It's been ages since I emailed you...except for our little bitching session last week *lol*...I'm in a weird mood...not quite sure what to do with myself ya know...

I think it's the weather...what I do know about the weather is that it is really turning me on...all of this unleashed energy pulsating in the air...and the raw power of the thunder, lightning, and gale force winds...while most people find it all rather frightening...for me it's a turn on...but you know...I'm strange like that anyway *grin*..

I went to work today in a knee length straight dress and's really cute on..and under it I'm wearing a gold mesh all day the material from my dress has been rubbing across my ass...and it's getting more and more sensitive...and I'm getting hornier and hornier...but strangely...still not in the mood to be made love to...I know that I could really do with a good spanking...long and hard until my ass was red and stinging...and my pussy was soaking wet..

But after that...I think all I would want to do is nestle down between I warm pair of thighs...and lick to my hearts content...these last few mouth has been craving the taste of pussy...the smell of it in my nose...the feel of it against my tongue...and the wetness on my face....

I think I'm going to go for a walk in the rain.....


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