__________by n8tive_tounge

Baby Girl, let me take your hand and lead you into my mind
To show you how i feel and make you realize
That you got me hot
So hot
Like the way bacon fries
You blow my mind girl, i tell u no lies
Enstilled in my mind are thoughts of playin between your thighs...
This is how i break you off as the time flies...

Noone but us under the night sky
I pull you to me and kiss you, make you feel so high...
Down your wet panties I let my hand slide
My fingers pressed against your clit
Damn baby...let me lick it...
I kiss youn your body, my thoughts are wild and freaky
As I lick down your neck, then put hickies on your titties
With your fingers in my hair, you start to moan and groan
And your nipple in my mouth-I could do this all night long
I can't take it anymore I'm about to explode
Lickin your belley button-I move down a lil more
You arch your back as i spread your legs wide
As i suck on your lips your moans turn into sighs
My tounge on your clit and my hands caressing your thighs
You're getting hotter and wetter with my fingers in your pussy
I look at you and ask "You wanna lick me baby?"
Without a word you help me turn around
Thats when i felt your tounge stab my mound
I gasp and moan "mmmmm...yeah boo, thats the shyt!
Bury your face in that pussy!!! mmmm suck my clit!"
I feel your hand grabbing my tit
We get madd nasty in a beautiful 69
Me licking your juices and you suckin mine
With your hands on my ass and my nails dung in your thighs
I shove my fingers in, lick them, them shove my tounge inside
You are so warm and sweet and tight
And you're suckin my pussy with all your might
Soon our moans turn into cries
Screaming eachothers names we cum at the same time
Still going wild, we lick eachother dry
You slide out from under me and lay at my side
We kiss passionately and look into eachothers eyes
As we continue to caress eachother gently
We fall asleep...Totally Satisfied...

Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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