_____It was getting late and Marvela tightens her arms around Lorcia as she buries her nose in the crook of her neck, inhaling her favorite perfume. She slides her tongue slowly up her neck into and into her ear. Lorcia stirs lazily in her arms and twists her head slightly to look into her lover's intense dark eyes. They smiled at each other and hug tightly.
_____"Damn, baby, I can't believe it's time for me to leave." Lorcia says, resting her head on Marvela's shoulder.
_____She feels the push of the tears against her eyelids and wills herself not to cry. After all she'd be back in three months and they could make plans for their wedding and day when they would be together in their own home.
_____"What're you thinking" Marvela asked, in her husky, sexy voice, as she brushes the hair from Lorcia's face.
_____Lorcia pulls away from her and sits on the edge of the lounge chair. She hangs her head slightly and says in a very soft voice,
_____"I don't want to go" the tears break through her will and trickle down her face.
_____Marvela lifts her chin gently and brushes away the tears. Lorcia feels the strong arms of her lover wrap around her as she places her head back on her chest.
_____"Go ahead, baby, get it out. Let the tears come, get it all out of your system."
_____The tears come fast and furious causing Lorcia to gasp for breath as tears rack her body. She presses her face tighter into Marvela's breast, slowly twisting her head from side to side in agony. Gradually the tears subside and her labored breathing slows down.
_____"Do you want me?" Marvela asks, shifting her weight on the lounge pulling Lorcia along with her until they are laying side by side facing each other.
_____Marvela touches the nipple of Lorcia breast and hears the sharp intake of breath as she tweaks the nipple then softly brushes her fingertips against it. At the same time she bends down her head and their lips touch in a gentle kiss that quickly evolve into a deeper kiss with tongues entwined, digging, probing, finding all the secret places that only lovers can discover.
_____Lorcia's tears receed to be replaced with her desire to make love to Marvela one more time. She has less than 3 hours before her plane leaves. The drive there will take over 45 minutes. It no longer matters, her blood is at the boiling point and all she is thinking of it the taste of sweetness that is between her lover's legs. The scent has her head swimming and the taste is better than any delicacy she's ever had. There will be no stopping now, she has to taste her; she has to have her mouth on that sweet pussy.
_____Without further thought she gets up from the lounge chair. Bending over Marvela, she captures her lips in another kiss. Her mouth covers and suck her lips with urgency, before using the tip of her tongue to nudge them open. With the force of an invader going to war, she pushes in and moves her tongue rapidly around inside before she catches Marvela's tongue and sucks it gently at first then applies more pressure until Marvela goes limp.
_____She pulls Marvela up from the chair and into her arms and resumes the kiss. Marvela' s knees buckle and Lorcia hold her tighter. She breaks the kiss and looks into those intense eyes that are so readable, so filled with love. Slowly they sink to the floor; clothing is pulled, ripped and tossed aside as the two women allow the lust of love to over power them.
_____Lorcia, whispers, "Are you ready?" She slides her hand between Marvela's leg and feels the wetness. She then runs her fingers across the lips of Marvela's pussy and feels a shiver pass through her lover's body.
_____"Oh, yeah baby, you're ready for me aren't cha?"
_____She speaks softly into her ear, at the same time placing the tip of her tongue deep inside as the words linger.
_____Marvela lets out a moan and calls out her name.
_____"Lorcia, make love to me, leave me with something to hold onto until you come back."
_____Lorcia slides her body slowly down Marvela's until she reaches the course hair leading to the treasure she is seeking. Her tongue leaves a wet trail from her stomach, through the hair until it is reaches the beginning of the sweetest pussy she has ever tasted.
_____Very slowly she searches for that spot that will have Marvela crying for release. Lorcia knows how to keep her lady happy and is quite adept with the use of her tongue. She continues to leave wet trails along the inner sides of Marvela's thighs until with the quickness of a snake striking she zeroes in and makes contact with the rose petal shaped lips. She catches them between her teeth and tugs gently before opening her mouth and wrapping her lips around them and sucking rapidly.
_____The aroma of Marvela's sex gives Lorcia a heady feeling and she pushes her face deeper between those delicious thighs licks in earnest as the first taste of the free flowing juices touches her tongue. She sucks as if she is trying to drain Marvela of all her juices.
_____Lorcia suddenly shifts her body and places both of her hands underneath Marvela. Grabbing tightly to each cheek she touches her tongue to the tip of Marvela's vagina and feels the hardness of her clit as she slowly moves it back and forth. She tightens her grip and prevents Marvela from moving her hips.
_____"Yes, baby, that's it. Oh, Lorcia." Marvela moaned. "Make me cum, baby, I need you to make me cum."
_____Lorcia increases the pressure of her tongue and feels Marvela's body jump and twitch as she continues to move her tongue in a circular motion. She easily matches the thrusts of Marvela's pelvis. She senses Marvela is ready to release all her juices and she's ready to drink down every drop that flows.
_____"Oh, yes, Lorcia, you're there baby, I am coming, oh baby I am coming." Marvela gasps and tightens her thighs. Lorcia continues to work her tongue until she feels Marvela' s body relax. She remains between her legs, and slowly pulls her tongue across the clit and down to the opening of the vagina; swiftly she inserts her tongue and works it deep inside. Marvela lets out a little shreek and attempts to pull away.
_____"Oh no baby, it's not over yet, there's still time for me to fuck you." Lorcia says, her words muffled as she continues to push her tongue deeper inside and wiggles it around in rapid motion. She smiles to herself as Marvela grabs her shoulders, digging into her skin with an urgency. Lorcia pushes her tongue to it's limit, her face pushed tight against Marvela's pussy; she takes breaths of air through her nose, never skipping a beat in her love making.
_____"Damn, baby, what are you doing to me?" Marvela barely whispers. "Oh, Oh, god, yes, that's it baby. You have me; all of me belong to you. Fuck me like you own me." Marvela screams as she raises her body so that only her heels touch the floor. Her body makes a perfect arch as she cries out Lorcia's name.
_____ She opens her eyes slowly and sees Lorcia bending over her. "Are you okay," Lorcia asks. Her reddish brown hair covers her face and she brushes it back. "Oh, I have been fucked royally."
_____Marvela raises her arms and places them around Lorcia's neck pulling her back down on her as she searches for and finds those soft pliable lips and commences to lick and kiss them. In one fluid motion she flips Lorcia and is now lying on top of her.
_____ Lorcia lets out a gasp at the feeling of Marvela's body pressed firmly against hers. She shivers in anticipation of what is about to take place. Opening her eyes, she looks directly into the dark, intense eyes staring back at her.
_____"Okay, my queen, now I get to serve you with some loving that will keep you satisfied until you come back home."
_____Marvela gives her a quick kiss and moves away. "Stay here. Don't move and keep your eyes closed. I'll be right back."
_____Marvela returns quickly and covers Lorcia's eyes with a silk scarf and proceeds to tie each of her arms to the legs of the dining room chair.
_____"Don't move." She forcibly instructs the woman who is now lying supine on the floor. "I've got something special in store for you." As these words are whispered in Lorcia's ear, she feels something sticky and wet dripping on her lips. Quickly she stick out her tongue to lick at the sweet substance. "Didn't I tell you not to move? That means don't lick off anything from your lips, don't move your hips. Stay still." Lorcia feels a wet trail starting at her breasts and travel slowly down her thighs. She grunts at the affect and turns her head, only to be met with the same darkness behind the silk scarf. "Relax and enjoy the ride sweetheart. I am going to give you what you have been wanting for a long time."
_____Marvela's hands are slowly but firmly working their way from Lorcia's shoulders down to her stomach. Again, Lorcia feels the stickiness of something wet trickling into her navel and leaving a trail going down her stomach through her pussy hairs directly onto the lips.
_____Marvela is surprised and delighted with her control. Lorcia hasn't moved an inch. Her moans, soft and guttural heighten Marvela arousal. Lowering her head she starts to lick at the sticky substance on Lorcia's body. As she licks she takes little nibbles of the silky smooth skin, letting her teeth move forward until she grabs a nipple between her teeth and bites down softly, using her tongue to rub the already hardened nipple until it feels like a small round stone.
_____She listens to the moans of Lorcia and presses her body closer, pushing her pelvic bone hard against the softness of Lorcia's pussy. "Yeah, this is what you've been waiting for, isn't it? You've been waiting for me to fuck you." Marvela's voice has taken on a slight harshness as she taunts Lorcia. "You think you got me, do you? Well, let me show you how I've got you. I am taking you to a place you have never been before."
_____Roughly, Marvela kisses Lorcia's raised lips and as the kiss ends she grabs at Lorcia's lower lip and sucks it. She feels Lorcia moving her head slightly in resistance and pulls on her lip a little harder before she releases and plasters them again upon Lorcia's. This is some woman I've got, she thinks as she reaches over and finds the small bottle she was seeking. She pours some of the contents on Lorcia's lips. "Lick your lips baby, do it slowly."
_____As Lorcia complies, Marvela drips some onto her nipples and starts to lick. She feels Lorcia start to move but stop. Lorcia's head is moving from side to side and her breathing is labored.
_____Marvela continues to suck Lorcia's nipples as she drags her hand slowly beneath her own body and feels the course hair that frames the entrance she is seeking. She moves her hand into place and starts to grind her hips slowly into Lorcia's.
_____The hairs around Lorcia's pussy are wet and sticky. Marvela's fingers search and find the entrance she is seeking. She inserts one finger and feels Lorcia stiffen. "It's all right baby, take it easy. Relax, loosen your pussy muscles." She feels the tenseness drain away from Lorcia and proceeds to insert one finger slowly, wiggling it around in the wetness. Then she places another finger inside. Lorcia's breathing is rapid and she pulls against the ties on her arms.
_____"Oh, baby," Marvela says, "I am going to fuck you the way you should have been fucked. I am going to show you what loving a woman is all about." With a rapid motion of her hand she pushes her fingers deeper inside and moves them in a pumping motion, increasing the pressure with each thrust; going deeper and deeper. As her hand worked like a piston, her hips appears to move in a rhythm all their own. She could fell her clit getting hard as she presses her pussy tight against Lorcia's thigh, she has to increase her thrusts to ensure she won't come before her. She wanted them to come simultaneously.
_____"Oh, Marvela, oh, god, baby, I can't take anymore, oh baby, stop, please stop." Lorcia was now struggling against her restraints and wiggling her hips.
_____"I've gotta pee, baby please let me up."
_____ "Go ahead, then." Marvela whispered, pushing down hard against hand. "This is my pussy, all mine. I am going to fuck it until you scream for me stop."
_____With increased pressure she starts to move quicker, the sound of flesh slapping against flesh is loud in the quiet room. Their breaths mingle as they kiss and breathing becomes harder for the two women as they lose themselves in each other. As the motion of their bodies increase they are taken over the edge in ecstasy.
_____"Oh, shit, baby, baby, I 'm peeing, oh, oh, this is--" Lorcia let out a loud scream. "oh my god, oh, my god," she cried. She was unable to speak coherently, her body jerked and shook as she sobbed with abandonment.
_____Everything Lorcia feared was now in front of her. She felt the waves of emotions course through her body as she lay in a wet puddle of her own juices. Against her will her bodily fluids had been released and every fiber of her being was now exposed and she was at the mercy of her lover, the only woman to bring her to such heights.
_____Marvela gently pulled out of her and in one swift motion removed the blind fold, and then untied her wrists. She put her arms around Lorcia and held her close as she rocked her and whispered in her ear.
_____"Are you all right?" She asked with urgency.
_____"What did you do to me?" Lorcia asked in hushed tones.
_____"I have never, ever, felt anything like what just happened."
_____"Why did you tell me to stop?" Marvela asked with concern in her voice. "Why did you shove me to get off you?"
_____"I got scared" Lorcia replied. Burying her face in Marvela's breast she hugs her.
_____"I don't know what was happening to me. I had no clue and it scared me."
_____"What was it that scared you," Marvela asked, as she rubbed Lorcia's back. "I don't know exactly, it was something that was happening to me that I couldn't stop."
_____"Was it a feeling of losing control?"
_____"Yeah, I felt that you had taken me somewhere I wasn't ready to go to."
_____"Well, baby" Marvela laughed wickedly, "You have just been taken"
_____"Exactly what does that means?" Lorcia asked seriously.
_____Marvela smiled, shook her head slightly and let out a devilish laugh. "Baby, I have just taken you a place you didn't want to go. A place you have been running from all your life."
_____"Yes, I never wanted anyone to have that much control over me," Lorcia shook her head in disbelief. Never had she experienced such loving, such fulfillment. She has always been in control never once allowing any other women to get the upper hand on her, to make her feel what she had just felt. Somehow it didn't seem so scary now.
_____Marvela, kissed Lorcia on the lips gently then looked deeply into her eyes. Satisfied with what she saw there, she said. "You better go take your shower now. It's almost time to go."
_____Lorcia smiled lovingly at her, reached out her hand and Marvela pulled her to her feet. They hugged, smiled and separated.
_____They drive to the airport and say their good byes without sadness. Each maintains their own thoughts in the after glow of their lovemaking.


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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