__________by Mizz Misha

Sensory overload.
Thick, sticky, drips, so sweet,
so neatly down your spine.
So juicy when mixed with
your fleshy skin.
So fragrant.
Sickeningly sweet.
Slippery, juicy tasty peaches
dripping in self made marinade.
I massage the nectar deep
into your spine.
Deeply stroking your shape.
Sultry kisses down your body divine.
Bedroom eyes paired with bedroom bully kisses,
blurred only by passion.
The heat from within,
blurred only by desire, the need for self fulfillment
to fill me with thoughts of you.
Lips sweaty and sticky like honey,
body sticky and yummy above me.
And it begins.
Ice melted by pure body heat.
The heat between the
mass of sticky sweet.
Erectness protrudes my chest
as I lay,
as you envelop me with your lips,
and stay a while,
if only to say hi.
Tracing trails of silk down
the path to heaven.
Stopping only to admire
the smooth hills and
deep valleys of my world.
All the while, the aroma
of peaches invade my airway
and intoxicate me
with visions of you and
your fleshy skin.
So fragrant.
Sickeningly sweet.
Slippery, juicy, tasty peaches.

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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