Hey stranger, u cant speak,” baby’s smile made me weak, but it was cool

Body bangin, music blastin, brain starts relaxin from a long day

Ordered my drink & say, “ What up, I was gon‘ call, I just 4get sometimes,"

"But check it, ever since I saw u the last time u been definitely on a nyggas mind.”

As Tweet "looked ova 2 the left" I did the same & saw my homey from way back, in da flesh

“Yo lemme holla at u in a minute”

Gave this glance & licked my lips so she knew I wanted to get all up in it

Shorty knew she was bangin & had every otha nygga in da club hangin- off of her every move

Except one like me who no matter what always plays it smooth

U aint know? Im Sade’s “operator,” she was feelin me cuz I’m da Pussy President while dese wanna be clowns only mayors

Da Pussy Slayer was out & about, ready to take a route down south with this shorty that had da same status & clout

And who doesn’t like a good challenge?

I tried 2 fight it, but I looked on the other side of the room and saw her with her friends

I had 2 step 2 her, grabbed her hand 4 a quick dance

Don’t know who she dancing wit and frankly I don’t give a shyt

Right now its my time, glanced at the time right quick

Cuz 2morrow a nygga got an away game against Howard but fuck it

Why the fuck the Dj did it?

Put on some old freaky shyt

This Henny is talkin 2 me and so is her Blue Motorcycle to her

As each song passes we get closer and closer

“Aint u hot in dat Roc valour jacket? I mean it’s a tyte outfit, but fa right now baby u can do without it”

She agreed and I gave her a hand as it slid up her slim, moist frame

Peeped a cut off shirt and a sexy pink bra, dat just added fire 2 the flame

As the dj spun the record we were dancing like we were naked

Spread her legs so I could get deeper in between her and freaked her

Lifted up my wife beata

And sent baby’s mind off the meter

As our damp skins touched one another we became lovers

…But wit our clothes on

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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