(formerly known as Seyla)

_____I sat in my car outside of a small park located on Chicago’s illustrious south side near the lake. It was a brisk Spring afternoon and I watched children play within the fenced in swing set area. To their immediate left, a small group of women were lounging around a tiny grill. Two of them were cuddled together on a blanket and I watched as they made several small gestures and motions delivered in such a way as lovers who just can’t seem to go a certain amount of time without touching each other in some way or another.
_____It was not lost on me that I was at the park to meet a group of women from the internet, and I was currently looking at a group that fit said description: Loving Lesbian Women. So I sat, deliberating on the fact that I had arrived, yet wasn’t feeling any particular volition to meet and greet. Still, I had driven there, and although it was a little unnerving walking up to a group of women that I’d never actually seen before and introducing myself, it was even more disturbing sitting in my car watching those women from afar. A few minutes more and I would have officially been classified as a stalker.
_____With that thought in mind, I decided that not only would I get out and introduce myself, I would give the loving lesbians no less that one hour of my time and conversation. I took a deep breath of determination and exited the car.

_____Forty minutes later, I sat in a folding chair shooting the breeze with some pretty laid back people. I fit right in, huddled down against the nip of the breeze, shielded from scatterings of debris and ashes by my rose tinted shades.
_____I glanced toward the winding street that cut the park into quarters. The same path that I had circled three times before even deciding to park I saw two other women approaching our direction. I went through my mental check list to see if they were “family.” I had recently begun to exercise my gaydar and had found that with confidence, it seemed to be quite acute. Since this particular internet group predominately consisted of Black women, that’s where I started. The ladies, much closer at this point, were indeed of African descent. Score one for me, I thought sarcastically.
_____By the time I had finished mentally berating myself, the ladies had arrived leaving no room for the accuracy of my gaydar to pen them as “family.” Introductions were made and one in particular caught my attention. Kayla peaked my interest from first glance for several reasons. At any given moment, I have an array of thoughts running through my mind in such a pattern that it often seems musical. Thus, I have the constant demeanor of one who is relaxed, listening to a favorite song, unbothered and unconcerned with the affairs of the world around me. Kayla stopped the music. It was like she clicked a subconscious pause button as if to say, hey I want your full attention...I’m deserving of it.
_____She also looked familiar. I didn’t even try to place her face though. It would have been a futile effort with my memory. She, however, was able to place it. We were high school classmates nearly ten years ago. I made a mental note to check out the year book later. Within minutes, Kayla had plopped down next to me in a matching folding chair and we caught each other up on the last 9 years in about that many minutes. During that time, I watched her as she spoke excitedly about some special projects that she was working on. I took notice of her bright eyes and prominent cheekbones. She was cute as hell and I was enjoying her company.
_____After about thirty minutes, the chill in the wind had gotten to be too much for us all, and we headed to our various vehicles. Kayla and I exchanged e-mails and I made another mental note to drop her a line letting her know that I enjoyed seeing her again.

_____That week, Kayla and I communicated via e-mail quite a bit. I found her notes to be just as vibrant as her personality. I shared some of my writing with her and she left high compliments in my e-mail box. We made plans to meet at the next girl party the following weekend.
_____After an uneventful work week, I needed two things: to get tipsy and dance. I contacted my crew of friends and found that my symptoms were shared. Everyone was ready for the same cure. I had spoken with Kayla, and she was still planning to be in attendance.
_____As I primped and preened myself into decency, I noticed a light drizzle outside. By the time I arrived at the club, the drizzle had developed into a monsoon-like downpour complete with thunder and lightening. I found parking around the corner from the club and dashed through the alley to the entrance.
_____I paid the ten bucks and sloshed down the dark stairwell towards the pulsating bass that reverberated against the interior walls of Club Watcher. I was not surprised to see a nearly empty club. The storm would keep out the majority of the club goers, but I needed to be there as a release from the work week, and also to hang with my friends who would also weather the storm in order to drink and dance in the company of Chicago’s hottest sistas.
_____I caught sight of the majority of my crew who waved me over to a table in the corner. Grabbing a handful of napkins from the bar and slapping down some crumpled soggy bills from my damp jeans for a beer, I then strolled over to join my three friends. They waited until I had used the napkins to try to dab away some of the rain water from my exposed skin, then we hugged and remarked on the emptiness of the club.
_____The best thing about my crew is that we are all cut from the same cloth. It didn’t bother us that the club was hurting for patrons. We immediately took up the gauntlet of setting the party off. I had arrived at midnight, and there was no time to waste lamenting over the people shortage. I downed beer number one and headed to the bar for number two, promising my crew that after it I would dance the night away alone if necessary.
_____I leaned against the bar and ordered my brew from the cute bartender. She had a little punk vibe going for her and kind of resembled the singer Pink. I heard my name shouted above the music behind me and turned into familiar bright eyes whose low lids gave indication that their owner had already consumed a fair amount of alcohol before arriving at Club Watcher. I smiled at Kayla and gave her a warm hug.
_____One tequila... The first shot of Patron hit the back of my throat and glided down both smoothly and harshly. I quickly licked the salt from the back of my hand, flipped it over and sucked the lime. I slammed the shot glass down on the bar at the same time as Kayla. A brief shiver ripped up my spine as the tequila sauntered through my system. “Smooth.” I gasped.
_____Two tequila... Kayla and I slammed our glasses against the bar. “How many more of those do you need to dance on the pole?” She asked.
_____I grinned. “There’s only one way to find out.”
_____Three tequila... I grabbed Kayla’s hand. “You wanna dance?” She smiled and nodded. The Patron was freely flowing through my veins and I felt so alive.
_____Floor... The speakers shrieked, “You just wanna touch me...touch me...touch and go!” Chicago, like all major cities, has a distinctive flavor and if it is believed that Chicago has a heart, then its pulse is house music. The steady beat of a popular deep house track boomed out of the speakers and for the ten minutes of that tune, Club Watcher was alive and jumping as women came from out of their corner seats and encroached upon the dance floor. Kayla and I moved together on the dance floor as if the tequila in our systems had somehow fused with the music and began to maneuver body parts in tune with its pulse. _____
_____“Touch and go...oh! You just take my love and then you go away...” We lip sang our hearts out and gyrated every thing that could shake, shimmy and grind. I was feeling that song in my heart like every other woman in the club. Our combined dance was a release and a celebration of every collective relationship that mirrored the sentiments in the lyrics.
_____“You just wanna touch just wanna touch me...” Kayla danced and twisted her body to the bass as the D.J. looped the same verse. Her eyes were slits and there was huge smile plastered to her face. She moved her hands over her body. “...touch me...” I was hynotized. The Patron, music and Kayla had somehow conspired to make some use of me and I was in no way resisting. The not so subliminal message became the soundtrack to my own mind, “You just wanna touch me.” If I wasn’t nodding my head on the outside, it was sure as hell bobbing up and down like a bobble-head doll internally.

_____I headed for one last restroom break before the club closed. One of the promoters for the party stopped. “Hey, that lady you were dancing with...”
_____I didn’t particularly care for sentences that began like that. “Yes?” I replied.
_____“Is that your girlfriend?” She questioned.
_____I really didn’t care for those types of inquiries, still I had to acknowledge her courtesy of asking me before possibly doing anything even bolder than her line of questions. Truth of the matter was I could not honestly say that Kayla was my girlfriend. Instead, I bypassed her question in the interest of getting to the point as well as getting my increasingly impatient bladder to the restroom. “Why do you ask?”
_____“I just think that she is so beautiful. I was watching her as you danced...” It did occur to me that this was an odd sort of confession to someone who at least could be the girlfriend of the object of this woman’s interest. She continued, “I just would like you to tell her that she is beautiful.”
_____I smiled. “Will do. But to be honest with you, the compliment will come from me.”
_____She returned the smile. “That’s cool.”
_____When I returned from the restroom, the lights were on and the music had ceased. That is to say that Club Watcher’s speakers had been given a much deserved respite. The music had found a new home in my head. Kayla was waiting for me at the bar.
_____“You look a little woozy.” I commented. “I’m going to trail you and make sure you make it home safely. At least, part way.” She nodded and we were on our way.

_____Part way turned out to be all the way, and I found myself parking behind her car across the street from her apartment building. She motioned for me to enter and we dashed through the wind into the doorway.
_____I don’t know if I was drunk or just glad to be there, in any case, there probably was no excuse for my accepting yet another beer. We sat on the couch and chatted about every little thing which amounted to nothing in particular. I noticed that she was drifting off. “I’m not going to keep you up.” I said. “I know you have to get up soon.”
_____I stood and we walked to the door. I gave her a long hug. We hadn’t released from it when we looked at each other. I anticipated the kiss, however, I don’t think either of us anticipated how nice it would be. The goodbye kiss grew more urgent and as Kayla pressed her body closer to mine, I felt it was more of a hello kiss. She continued to press into me until I found myself being walked backwards towards the bedroom.
_____I looked at her questioningly and she smiled, “I just want to show you the bedroom.” A grin spread across my face and I allowed her to continue walking me to the bed. It didn’t take long for us to continue the hello kiss, which quickly was growing into hello gropes and caresses.
_____“...touch me...” was still in my head guiding my every move. It seemed that I blinked and Kayla’s shirt was opened revealing the most beautiful breasts that I’d ever laid eyes least in a while. I gently kissed my way to each nipple, enveloping them in my mouth. Kayla moaned and squirmed beneath me as I unhurriedly sucked and licked her mocha delights. I felt myself begin to move my hips in tune with her motions.
_____She felt so good. I found myself craving more. I guided my hand into her pants and underwear, sighing as the heart of her body’s heat greeted the palm of my hand. My finger maneuvered towards her intense center and I felt the eager stiffening of her soft clit. I wanted to feel more.
_____Kayla did not seem to be against the idea, and helped me slide her pants completely off. I planted kisses towards her awaiting mound and felt her quiver as my tongue made contact with her clit. I engulfed as much of her as I could in my mouth and tried to remind myself to pace. Yet I was so hungry for her and she bucked and gyrated herself against my face. It wasn’t long before we both were cumming, she in my mouth and me in my pants.
_____The orgasm ripped through Kayla and she could not control the arch in her back that pushed her shoulders backward and thrust her face towards the ceiling. I continued to lick furiously and gazed upward at her shining countenance. Her mouth was slightly ajar and impassioned moans escaped her lips. Her pressed thighs against my head did not block out the melody of my name being whispered again and again until we had ridden the wave of fervor to its close.
_____That night we lay in each other’s arms. The Patron had lasciviously secreted its way out of our systems and we were left with the reality of a deed consummated and the questions that arise with the emerging sun through her blinds. I didn’t want to think about the “what next” questions right then.
_____“Wow.” Kayla exhaled and I smiled. I knew that I was good. I always have been and just as cocky. I’ve earned the right to be, yet there is an interesting mix to have a humble nature overlain by a cocky demeanor. “I’m so surprised.” She continued.
_____That statement didn’t surprise me, but it did jar me from my typical after sex self-horn blowing. I know that when I have sex with women that they are surprised at the result, yet no one has actually voiced their astonishment. “Why?” I asked.
_____Kayla thought for a second. “Because you’re so...”
_____“So what?”
_____“You’re so...pretty.” She laughed.
_____“What does that mean?” I grinned.
_____“Well it seemed that you would be too cute and delicate to get down and dirty.”
_____I couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from me and disturbed the early morning peace. I don’t think I’d ever heard it put so aptly. It’s true I’m not the average stud. In fact, I don’t even waste time with labels. My appearance would classify me as femme. My style is an enigma...its chic with an edge. I am versatility manifested, the affordable luxury vehicle that can go over the mountains and through the mud. Yet I digress.
_____Kayla, the rising sun, and those after sex questions were encroaching upon my psyche. I closed my eyes an blocked out everything except for the soft warmth of the beautiful woman at my side. “What next?” It didn’t matter. At that moment there was only “what is,” and that happened to be two women basking in the afterglow of something wonderful. It is said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you look closely and pay enough attention, you can see right into someone. That night, I had tasted a soul. There was nothing left to do, but appreciate the experience. Thank God for it, and thank Ecstasy, Passion, Joy and Pain and Barbara Roy for “Touch and Go.”

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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