(Part 2)
Brown Curiosity

Soon the crunch had ended, and there was no one else who needed to be rung up. I was back on the floor picking up socks that people had knocked down when Timira approached me with a very sad distraught face. She bent down and started helping me with the socks.

"Meera...what's wrong?"

"He canceled on me." She said, anger in her voice.


"He say he gotta finish this job by tomorrow morning or he's going to violate a contract or something. He thought it would be finished but its not...but he say we'll celebrate tomorrow...but its not the same, I was hoping tonight..."

"Aww, I'm sorry."

She looked at me and smiled, "Don't be sorry Gina, its not your fault...hey at least I can help you with inventory."

Her words hit me like a punch in the face. Yes! At least that was the whole good part about this thing...well good for me, not for her. I'm so selfish sometimes. I knew she was upset, but she tried to keep a smile on her face as we finished our tasks.

At the end of the night, I told her to get our stuff from the lockers so that we'd be ready and out the door after inventory. I was in the small stockroom waiting for her, already counting when she came through the door with our stuff and a Galilee's shopping bag. She put the stuff down and I told her what we had to do since she had never done it before.

The night went on as she shared stories about her and her husband, their wedding, how they first met, and their first time.

I was just finishing counting the last boxes as she told me of the night when she lost her virginity. He was her first and it was on their honeymoon.


"Girl I was trembling I was so nervous." She said sitting atop one of the counters. By now she had her jacket off and I could see that she had a strapless dress on. The curve of her collarbone and her shiny soft almond colored skin along with the soft perfume she wore was making me horny. I had to keep looking away from her so I wouldn't be distracted by it. I was like a moth attracted to light.

I looked at her sitting high on a counter and it was all I could do to keep from parting her legs and pulling her panties off and inhaling the scent. As I bent down on the floor counting the numbers on boxes, I kept looking up at her as she told her story. Once when she got caught up in the moment of her storytelling I saw her uncross her legs and cross them again. Though this was brief I could tell one thing: That this girl wasn't wearing any panties.

I almost gasped when is saw her smooth toned thighs part briefly and I saw bare sweet lips. I was thinking, "I could die happy now."

I was just finishing when she said, "And tonight was gonna be special too...I was gonna give him such a treat..."

My ears perked up at that comment. Timira and I had never talked about sex, yet tonight she was regaling me in stories of their first time, and now she was gonna discuss more of her bedroom behavior? I didn't know she could be this open. She must really trust me. Or she was really horny. Damn, if only she knew what I was thinking

"Oh really?" I said.

She hopped down off of the counter and walked over to our stuff. It became even more evident that she wore no panties as I saw the roundness of her cheeks being clung to desperately by the material of her dress. She grabbed the Galilee's bag, and then she walked over to me and reached in the bag, pulling out a red teddy.

I almost came right there.

"It's so...nice." I said, feeling lame. "I mean, its hot...you were gonna wear this?"

She sighed, "Yeah I bought it today on my break. I was gonna wear it." She looked up at me and then her face lit up.

"Hey do you want to see it on? I want a second opinion. I've never worn anything this...this..."

"Yeah I get it." I said, my heart beating fast. "Where could you try it on at?"

"Well no one else is in the store except security downstairs." She said.

"And they've got cameras everywhere, you don't want them seeing your business." I said looking around the room desperately, almost considering this a good place.

"They don't have cameras in the dressing rooms do they?"


"Not unless they want a law suit. And I think this place plays by the rules." I said.

"Well we're finished let's go there." Timira said, scooping up our stuff and wasting no time. I wondered if she was as excited as I was. In the way that I was. But then I quickly shrugged off the thought, Timira was just being herself, she'd tried on lots of stuff for my second opinion before, it's just that this time it was lingerie.

The dressing room was in a secluded area near the elevators, I opened the door with my keys and locked it behind us. I turned on the lights and told Timira, "Okay, go for what you know girl."

The receiver of the phone that was mounted on the wall in the dressing room was hanging limply. I grabbed it and placed it back off the hook as Timira started kicking off her shoes right there before going into a stall. I sat on one of the couches and kicked off my shoes, my feet had been hurting all day.

Timira went into one of the stalls and closed the door. Suddenly I saw the dress flung over the stall and out onto the floor where her shoes were.

We chattered about little things as she began to change. I was waiting in anticipation ready to see the red teddy on her sexy body.

The stall door opened and she emerged. I almost gasped, I didn't notice the see through parts that would expose her small pretty breasts and her nipples. There was also a part that exposed her navel. She stood there, and turned around modeling it for me like a pro. "Well how do you like it?"

"I think it's the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

Timira eyes lit up at the compliment. "Well then I guess I'll keep it then." She said staring at herself in a full-length mirror right beside the couch I was sitting on. She tried various sexy poses and I just sat breathless as I watched from several angles, being that mirrors were in different spots around the room.

As she was posing her eyes met mine, and then something in it changed. I gasped silently as she stared at me smiling, as if she had guessed a secret. Then she turned away and walked towards the mirror near me. She cupped her breasts and rubbed her nipples.

"Do you think my chest is too small Gina?"

"Um...no, you have pretty tits..." I said transfixed on her ever hardening nipples.

"Robert likes my nipples...they get real hard, and he like to suck them...god it's been so long since we've made love."

I giggled, "Are you horny Timira?"

She smiled, "Maybe."

She pinched her nipples and I started crossing and uncrossing my legs to quell the lusty throbbing sensation between my thighs. What was she doing? Most importantly, What was she doing to me?

She turned to me with a grin, "You know his favorite position?"


Timira turned around and got on the floor on all fours, spreading her legs before the mirror, she looked at the mirror around to get a good view of herself.

Doggystyle! Robert has taste.

"Damn Meera..." I couldn't help myself from exclaiming as I saw the thin red sliver of the silky teddy become darker with wetness, the tension around the teddy was tight in that position, pulling the thin fabric's crotch between Timira's pussy lips, separating them.

I heard a slight moan, and then I saw her rocking back and forth on her hands and knees watching herself. I looked at her ass in the air, and her crotch rubbing between her two swollen shaven pussy lips. The tight material must be rubbing against her clit. This explained the moans of pleasure escaping her mouth as she rocked back and forth on the floor watching herself in the mirror.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was watching Timira masturbate in front of me, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. I was getting hotter and hotter.

I saw her face contort in pleasure, and that was all it took. I hiked my tight black skirt up, slid a finger in the crotch of my panties and started rubbing on my clit. I was in a trance, I wasn't even aware of what I was doing, I was just focusing on the pleasure of this moment. I finally realized the magnitude of what was happening when Timira's eyes popped open to see me touching myself. I almost became mortified, that she would be offended, but this wasn't the case.

Timira turned over and sat back on the floor, leaning back on one arm. With her free hand she unsnapped the crotch clasps of her teddy and exposed her sweet shaven pussy. Then she stared at me as she rubbed herself openly.

I couldn't believe that we were actually getting off on watching each other.

She fingered her pussy and played with her clit as I grinded my fingers hard and in circular motions on my hard tingling clit. The fact that I was turning her on was turning me on, the fact that I never even saw this coming was even a bigger turn on. Shit, I came before Timira did, and she had started first.

I moaned softly as my pussy tightened and untightened off of the intense orgasm. Soon I heard the tell tale soft cries of another orgasm from Timira's lips.

We stared at each other. That was the look. This was it.

"Meera, I guess now you really know how sexy that teddy is..."

She laughed and stood up. "I guess you really like it huh?"

I nodded as she walked over to me swaying her hips slightly. There was a look in her eyes, it was filled with desire and determination. I tried to decode what else lay behind the look in those eyes but its safe to say I was distracted.

She stood in front of me, "Do you like the material? Feel it."

She took my hands and guided it along the silky fringes near her thighs and her hips, and then my hands found their own way up along her navel and all around her hips and ass.

Then I looked up at her as I caressed her body, I realized what that look meant all along. Was the sweet innocent princess seducing me?

I saw her bite her lip in anticipation as her chest rose and fell rapidly with her deep breathing. I moved my hands up to cup her small firm breasts and began to roll the nipples between my fingers. She arched her back slightly and made a hissing sound as I did this.

I stuck out my tongue and flicked a nipple through the thin see through material, while rubbing the other nipple. I began to suck on her tit making the silky material wet, and Timira moaned again, reaching down to unbutton my shirt.

I slid the thin straps off of her shoulders, and let the teddy fall off of her breasts. Then I began to really feel the soft supple skin and the hardening chocolate nipples in my hands. She tasted incredible as I sucked each tit in my mouth, rolling the nipples around with the tips of my tongue, as she fondled my breasts through my bra.

"Ooh, I love that..." Timira said, her eyes closed as she threw her head back and moaned.

She pulled away from me, and got off of me. I was afraid that she was finished with me and that it was over. But she just stared at me with that look in her eye, and got on her knees. She slid my skirt high on my hips, and put a soft hand between my thighs. She looked up at me again and smiled as she reached for my panties and began to pull them off. I lifted up off of the chair to let her finish what she was about to do.

Soon my panties were off, and my legs were spread apart. Timira was between them, tracing my slit with her fingertips.

By now I was in sheer disbelief. This woman that I had been dreaming of for so many months was between my legs, teasing my pussy. I didn't even know she was attracted to women, let alone me.

I was in a state of joyful lust, practically drooling. My hips were pushing towards her, begging her to do more to me.

"For so long, me been wanting to do this." She said softly in her lilt, parting my legs even wider. She licked her lips and lowered her head between my thighs, and then she began slowly licking my pussy from top to bottom. Slightly parting the lower labia and dragging the tip of her tongue all the way up to the crescent, skipping over my clit on purpose. She was teasing me and it was driving me wild.

I oohed and ahhed as she parted the lips of my pussy and dove her wet tongue into me, licking my wet insides, tasting me. The pressure built in me as I watched her between my legs looking back up at me. She started to lick all around my clit slowly, it felt so good I was gently calling her name.

Then she flicked the tip of my clit with her tongue, slowly, while reaching up to play with my nipples, I grabbed her hands and guided her hands roughly across my chest making her paw my breasts savagely as she flicked the tip of my clit slowly. Then she pulled her hands away and grabbed my hips, pulling me closer to her as she started to quicken the pace of her tongue.

I was in complete ectascy as she ate my pussy with wild abandon, sucking and pulling on my clit with her soft lips until my hips bucked off of the couch repeatedly as I called her name. She only stopped when I pushed her head away after I couldn't take it any longer.

She got up and clambered on top of me as I still sat there, thighs open dripping wet. She stared at me smiling and licking her lips and she said, "Gina you taste so good." She lowered her head and kissed my lips. I grabbed the back of her neck and let my tongue snake into her mouth, tasting my own juices. We kissed for what seemed like a short eternity as I caressed every part of her body, then eventually reaching behind her and rubbing her ass with one hand and fingering her pussy with the other. It was so warm and tight, it felt like heaven. We broke apart and I brought my fingers to my lips to taste the sweet juices. My first taste of another woman. It was salty, yet sweet, it was pungent yet soft...it was in a word, perfect.

Timira smiled that slick smile at me and I knew my suspicions about seduction were true. It's funny, I just always thought that I would be the one seducing some poor confused girl. I just never thought I would be the confused girl. But hell, I wasn't confused, I wanted this from the beginning, and I wanted to do one thing since the beginning.

"Timira, let me eat your pussy now." I whispered huskily. She rolled off of me onto the couch next to me, and I got down on the floor. She spread her thighs wide open and pulled apart her pussy lips. This was the first time I saw a real pussy up close. Hers was beautiful. It was wet and throbbing, pink encased in a lovely brown. I bent close to inhale in her musky sweet scent, it was intoxicating.

I before I could even take my first lick the phone rang. Timira's head jerked towards the phone on the wall, and I sighed and got up off of my knees. The only people who it could be was security.

"Hello." I answered flatly and quite pissed off.

"Hi, is anyone else up there?" Jonathan, one of the security officers asked.

"Yeah, we just came in here to clean up the dressing rooms...it's a mess after that big sale..." I told Jonathan so that he could leave us alone to "cleaning".

"Well someone's looking for Timira Harwin? She in your department now Gina?"

My heart skipped a beat, who could be looking for Timira?

"Yeah, she just got here today Jonathan, I'm making her help me close since the manager left early." I looked over at Timira as she sat on her knees, her nipples bare, her lips pouting, looking over at me curiously. God she was so fine.

"...but anyway Jonathan who's looking for her?"

"Yeah it's her husband, he's here to pick her up. Tell her that will ya'? And hurry up, up there, were about to close you workaholic."

I hung up the phone, utterly pissed off at being interrupted. And I was feeling something else weird. Jealousy?

"Gina what was that about?"

"Robert's downstairs waiting for you."

Her face lit up, and she clambered quickly to get dressed and get herself together. "I didn't know he would be back tonight, me thought he would be out all night on this project."

"Me too." I said, trying to sound not so disappointed.

We got ourselves together and were on the elevator to go downstairs. Timira offered me a ride home but I declined. For some reason I didn't want to be around her right then anymore, especially since she acted as if nothing happened. And especially since all she could talk about was Robert, and how it was such a surprise that he came to get her from work. I didn't want to meet him either.

The next day I waited for Timira to come into work, but she never showed. That same thing happened for the next couple of days. She didn't even call the manager to call in sick or anything. She just didn't show. I was beginning to worry about this. I was worrying whether it our little tryst in the dressing room had anything to do with her absence. Over the next few days, I became more quieter and more withdrawn, just replaying the events in my head, recalling the good parts with dreamy eyed smiles and thinking about all of the doubts and "What if she hates me"'s with anxious knots in my stomach. I would alternate between those two feelings all the time, wondering where Timira was, or if she was mad or embarrassed or, if she was just okay.

At the end of the week I went to the menswear stock room to pick up my check. That's where I saw Timira sitting there behind the manager's desk, rifling through the check drawer.

She looked up when the door closed and smiled.

"Gina! What's up girl!"

"Hi." I said somewhat reserved.

She returned to looking in the check drawer while I waited for her to talk again.

"Ahh here it is, my last check."


"Oh I didn't get a chance to tell you, I guess I should've called you..." She said standing up.

"About what?"

"I'm moving." She smiled.


She walked over to me, "Yeah, Robert's taking a new job. He doesn't want to run the company anymore, since this other place offered him a job that pays good...I won't even have to work anymore...Gosh I'm so happy I don't have to come to this place again..." she prattled on and on about how she was moving to the suburbs in another city, and how she would have the picket fence and the front yard and maybe then they could get her son a dog. Didn't I think it was wonderful?

"Yeah." I said. Because that was the right thing to say.

I looked at her, trying to smile, but not really wanting to. I'm a loner, so that's saying a lot. She meant a lot to me, one of the first people id been kind and open to, and could actually trust in a long time. Also my first female lover. And even though I didn't quite get to please her the way she pleased me, it was enough to know that the bicurious thing wasn't just a phase or some faraway fantasy. She was real, and there were so many feelings.

So many feelings.

Somehow I thought that because I wasn't really into girls the way I was into boys that it wouldn't be so complicated, that it wouldn't hurt. If it was any other girl it would be different but I was losing a friend, maybe even a lover, and all those months of letting down my guard took a toll on me. Gina the numb cynical smart-ass was in pain, real pain. And Timira, the sweet innocent island jewel was actually seeming not so innocent. She just stood there smiling and laughing and not feeling the same thing that I felt. Instead of loss she felt gain. I guess I didn't mean much to her, well I wont go that far. I guess that night didn't mean much to her.

She hugged me tightly, and pulled away to look at me. She had tears in her eyes "I'll miss you, you know that..."

"Yeah. I'll miss you too."

"But I'll keep in touch."


"Well I gotta go now..." She turned to walk out of the door.

"Eh Gina?" she asked standing in the doorway.

"What's up?"

"I wonder if you'll smile more when I leave." She touched my face, and then she left.

The door closed slowly, and then slammed shut. Tears formed in my eyes.

"Not likely, Timira, not likely."

I got my check, and went back out there.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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