Mayhem Incarnate

They arrived at exactly eight o’clock.
Right on time.
I opened the door for the two women standing on my front porch, making sure the expression on my face was nothing less than that of a gracious hostess.
R smiled brightly and gave me a big bear hug as she crossed over the threshold into my home.

Then, I looked behind her and saw the other one.
Dressed in all black, a bit shorter than R, but huskier with a strong build. She kept her eyes on the floor softly mumbling a greeting.
When she reached out to shake my hand I noticed it was shaking. I then took a good look at this young one. The look in her eyes was one of trepidation mingled with a need so great it was almost painful to look upon.

R whispered something into the young one’s ear and after receiving an affirmative nod from her, took me aside so that we could speak in private.

We walked to my parlor, leaving the young one standing in the anteroom, head down, hands in her pockets. Just before we stepped in, Marisa, one of the girls in my servitude walked up to take the young one’s jacket. As the exotically beautiful woman reached out to remove the jacket her hands caressed the broad shoulders of the young one and I saw the muscular frame tremble slightly. Her eyes closed and I’d swear I heard a soft growl escape her. I knew then that I had to make this a quick meeting with R, I didn’t want this one to wait for whatever she was here for, any longer than she had to.
Servicing the darker needs of my clients over the years taught me to recognize the signs of one whose control is slipping and I could tell this young one was at the edge.
I looked at R with an admonishing stare and she met my eyes with a steady, though slightly guilty, gaze.

“OK, so I waited a little too long to bring her to you.” she said with a slight shrug of her shoulders.
“A little too long?” I asked, not trying to mask the incredulous look on my face.
“R, if she loses it and hurts someone ....” I began.
“She won’t. I made her promise and she won’t break her word to me.” said R, with smug certainty.

I leaned past R and looked out into the foyer where the young one stood. Marisa was there, speaking to her in hushed tones. The young one only spoke when she had to, most of her responses being limited to shakes and nods of her head.

I frowned slightly when I saw Marisa reach out to touch the young one, her slender fingers gently cupping her cheek, as she continued to try and soothe the frayed nerves of the woman with her soft voice.

Brown eyes filled with hunger took in the beautiful woman before her and in a lightning quick move, the young one slammed Marisa against the wall, her hand enveloping the seductress’s throat in an ever tightening grip.
Marisa’s eyes shut tightly and she gasped for air as the young one pinned her to the wall, her hips driving forward, blindly seeking any kind of contact.
I ran from the room with R on my heels and pulled on the broad shoulders as Marisa tried to push the young one away from her.
R pulled me away, grabbing the back of the shirt she was wearing. Slightly lifting the young one by her collar, she quickly ushered her into the living room where we stood moments ago. I heard R speaking in a soft but stern voice that was answered by an even softer slightly defiant voice that I knew must belong to the young one. Moments later R emerged from the room after closing the sliding door behind her.
She spoke to Marisa first, but not before sending an apologetic look my way.
“Are you ok?” she asked the shaken girl.
Marisa nodded and said she would be fine before walking through the door that led to the kitchen.

R looked at me, sighing heavily when she saw the cool expression on my face.
“Look, I know what I said earlier and I stand by that. She won’t hurt anyone. You have my word.” she said with conviction.
“Then what do you call what just happened?” I spat.
“That girl saw what condition she’s in, why did she touch her?” R retorted.
“Because that’s her job, why do you think?” I answered angrily.
“Look, I didn’t know where else to take her. She needs this and you know it.” R said plaintively.
She was almost begging me to allow the young one to stay.
I never could resist a Domme who begged. Especially not one as cute as R.
“How long?” I asked, giving her my most indignant look.
R flashed the crooked grin that captured my heart years ago and gave me a quick hug.
Then she looked at me a shrugged one shoulder.
“She needs to work through this, Sasha, so I’m guessing a night will do it. No scenes tonight. She needs to expend as much energy as she can and the only way to do that is ... to fuck.”
R answered in her usual direct manner.
“Sex and nothing more? No restraints?” I asked skeptically, raising an eyebrow at her.
“Leg and wrist restraints at the most but I doubt they will be used. She needs to get laid, that’s it.” said R.
Her skills of persuasion were on point tonight.
“Any more “equipment” needed?” I asked, knowing R knew what I was getting at.
R tapped her forefinger on her chin and thought for a moment, than shook her head.
“Nope, I told her to come prepared, so she shouldn’t need anything. If she didn’t follow my instructions then she’ll just have to improvise.” replied R.
After speaking for a few more minutes, I walked back down the hall with R and entered the parlor.
The young one was standing in front of the fireplace intently studying the photographs on the mantle. She turned as we entered the room, regarding us curiously.
I didn’t miss the look of barely controlled rage that crossed her features before quickly being masked.
“Hey, man, you ready to go upstairs?” asked R, looking into the young one’s eyes.
I noticed how she, too, refrained from touching her.
The silent woman nodded and stole a glance at me. I was surprised when she walked over and spoke.
“I would like to apologize for my earlier loss of control. I assure you it will not happen again. I would also like to thank you for permitting me to ... stay.” she said in a velvety baritone, looking directly into my eyes.
I could sense her sincerity and a genuine innocence about her as well as a seething fury that she fought to keep under control. The combination attracted and scared the hell out of me at the same time.
“Don’t worry about it. No harm done. Besides, I understand your need and what fuels it.” I replied, smiling at her look of surprise.
She took a deep breath and turned to look at R who was waiting patiently by the door, then with her eyes downcast once more she walked out of the room toward the staircase that led to the bedrooms upstairs.
At the foot of the stairs R stopped and turned to look at her.
“Let’s go make you feel better, buddy.” she whispered
The young one nodded slightly not looking up at her friend. With a deep chuckle, R clapped her lightly on the back.
“Go to the last bedroom on the left and wait. Remember what we discussed before and remember your promise.” R said, to the young one.
She nodded again and began to climb the stairs, looking like a condemned woman.
R followed with her eyes until the young one was out of sight.
“Do you know who you’re going to send in with her?” she asked, a look of concern in her eyes.
I thought for a moment. It hadn’t even occurred to me which one of my girls I would send to this young one’s room. I went through a mental roll call and realized all of my girls had “appointments” this evening, if not right now, then not too long from now. None of them was available to do an all nighter and I knew this young one would need the services of a skilled woman for the remainder of the evening.
With this knowledge, a thought came to me and along with it came a surge of pure sexual arousal.

It had been awhile since I’d had to personally service a client. It was something I only did for special customers and then only by appointment. I knew, before I had a chance to ponder it, that this young one would have my undivided attention tonight. It was one thing to sub under an experienced Domme, but to have a true novice, a virgin Domme so to speak, would be a treat for me.
Although, R and I had worked out an arrangement, I quickly decided this night would be on the house, a gift to the young woman waiting upstairs.

I looked at R and shrugged my shoulders.
“There isn’t anyone available for the night so I guess it will have to be me.” I replied, a slight smirk lifting one corner of my mouth.
R’s shocked expression was almost comical. She frowned slightly and began to protest when I held up my hand to halt any arguments she may have had.
“Look, I forgot to make arrangements in the girls’s schedules and I’m not going to interrupt them now. Besides if anything should arise, I would feel better knowing that I am there to handle it.” I explained, as I began to ascend the stairs.
“Either find someone to occupy you or come back in the morning, the choice is yours.” I said with finality, disappearing from R’s gaze.
I walked down the hall, stopping at the bathroom for a moment to freshen up, then made my way to the bedroom the young one occupied.


I knocked on the door and after a moment’s hesitation I turned the knob and entered.
There were candles lit, causing shadows to dance across the walls as they flickered. I smiled , knowing the young one had been the one to light them.

*Well, she at least has a sense of romance under the dark layers.*I thought.

She stood by the window regarding me with a look of surprise. I’m sure she didn’t expect to see me again this evening.
“Hello. Are you comfortable? Do you need anything?” I asked, sliding into my role as her cocotte for the night.
“No.” came the soft reply. “I .... I’m fine.” she said and I had to suppress the slight shudder her voice caused to course through me.
With no effort on her part she was already arousing me and I had to remind myself that I was here to help her attain her own release, not my own.
I slowly walked over to her, keeping my hands in plain sight, a look of steady reassurance on my face. I knew before I could even hope to sate her need I would have to gain her trust and it would have to be done quickly. A visual assessment told me that my very presence was triggering a reaction within her.
“Why don’t we get a bit more comfy, hmm?” I suggested.
She swallowed hard and after a moment she gave me a slight nod.
Since I was wearing only a robe with nothing underneath, I figured the best way to go about getting things underway would be to undress her.
I reached out and ran my hands down her chest, making sure my touch was firm enough not to arouse her anymore than she already was but not so firm as to make her feel threatened in any way.
I slid my hands lower grasping the hem of her shirt and began to pull it up. I smiled, when I saw the white wifebeater she wore under it.

*Studs and their wifebeaters, go figure.* I thought.

I pulled the shirt over her head, folding and placing it on the dresser before turning back to her. I licked my lips and began to remove the wifebeater watching in delicious anticipation as her body was slowly bared to my hungry gaze. I stifled a moan when my eyes fell on her upper torso, feasting on thick muscle covered by smooth brown skin.
I swallowed hard when I reached for the waistband of her jeans. Just as I’d popped the button through the hole she reached for my hands, stopping me.
“I ... I can do it.” she said shyly.
If she was lighter in color, I’m certain I would have seen her blush.

I nodded and walked over to the bed and pulled the covers down, taking more time than I really needed to, giving her a bit of personal space. I heard the zipper of her jeans being pulled down and then a soft rustling as she removed them. By my count she should have nothing on but her bra and underwear. She walked over to the dresser and lay her jeans on top of the shirt, then removed her sports bra before walking back over to the bed. I kept my head lowered, showing her the proper respect she deserved, and waited for her next move. I didn’t have to wait long.
She came up behind me, pressing her strong body into mine and I could feel the “equipment” she had remembered to bring, nudging against my ass. I couldn’t hold back the soft moan that broke free, as I pressed back against her.
She wrapped her arms around me, pressing her hips forward slightly and I could feel her entire body trembling. The fact that she was trying this hard, going against everything she was feeling, to be gentle, was incredibly arousing. I momentarily forgot my role in this evenings activities and turned around to face her. I reached for her, letting my hands slide over her tight shoulder muscles and I drew her to me. She lay her head on my shoulder, accepting my embrace and began to hesitantly run her hands over my body. I reached between us and undid my robe letting it fall to the floor and she gasped when our heated bodies came into contact with each other.
Her hands rubbed and stroked me as she captured my lips in a searing kiss, her tounge roughly demanding entry into the warm recesses of my mouth. She tasted divine and I eagerly met her invading tounge with my own.
The trembling increased and she wrenched her lips from mine. I heard another soft growl escape her and she pushed me roughly onto the bed.

*Here it comes.* I thought.

I knew her need would not allow us to engage in any kind of extended foreplay and I lay there on my back as she climbed on top of me.
I knew better than to struggle.
R had informed me of the young one’s fantasies involving rape, however, tonight she was too close to the edge to even consider any kind of play along those lines.
I knew if I struggled, even playfully, it could push her over that edge bringing about a violent reaction that might very well cost me my life.
I looked into her eyes and saw everything.
Aroused and frustrated, she seemed to be almost overwhelmed by a desperate need for release, yet she was completely lacking what she needed to fulfill it; a partner who could withstand her aggressive sex drive. That, coupled with her limited sexual knowledge, another tidbit of information provided by R, escalated her frustration into full blown anger.
In order to stay safe, I needed to physically convey the fact that I would not deny her.
She pushed herself up and looked down at me, her eyes raking over my naked body with undisguised lust. It was consuming her, keeping her from thinking rationally at this point.
I made the mistake of reaching for her hips, to pull them toward me, and was caught off guard by her hand wrapping around my throat.
“Don’t fucking touch me, cunt.” she snarled, her voice going from honey smooth to dripping venom.
I kept still, knowing at this point anything I did would bring her wrath upon me. I felt the fingers around my throat tighten more and I squeezed my eyes shut, concentrating on drawing breath into my lungs. She released me after a moment and stared at me with the expression of a cold calculated killer.
“I want to fuck you so badly.” she whispered.
“You can fuck me. You can do whatever you want to me.” I replied, hoping to assuage her as her mind plummeted into an abyss of darkness.
“I didn’t ask your permission!” she screamed and her hand found my throat once more. She lowered herself mere inches from my face and began to choke me once again.
“Did I ask you if I could fuck you, whore?” she hissed.
I tried to speak but it only came out as a feeble squawk so I merely shook my head.
“No, I didn’t. Tonight you will learn the difference between a statement and a question.” she growled.
With that she flipped me over, unexpectedly, onto my stomach and pressed me down into the mattress with her bulky, muscular body.
She forced my legs apart and without warning entered me.
I couldn’t help but scream in pain. I was aroused, but her sudden change in demeanor caused me to dry up a bit and I became tight as a result of my very genuine fear of her.
She began to thrust into me and it seemed as if she were possessed by something unnatural. A force drove her the likes of nothing I’d ever witnessed before.
She was lost somewhere in the recesses of her own mind, listening to the dark inner voice that promised her, the relief she so desperately sought could be found by ravaging my body.
Her breathing was becoming ragged and I thought perhaps with an orgasm or two she would calm down a bit.

I understood now why R told me she needed to fuck. The frenzied movements of the body on top of mine spelled everything out clearly to me. She hadn’t become this way overnight. I was witnessing the culmination of a long period of repressed sexual desire and denial. Whether she had been denied by someone or had been denying herself pleasure was something I would have to find out later.
Right now, all I could concentrate on was this rutting animal on top of me and trying to figure out how to bring about the release she was so frantically searching for.

I pushed back into her, pressing my ass into her crotch, which was still covered by her boxer briefs.
She groaned and thrust harder, rolling her hips as she surged in and out of me.
She began to shudder and I prayed her orgasm would come swiftly and be strong enough to take some of the edge off her need.
She stiffened on top of me as tremors wracked her body and I marveled at how silent she was when she came. Most people made some kind of noise during the height of physical pleasure but I would never have known she was even experiencing an orgasm if I didn’t feel her body become tense and her breathing go from ragged panting to nearly silent. All too soon it was over and she began to thrust into me once more.
She was fucking straight through her orgasm and I began to struggle against her, panicking. I wouldn’t last the night if she kept up this pace. I’ve never encountered anyone who was able to come and keep fucking as if nothing happened.
She pressed into me when she felt me struggling to move beneath her, trying to pin me to the mattress. My movements must have excited her more because her thrusts became increasingly urgent. Moments later, she grew silent and stiffened on top of me again.

This time her hips ceased their movement and she lay there, panting.
When her breathing became even once more, she began again. Her movements were a bit slower, but no less urgent. It didn’t take long for her to tumble over the edge.

That was orgasm number three and she still showed no signs of tiring.
She didn't withdraw from my body, but lay heavily on top of me, panting in my ear. When she calmed a bit, she reached up over our heads and grabbed one of the wrist restraints attached to the bedpost.

The young one then pulled herself up from her prone position on top of me and her cock left my body with a soft ‘pop’. She pulled me up off the bed, placing my hands on the edge of the headboard, and attached first one then the other wrist cuff to me.
I kept my head lowered, awaiting her next action or command, whichever, would come first.
She left me on the bed for a moment, returning with several thick pillows. She pulled me back as far as the chains attached to the cuffs would allow and placed two pillows under both of my knees elevating me so that I was now slightly above her.
She stood up on the bed behind me, placing one hand on the back of my head and one on my shoulder. Though she was once again trying to be gentle I could feel that her hands were still trembling and I could hear her breathing becoming more ragged by the second. She was struggling to control the urges that threatened to boil over and I’m sure seeing me restrained and helpless weren’t helping her cause.
She pushed me forward until my forehead came to rest against the wall above the headboard. I was leaning forward slightly with my legs spread as far apart as they could go, while resting on the pillows. My sex was open to her and the combination of being bound and anticipating her next move made me wet all over again.
R said the young one wouldn’t be up for a scene tonight. My elation over her misjudgment of the young Domme was indescribable. While it was not truly a scene I was still honored that her first attempt at taking control in the bedroom, would be with me.
With this assertion of her dominance, she is now, truly, my Domme.
A sense of pride I cannot explain or suppress fills me.

I wait patiently as she kneels once more on the bed behind me, her hands stroking my body. I can tell that she isn’t doing it to arouse me, but rather for her own enjoyment.
Her caresses, like most of her actions this evening, are tentative and uncertain and again I wonder just how long it’s been since she’s been intimate with a woman. I long to tell her just how good her instincts are, but I will not speak unless she addresses me directly. I can feel my wetness coat the outer lips of my sex and begin to slowly trail down my the inside of my thighs.
Her hands roam roughly over my breasts, pinching and pulling my nipples until they are swollen and distended and I find I can barely hold back the whimpers of pleasure her touch is causing me.

She presses herself against my back again, leaving a moist trail of kisses from my shoulder to my neck and I am taken by surprise when she sinks her teeth into my flesh. The pain of her bite is instantly taken away when she pinches my left nipple once again. To add to the sensory overload she is causing I feel her enter me from behind.

I can’t hold back the gasp of pleasure that escapes me and I grip the headboard with my fingers. She stays still for a moment then begins to torture me with slow thrusts as she sinks her teeth a little deeper into my neck.

I hear her groan behind me as her hands slide down my sides and come to rest on my hips. She holds me still as she continues her assault on my soppping wet pussy. Her movements are not frantic and out of control nor are they particularly gentle. She is loving me as I would expect her to.
Like a Domme.
With a controlled ferocity that hints at the darkness just beneath the surface .

I am becoming lost in the sensations my young Domme is causing and I moan as she continues to fuck me. She reaches over and unclasps the cuff around my right wrist, never missing a stroke. I don’t dare move my hand from it’s place on the headboard but I am curious as to what her next command will be.

She removes her mouth from my neck and I can feel the indentions her teeth have made filling with blood as the pressure is released. I know I will have a bruise there in the morning.

“Touch yourself, Sasha. Rub your clit for me.” she rasps in my ear, her voice dropping into an impossibly low bass register that gives away the fact that she is just as aroused as I am.

I move my hand, slowly, down toward my swollen lips. I am so aroused at this point I’m almost afraid to touch myself. My clit is so hard and sensitive it’s almost painful.
When my fingers finally encounter it, my hips buck forward and I cry out. The entire time my young Domme has been steadily fucking me and the feeling of her dick sliding inside me and my own fingers stimulating my swollen nub propel me toward completion.

My young Domme releases her hold on my hips and leans back on her hands. Her thrusts become harder, faster, and I can feel the tension mounting within her, despite the fact that the only physical connection we now share is buried deep within me.

She moans low and long, driving herself into me once more and her body jerks uncontrollably. A soft whimper is the only audible evidence she gives that she has been engulfed in her own searing climax.

I can’t take anymore. After witnessing her release I am thrown over the edge and experience my own.
My thighs shake and my stomach clenches as I continue to rub myself vigorously and I climb higher and higher until I can’t take anymore. I shudder and liquid fire races through my veins as my orgasm takes me. Bright light bursts behind my tightly shut eyelids and I am unable to hold back the hoarse cry that erupts from my throat.
All the while, my young Domme holds me against her and when it is finally over my head falls back onto her strong shoulder. She plants a soft kiss on my neck and I flinch when she hits the sore spot where she has bitten me.

With an arm wrapped around my waist she unclasps the other restraint on my left wrist and I sag heavily against her. She lays me down on the bed, hovering over me as I draw ragged breaths into my oxygen starved lungs.
I open my eyes, studying her as she leans over me, a wicked smirk curling the corner of her full lips.
I am amazed to see the beginnings of arousal in that steady gaze. We’ve been at it for hours now.

Then I think back to the state she was in when she came to my home and I allow myself a smile. Her state of angry frustration seems to have lessened though I am not foolish enough to believe it has left completely.
I can see it has been replaced, for now, with pure sexual desire. No longer fighting the demons that compel her to force submission and cause pain, she wants nothing more than to find release and after the thunderous orgasm she has just caused me to have, I will stop at nothing to ensure she is completely sated and utterly spent.

I place my hands on her shoulders and urge her to lie on her back, careful not to make her feel threatened.
When she is stretched out beneath me I begin to kiss her, intent on arousing her, fully. I trail kisses down along her jaw as I stroke her nipples to rock hardness with my fingertips.

I move a bit lower taking a nipple into my mouth and begin to suck softly. I smile when she moans, unable to suppress the shiver that coursed through her. Her hand immediately comes to rest on the back of my head and I feel her fingers bury themselves in my hair. I let one hand drift lower, my fingers grazing her heated flesh, as my mouth continues it’s gentle ministrations.
My hand comes into contact with her dick and begins a firm but gentle rhythmic stroking, making sure the base presses firmly against her swollen clit with every downward stroke.
A soft whimper breaks free from her and I feel her fingers close, capturing a handful of my hair. She is still in control enough not to be too rough as she guides my head where she wants it. She allows me to plant soft kisses along her body as she moves me lower and I punctuate them with light licks, and even take a risk by leaving a small love bite at tip of her hipbone.
She pushes my head lower still and I stop stroking her dick as I settle between her slightly parted legs. I glance up at her and see her watching me intently, her eyes narrowed to tiny slits. Keeping my eyes locked with those of my young Domme, I plant a soft kiss on the head of her dick. It isn’t overly long but it is pleasantly thick and I know now why it seemed like she was touching every inch of my womb as she fucked me.

She watched as I ran my tounge up and down her length, before engulfing her hardness within my mouth. I wanted to swallow her whole. I felt her begin to thrust into my mouth as I sucked her, tasting the remains of my own juices on her cock. She tightened her grip and began to restrict the movements of my head as she fucked my face. I could hear soft grunts escape her with every thrust and I wondered if she had it in her to come anymore tonight.

My question was answered when she shoved my face against her crotch pushing up against me as I worked my tounge between her nether lips.
Her hips bucked against my face and I sucked her clit into my mouth, feeling her begin to tense beneath me. I would have spent more time licking and teasing her wet flesh, but I couldn’t have her wanting uncomfortably for release. Besides, there was the fact that I didn’t know her well enough to gauge her reaction to being teased.

Her back arched off the bed as I sucked, all the while stroking her dick, and she pushed my face into her, as her hips jerked upward, humping furiously. As she jerked against me, I milked every ounce of pleasure I could from her body until I heard a soft sigh and she fell back against the bed, panting.

I was still a bit bewildered about the fact that she was so silent and made a promise to myself that the next time I would do everything in my power to make her utter some kind of noise other than a sigh.

I climbed back up the length of her body and hovered over her, looking down into soft brown eyes that were beginning to show signs of drowsiness. I smiled at my young Domme and was rewarded with a smirk. She reached down between my legs, running her fingers between my pussy lips. Her smirk grew slightly when she felt how wet I was. She parted my legs, making me to straddle her hips and pleasure ripped through my body when I felt her slide smoothly inside of me.

“Ride it.” she instructed in a gruff voice, edged with desire.

I began to move up and down on her dick, coating it once more with my wetness. She watched me intently as I rode her, wantonly taking my pleasure of her like a back alley whore. She met my thrusts with her own and every time I impaled myself on her cock the movement caused my ample breasts to bounce up and down. She reached up and pinched my nipples as I moved against her and I gasped at the pleasurable sensations it caused.

I looked at her and found her still watching me with an almost amused expression on her face and it occurred to me that this time she wasn’t fucking me for her own pleasure but rather for mine. At that point it became a battle of wills to see which one of us would succumb first.

I ground down into her crotch on every downward stroke, trying to stimulate her to orgasm. She knew what I was trying to do and for the first time since I’d met her she actually smiled. I was surprised by this and was completely taken off guard when she pulled me down to her and held me in her strong arms. I gripped her shoulders, my fingers digging into her flesh, and I buried my face in the crook of her neck as she grasped my ass in her hands.

She held me against her, giving me just enough room to grind down into her as she thrust into me, driving her dick into my dripping pussy as soft cries of pleasure escaped me. As one hand gripped my ass, the other snaked between us and I felt her stroke my clit with feather light touches.

I knew then that I would lose this battle between us. Her strokes became firmer as her thrusts became harder and I felt my orgasm begin to engulf me.

From somewhere far off I heard myself scream, as I my body shuddered uncontrollably and my hips slammed down into her as I attempted to envelop her hardness within my body, wanting to keep her there forever. Fiery waves of pleasure rippled through me and I rode it out, until I came to rest, shaking, on top of my young Domme. She enfolded me in her strong embrace, gently stroking my back, as I lay there on top of her trying to refocus on my surroundings.

Within minutes, I regained my senses and opened my eyes. All I could see was darkness and for a moment I thought I’d died in the arms of my young lover. She felt me stir within her grasp and slowly loosened her hold on me and I realized I’d pressed my face tightly against her neck while in the throes of my climax.

My movements against her caused her dick to shift within me and I felt her body tense. It was then that I realized she had yet to experience her own orgasm and I cursed myself for once again losing myself in my own body’s pleasure.

Formulating a plan I rose off of her just enough for her dick to leave it’s resting place. When I settled against her I felt it slide up between my pussy lips, nestled firmly against my clit, as it lay against her belly. I kissed her softly on her neck, just under her ear and heard her moan softly. I loved the way she responded instantly to my touch. Now if I could only get her to respond verbally during orgasm I could consider this night a complete success.

I kept up my assault on her neck with my lips and tounge as my hands drifted lower to stroke her body in the different places I’d learned would arouse her. I wanted her on fire when she entered me.

It didn’t take long before she tried to push me onto my back. I surprised both of us by resisting her silent command and before she could forcefully demand my compliance I distracted her by taking a taut nipple between my lips, sucking ardently. She moaned and fell back against the bed as I worked feverishly to stoke the fires within her.

I knew I didn’t have long to get her where I wanted her to be, mentally and physically, before she took what she wanted. My resistance to her advances would ensure she would be where I wanted her mentally and my arousing caresses took care of the physical part.

I knew my mission was accomplished when she began to tremble beneath me and I felt her fingers grip my upper arms painfully. She attempted to roll me over onto my back, again. Taking my chances I struggled against her, making her put forth an effort to get me where she wanted me. Needless to say, she wasn’t pleased with this. I saw the frown crease her brow and decided I’d denied her long enough.
She snarled in my ear and I felt powerful muscles shift as she twisted her upper body and threw me onto my back. I kept my arms at my sides, silently communicating my willingness to comply with her demands.
I figured this was her favorite position since it put her in a position of dominance.
Momentarily lost in my own observations of her, I responded to her attempts to spread my thighs too slowly for her liking and once again I felt her hand at my throat .

She squeezed slowly, as she looked into my eyes, tilting her head to the side as I slipped toward unconsciousness. I felt myself hovering on the edge of the abyss and panicked. My fingers clawed at her hand, only to feel her squeeze harder. I tried to cry out for help but nothing came out but a soft gurgling sound. Just before I blacked out I felt her enter me roughly and heard a deep ominous chuckle ringing in my ears.


*Slap!* I felt it again.

Sharp stinging made my face tingle and I groggily became aware of someone moving on top of me. My eyes fluttered open and I looked up at the young one. My young Domme was thrusting into me with slow shallow strokes.

My eyes filled with tears and I felt them run hotly down the sides of my face. She lowered herself so that we were touching along the entire length of our bodies. Her thrusting slowed even more and she placed soft kisses on my cheeks, capturing my tears with her lips.

“Shhh.. don’t cry.” she whispered, as she stroked my hair.
“I told you earlier, I don’t need your permission to fuck you, didn’t I?” she asked, her voice a deep rumble.

I didn’t miss the underlying desire in her voice and I shivered as arousal reasserted itself, within me, despite the fact that she’s just choked me until I passed out and slapped me back to consciousness.
I nodded in response to her question and I nuzzled her neck, kissing her softly, as my hips began to move in time with her thrusts.

“Then don’t ever deny me when I want to fuck you.” she said with finality.
I merely nodded again. I’d learned my lesson and we both knew no more admonishing was necessary.

“Yes, Master.” I replied, running my hands up and down her back, silently imploring her to fuck me with every once of strength she had. The frustration that filled her when she first came to my home was back and I welcomed it. Her actions were no longer uncertain but she still seemed to be holding back, not allowing herself to become fully consumed by her dark urges. I wrapped my legs around her, locking my ankles behind her back, pulling her into me.

“Fuck me, Master, please.” I beg, not ashamed that I want to feel the feral darkness surging through her, as she took what she needed from my body.

She groaned and began to fuck me, vigorously thrusting with long, deep strokes, giving in to her urge to penetrate. I know it won’t take long, she’s been fucking all night with no rest.
I feel the trembling begin, sooner than I expected, and can hear the soft growls that escape her every time her hips surge forward.

She lowers herself, fully, on top of me and reaches beneath me, cupping my ass, and begins to pound into me with unrestrained desperation. I thrust up against her and wrap my arms around her broad back, doing all I can to help bring about her satisfaction.

I hear a soft strangled yelp and recognize that she is once again suppressing her cries of pleasure. Encouraged that her orgasm is beginning, I clamp my mouth onto her neck, as I push hard against her, tightening my thighs around her pistoning hips, forcing her to limit her movements to short, hard thrusts.

I feel her take a deep breath and hold it as her body shudders violently against me and there is a moment of breathless anticipation before her orgasm claims her. Her shoulders hunch, as her hips buck, frantically, against me and the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard greets my ears.

A soul stirring howl is ripped from her lungs as waves of pleasure ripple through her. She keeps thrusting and seconds after the first, another sharp cry escapes her lips and I watch as she experiences another orgasm, shorter in duration but no less intense than the first.

Her body remains tense for several seconds before she finally relaxes enough to take a breath.

“Oh, God.” she rasps as she collapses against me and struggles to catch her breath, aftershocks still coursing through her.

I lay there, rubbing her back, waiting for her to regain some sort of control, knowing she would, initially, be uncomfortable with her outburst. I kiss her softly on her earlobe, smiling when I feel her shiver slightly.

She rises and withdraws herself from my body, rolling over to lie on her back beside me.

I keep still beside her as she lays there with her eyes closed, not wanting to invade her space. After a few moments, she reaches for me, pulling me against her and I smile brightly as I lay my head on her shoulder. I wrap my arm around her waist and move my thigh over hers as I lay there listening to her breathe. She curls her arm around my waist holding me securely as her other hand strokes my thigh and I wonder if she is about to start again.

As if reading my thoughts, my young Domme chuckles and whispers softly.
“Not right now ... maybe later.”

I smile and fully relax against her, snuggling into her inviting warmth.

Within moments I hear her breaths even out and I know she has finally fallen asleep, just as the first streaks of pink begin to lighten the night sky.

I lay there for a few minutes more, drowsily reflecting on the events of the past evening. Smiling, as I look up at the young woman, who had come to my home, a bundle of seething anger and frustration, but would leave an experienced Domme in her own right. Of course, she had a lot more learning to do and I felt my insides clench with arousal at the very thought of her choosing me to be the one she wanted to learn with.
I knew I would do anything to facilitate the possibility of having the chance to sub under her.

As my eyes drifted closed, thoughts of all the wonderful things I wanted her to do to me filled my mind and I hugged my young Domme a little tighter, acknowledging the feelings of possessiveness I was having with a little smile.

In my heart, she was my Domme and I would stop at nothing to ensure that it stayed that way.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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