__________by Sin_cere

Dayum, why are your insecurities so overbearing?
To the point that you insist i'm uncaring
How dare you come out yo face and say I don't give a fuck
You wer the 1st muthafucka I gave my heart to, & look what I get in return, just my fuckin luck
Girl you are my world
My Earth, My Air, My Water, My Fire
My hearts desire, my souls supplier
Shyt, I dont remember anything prior
My whole life was you
Everybody knows it, but shyt girl you don't have a dayum clue
All you see is the hurt from your past
You were so blinded that you forgot to try and make this shyt last
You keep pushing and pushing and a nygga is getting close to the edge real fast
I asked you numerous times did you trust me
Hell, at one point I told if you think i'm such a dawg then, simply, don't fuck me
It struck me, kinda odd today when I didn't hear your voice
You aint call me and I aint call you, shyt, that was by choice
And usually, I heave to speak to you atleast once
But like Mary J.-
Not Today, I was cool & wasn't even worried about it, I aint gon' front
Is this the result of the constant arguing over the same old bullshyt?
That I told you before you needed to quit
Or I would just get to the point of not really givin a fuck anymore
But you kept the shyt up, YOU opened that fuckin door
Gyrl, we've ben here before
I kow you recall how in the beginning how fucked up I used to be
Shyt, dayum, muthafucka, i tried to warn you constantly
But your so dayum stubborn, you have to have it your way and always "win"
Well, congratulations cuz you just won a situation that about to get very fuckin grim
THEN, you gon think I dont care...Guess what?
I really won't then...

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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