____The plane landed and Lorcia rushed off heading toward the exit gate. She was anxious to get to the baggage claim and retrieve her luggage. Pulling at the soft, brown locs falling in her face, she paused briefly to separate a long strand and wrap it around the remaining loose locs, catching them up tightly into a ponytail. Quickening her steps, she smiled at the prospect of seeing Marvela. She was so intent with her thoughts she didn't notice the attractive woman that jumped up from her seat as she passed by.
____"Hi Baby, you need to pay closer attention to your surroundings", a familiarly sexy voice whispered in her ear.
____Lorcia stopped dead in her tracks. She turned slowly around to come face to face with Marvela.
____Grinning widely, Marvela held out her arms and Lorcia rushed into them, oblivious to others around them. The two women hugged tightly then pulled away. They looked at each other their faces brimming with love and hugged again. Their laughter mingled in with the sounds of the airport as they started to walk toward the baggage area.
____"I didn't expect to see you here, I had visions of you being outside in the Explorer." Lorcia said, looking at Marvela with eyes that spoke volumes of her love.
____"Since it's so early in the morning, there's very little traffic. I can park out front without worrying about getting a ticket, so I came in to get my baby." Marvela said.
____"Well, I am glad you're here. You're looking damn good to me. Let's hurry and get the luggage and get home." Lorcia said as she increased the pace, urging Marvela along.
____"Uh, uh, honey, you're not rushing me home to get me in bed." Marvela said, a twinkle in her eyes and her smile caused the hidden dimples to peek through.
____"Oh, no, we're going to stop at the Pancake House first and have breakfast, just like we planned."
____"But those are you plans, I didn't make them." Lorcia protested. "Come on honey, lets just go on home. Okay?"
____"Nope, we're going to the Pancake House."
____The two attractive women seated across from one another were in deep conversation, heads bent close together. Marvela took Lorcia's hand and turned it over, holding it in a firm grasp she slowly guided it toward her lips as she stared intently into her eyes. Lorcia watched in awe as her lover drew her hand to her lips and felt the tip of her tongue rake briskly across her palm, causing her to jerk her hand back, only to discover Marvela still held it firmly. Lorcia smiled and looked into the dark intense eyes, then observed the clear skin, and full lips, which always made her breath a little faster.
____She felt the twinge in her vagina as Marvela smile seductively and asked, "Ready to go home? I think, we have wasted enough time; I want to feel your body against mine, and experience my being inside of you. Let's go now."
____With those words, she threw a bill on the table and stood up, waiting for Lorcia to join her. The drive home was quick, each lost in thoughts of what awaited them when they got inside their home. Lorica rested her head on the back of her seat, turned at an angle so she could gaze at Marvela's profile. Her heart swelled with love and pride for this woman who she had loved for so long, before they were able to finally come together. Those were the worse times for them, loving each other and being separated by thousands of miles and four states.
____Marvela's voice broke into her thoughts and she jumped forward in her seat to better hear what she was saying.
____" …You'll feel more relaxed after your bath, I have laid everything out that you like. You go ahead and get started and I'll bring your bag in. Lorcia wiggled slightly in the steaming water, a smile on her face as she waited for Marvela to come bath her. They had started a ritual after her first visit when Marvela told her she wanted to treat her like a queen and that included giving her a bath. She rested her head against the back of the tub and inhaled the familiar fragrance of Champa incense, one Marvela loved and used constantly.
____The touch of soft lips brushing against hers made her eyes pop open and they looked directly into Marvela's.
____"Hey, baby, you ready for me?" she asked playfully twirling her hand in the water and then shaking the excess in Lorcia's face. Lorcia laughed and grabbed Marvela's hands, holding them tightly she looked into her lover's eyes and felt herself become sexually. She envisioned those hands traveling over her body and let out a sigh.
____The water was now lukewarm; it was time to get out of the tub. Marvela took the large fluffy towel from the rack, holding it open she wrapped it around Lorcia gripping her firmly as she climbed out.
____ Marvela hugged her tightly, and briskly rubbed her with the towel until she was dry. Taking her by the hand she led her to the bedroom and the large waterbed. She pushed her gently and Lorcia fell backward on the bed, landing on her back, her nakedness exposed to the eyes of the woman she loved. Marvela didn't waste anytime disrobing and joining her. Marvela braced her weight on her arms as she leaned over Lorcia and quickly ran her tongue across those parted lips.
____"Did you miss me?" Marvela asked with a wicked grin as she slowly rubbed her torso against Lorcia.
____Lorcia breathed deeply and exhaled.
____"You know I did. I always miss you when I have to go away."
____Her breathing was shallow as she responded to the light pressure of Marvela's body against hers. She smelt the faint scent of Joop, Marvela's favorite cologne and the muscles of her vagina contracted. She tightened them feeling the sensation of her juices starting to flow.
____Marvela sensing her need pushed down powerfully against her pelvic bone moving her hips in unison with Lorcia.
____"Oh, baby I have been waiting to hold you and feel you like this. You feel so damn good." With those words Marvela leaned forward and touched her lips lightly against Lorcia's. "Mmmmm, tasty" Lorcia grinned. "Let's try that again, I like the way your lips taste." She greedily reached up and sucked Marvela's lips inside her mouth. A chill went through her and she shivered enjoying the sensation.
____"I am going to fuck you until you scream for me to stop." Marvela said, pushing two fingers deep inside Lorcia. She felt the motion of Lorcia's body shift as she raised up to meet her thrusts, the juices flowed freely giving Marvela enough lubricant to add another finger to the two already inside. As she thrust she wiggled her fingers and pushed them against the back wall of the vagina. Lorcia's muscles tighten around her fingers and she increased the rhythm of the thrusts. Lorcia moaned and wrapped her arms tightly around her lover's back. She started to move in a rocking motion as Marvela plunged rapidly inside of her.
____"Stop moving" Marvela whispered softly in her ear. " I want you to feel everything I am doing to you. Be still."
____Lorcia immediately responded to the command and lay quietly. She tightened the muscles of her vagina, closing firmly around the three fingers inside. It felt so good she started to jiggle her butt and instantly felt warm breath against her neck and the word repeated, "don't move." She felt the sharp pain of teeth biting her neck and moaned softly. She clutched Marvela's back, her nails digging deeply and leaving a trail of scratches.
____"Oh, Baby, you feel so good, I need to feel you inside of me. Yes, give it to me, fuck me and make me scream out your name." Lorcia grasped, as she felt teeth biting her breast harshly. She gave into the pain and felt the pleasure it produced within.
____"I am coming, oh god, Marvela, I am coming, I can feel the my juices starting to flow."
____Marvela increased her thrusts and pushed deeper inside. She felt increased wetness as her fingers pushed and probed finding that spot that caused Lorcia to release in large quantities.
____Lorcia moaned and tears streamed down her face, she felt as if her entire insides had been opened up and turned around. She felt the wetness stream down her legs and under her butt and it just keep pouring out.
____Marvela, gently and slowly slide her fingers out of the hot, wet vagina as she placed her lips against Lorcia's and bite down on her lower lip, causing a new release of fluid to seep from her. She looked at Lorcia and asked, "Are you okay? Did I hurt you?"
____Lorcia pulled her close and in a faint but husky voice said, "You are incredible, you gave me so many orgasms I lost count, I only know that you give me feelings and sensations never felt before."
____"You're crying, why are you crying." Marvela asked, as she softly kissed the tears away while rocking her in her arms.
____"It's okay baby, let it out. It is all about trust. You have finally let yourself trust someone."
____"Yes, you're right, honey." Lorcia whispered sleepily as she snuggled closer and buried her head between Marvela's breasts. "I trust you implicitly, you are the love of my life."
____Marvela smiled as she realized Lorcia had fallen asleep. Her woman was home and she was glad to be able to hold her warm body as she too drifted off to sleep.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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