(for my sweet 'dare devil,' standing three blocks down from the HBCU)
__________by Rebecca Strait

saw you standin
at the bus stop
in your red pants
not the too tight
baby-blue jeans
that like to hug
on your hip
these red pants
were loose
cool & mean
made me wanna holla
stomp my feet
shout: good lawd!
or hallelujah!
every last scream
your red pants
reminded me of
sweat pants
dance pants
with the tempting
elastic strip
that like to hug
upon your hip
one i'd like to pluck
or pull
with my teeth
dragging your red pants
down slowly
to your feet
so that i can come
inside the wetness
between your thighs
my, oh, my
and some say life
is but a dream
just thinking
about your red pants
gives me butterflies
and makes me cream

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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