Lady Scorpian

To My Sweetness,

_____Hi, baby. I was sitting here thinking of you. Your real and very honest nature. The sensitivity of your spirit self. The very real need in you to be a friend and a kind shoulder and a listening ear. The honor and code of ethics with which you hold yourself. Yes...these are but a few of the reasons I love you.
_____Umhm there's also the fact you're intelligent and sexy as hell. That your sexy ass growl pulls my lower regions to need, to want, to possess and be possessed by you. Your kisses make me wet. Makes me yearn for things far deeper then the eyes can see. Like love everlasting and growing old with you. O.K. growing older (LOL). Learning, growing, and moving forward. Your touch makes my tactile senses go on overload. The more you give the more I want. More to the point I often think please let her sensuous all knowing touch be my introduction to heaven. If that be the case I'd go willingly!
_____Your laughter often eases the stress of my day, your humor bar-none keeps me in stitches. Baby your love of music can take me to roads traveled and roads not yet walked. You know it's meaning to my soul and it's ability to move me, stir me to tears, to love, to feel it's deepest of messages.
_____Your support and interest in my writing endeavors lets me know you're secure in yourself, and in being so you inspire me to pursue any and everything my creative self ventures to.
_____You are top Stud of Studs in my book Judy. A womyn who is aggressive in nature but continues to remember she's a womyn and therefore she nurtures and continues to give inspiration to others. A womyn who simply put wants to be loved like she loves as do I (smile). And I feel I'm the womyn for the job!
_____This is dedicated to a friend, to a lover, to an inspiration to womyn in the lyfe! A womyn whose question is "Why do some womyn treat each other worse then they have been treated by some men? And to which I always answer baby I haven't a clue!
_____Yes this is dedicated to the womyn I've come to love deeply. The womyn who was always there standing in the shadows hiding her feelings for me from me. Until I was free then she showed me all she felt and now we stand in the light! This is dedicated to my wife! I Love You Baby!!!

_____To My Sweetness....
_______________From Her Delicious


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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