_____by Cashazznjuice

Damn, she's got me thinkin about sex.
Caressing her body until she soakin wet.
Our hearts are racing and i hear her moan.
What the hell you doing to me baby
she screams give me some more.
She's anticipating what will come next.
Damn, she's got me thinking about sex.
Sweet like candy I taste her from head to toe.
A little scratching and biting
because my baby likes it raw.
Hit it from the back and smack that ass.
Bodies wet and hot with desire
So hold on tight Im gonna make it last.
I want her to crave for more so i come correct.
Damn, baby u got me thinkin about sex.
She's breathing heavily as I lick that clit.
She's pulling on my hair as my tongue takes a dip.
Hips are in motion, she about to climax.
Damn, she's got me thinkin about sex!

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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