Mystery slipped into the room where the Queen, sometimes known as Mistress Blade, was holding court. The Queen was obviously well aware of Mystery's quiet entrance. It was at least obvious to the Queen and to Mystery. The Queen gave a silent signal and Mystery found her way to her Queen's throne and knelt quietly at her Queen's feet. Not a word had passed between them . . . but then no words were necessary. Both Mystery and her Queen felt the connections between them. Mystery knelt quietly, absolutely still, as her Queen did business and talked with this one and that one with the tension building and entwining them. Mystery, kneeling in perfect submission, waited for her Queen's will and to be her Queen's pleasure. The Queen was aware of Mystery and the price of her submission.

The Queen would not reveal the pleasure she felt with the nearness of Mystery. She knew the position of submission was difficult for her to physically maintain and was pleased that she had assumed it. As she continued with the affairs of court, her hand idly draped upon Mystery 's head, lowering her to a more comfortable position at her feet. Mystery knew she would be punished for interrupting and distracting the Queen with her loveliness, but she knew also that she was the only one the Queen would tolerate this of. The punishment would please the Queen and Mystery.

Having finished her business affairs for that day, she grabbed a handful of Mystery 's hair and turned her face toward her own . . . Twisting her fingers into Mystery 's hair, she held her fast saying, "You know that there is a price to pay for the disturbance you have brought into my throne room today."

Mystery, who wanted nothing more than to be allowed to look at her Queen in just this way, spoke quietly, "I know full well the price and I will joyfully and gratefully pay it and more, to be in the presence of my Queen."

The Queen responded gently but firmly with steel in her tones, "Mystery, I will deal with you more fully later, but now you need a small reminder of the punishment that is to come. Bare your back to me." The Queen relished Mystery 's submission as well as the exquisite way that she would take the strokes laid on her back. Mystery knew that this was just a preview of what was to come and slowly and gracefully bared her back to her Queen. She bowed her head, hiding tears and waited for whatever was her Queen's pleasure.

Hesitating a moment to watch Mystery disrobing, the Queen's arousal heightened with every bit of exposure. Running the strands of her 'cat' through her fingers, she prolonged Mystery's anticipation a second longer. At the first stroke, she spoke. "Mystery, my precious one, you have earned ten strokes. No warm up, and you will Thank me for each. Begin now!" Moving Mystery 's head to rest upon her crotch, Queen Nuru allowed the aspect of Mistress Blade to awaken. Swiftly delivering the first strike across Mystery 's shoulders, the Queen widened her legs to more fully feel Mystery head as it jerked against her clit. She waited for Mystery 's trembling, grateful response.

Mystery, moved by her Queen into position, trembled with her nearness to her Queen. When her Queen allowed the aspect of Mistress Blade to awaken, Mystery 's anticipatory tension rose. She had no warning and, with the first stroke of her Queen's cat on her shoulders, she had to struggle both to retain her position and keep the tears from running down her face. Her Queen positioned her even more closely and Mystery's tears were fast becoming tears of joy as she heard her Queen promise her ten strokes. As she had long ago learned how to do, she leaned into the strokes, both physically and mentally, until her reality was bordered by pain on one side and her Queen's physical presence on the other. Queen Nuru's cat, the beloved strokes being laid on her back and her own voice begging her Queen for more, began the transport of Mystery along the journey she craved. As each blow landed, her world became more and more her Queen and her Queen's arousal. The pain and the arousal it stimulated in Mystery, her own vocalizations of gratitude for that very gift of pain and her Queen's nearness, created a wildly swirling vortex in which Mystery found herself spinning.

Reluctantly nearing the tenth stroke, Nuru changed Mystery 's position so that she was now bending on hands and knees away from her. She paused and rubbed between the raised welts on Mystery 's back and let her hand slide down to the elastic at the waist of her pants. "I am not yet fulfilled Mystery." Mystery with trembling hands and muffled moans, reached behind her and lowered the waist on the pants her Queen so loved for her to wear. The almost luminescent globes of her ass cheeks greeted her Queen and she presented the sideways grin she knew her Queen longed for.

Switching to a flat and rounded paddle, Nuru flexed her wrist to change the motion of her swing and more accurately plant her blows. "My precious one," she spoke as she slid her fingers between Mystery's ass cheeks. When she encountered the moisture of her pleasure, she thrust three fingers gently into the pulsating opening-incurring no resistance. Mystery moaned and gave a delighted "Thank you my Queen" and begin to move in tempo to the urgent thrust of her Queen. With the paddle in her right hand and her left hand in Mystery, the Queen announced the second set of strokes.

Mystery, traveling on her Queen's gift of pain and by her Queen's fingers inside her, begged her Queen for more. Begged her Queen for more pain and begged her for more of her hand inside her. Mystery begged with tears for the gift of her Queen's fist inside her. Nuru set aside her paddle after paddling Mystery's sweet ass to a screaming red and raised flaming welts. She knew that the strokes she had laid on Mystery that night would remind Mystery for a few days of the lessons her Queen needed to teach her. She reached for Mystery's nipples that she knew to be so sensitive and gave each nipple a sharp pinch that sent Mystery into spasms of ecstacy and breathless shouts of gratitude. "Take me, my Queen," she begged. "Hurt me, my Queen," she sobbed.

Nuru, aroused herself by Mystery's cries, slipped her fist into Mystery 's tight cunt Mystery responded as her Queen took her and begged her Queen to fuck her, harder and take her higher. Her Queen, looking at the welts she had given to Mystery's 's ass, was drawn to the sweet bud of Mystery asshole and wondered if she should please Mystery with being filled there as well.

Continuing the forceful strokes of her fist in Mystery's 's cunt, Nuru watched as the pink pussy lips sucked at her wrist. Untiing her robe and slightly shifting, she was able to release her dick from its confines within the folds. Mystery had long awaited this prize and Nuru knew she now deserved it. Sliding her dick between Mystery's now reddened and welted cheeks, Nuru began the dance. When Mystery became aware of the feel of the prized possession her Queen was presenting her with, she shuddered involuntarily, flexing the tight muscles of her asshole in anticipation. Nuru hesitated and contemplated her approach, her desires swelling with each moan Mystery made as the hard black dick slid within the spillage of her wetness. Unable to wait any longer Nuru, held her dick with her right hand to steady her entrance, and slid up to the puckering hole of her ultimate desire.

She steadied Mystery, forcing her forward with her fist in her cunt and pushed her face into the cushions surrounding the throne. How wonderful this moment was for Nuru, to give Mystery what she had waited for and the first touch of her dick to her ass. Defying her own reserve, Nuru plunged within Mystery's 's ass, not stopping for her adjustment to size, but severely stretching the walls of her rectum with the full length of her shaft . . .

Mystery, aroused beyond belief with her Queen's fist inside of her filling her so completely, was aware of the shift in her Queen's position and held her breath daring to hope that what she had dreamed of and longed for, for so long, was about to become a reality. She felt the brush of silk on her ass as her Queen opened her robe. She could feel the head of her Queen's hard dick as that black shaft played between the cheeks of her ass. Knowing that she could expect no mercy and no warning, she relaxed the muscles and desiring her Queen to fill her ass as completely as she had filled her cunt, she held her breath against the pain that she knew would accompany the plunge her Queen would make into her ass.

The pain was overwhelming when it came as her Queen's hard black dick lubricated by Mystery's own wetness forced its way into her. Such incredible pain and such incredible pleasure in the pain, taking Mystery beyond both of them. Only the fact that she was so aroused by the fist in her cunt made it possible for her to take it. As her Queen's dick found its way past all the muscles that would slow its passage, Mystery's ass took the full length of that shaft. Queen Nuru, in order to concentrate on the beautiful ass her dick was filling, removed her fist from Mystery's wet and spasming cunt. Grabbing Mystery's hips with both hands, she continued to fuck her ass. Mystery, aroused to sheer absolute abanden, rocked on her knees, arching her back to present her ass completely so as to take all of that hard black dick inside of her, to feel that ultimate feeling of her Queen filling her ass the way her cunt had been filled just moments earlier.

Mystery, beyond pain, beyond pleasure, soared beyond boundaries in places of ultimate joy. Queen Nuru, aroused herself, was riding Mystery's ass and Mystery was open to the ride, screaming now in her rapture and begging her Queen for permission for release. Queen Nuru, feeling herself approaching orgasm, gave Mystery that permission and the two of them came together with cries of fulfillment. Queen Nuru withdrew from Mystery's ass and lying in the pillows of her throne, gathered Mystery into her arms. She softly stroked her as Mystery regained herself from where she had flown.

Mystery, safe in the arms of her Queen, could only cry for the bliss that they had shared.
Queen, sure of Mystery's love, was content.

The End

Copyright © 1996. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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