As the taxi arrived at my front door I thought, "Can't wait to relax in the tub." I had had the worst day at work and all that was on my mind was to be left alone......

I fell into the door all of my files from work, falling onto the floor. "What else?" I thought. I left them there and headed toward the bedroom to prepare the bath.

"You scared me! What are you doing here?" I asked.. Bryanna replied "I thought you might need some company." I told her how awful my day had been and my mind was on a hot bubble bath and sleep, if I finished my work that I had left in the floor.......Bryanna looked at me with those dark eyes making me want to jump into her arms, and said, "Come here, lay down my baby and let me ease your mind...." I knew if I went one step closer that was it, no bath no work to be done and definitely no sleep.... "Baby," I said, "I wold enjoy nothing more than laying down with you and forgetting the world but I have so much to do."

Bryanna took me by the hand and set me on the edge of the bed beside her..... "Shh baby, let me take care of you and when I am done you can take a nap while I get your dinner ready and we will work on the files together afterward." She smelled so damn good and if she only knew how wet my pussy was just by her being there with me.......I could not tell her no. She looked at me with the knowing that I was not able to resist her..."Lay down my baby." she said .

Bryanna laid me on the pillows and began to kiss my entire body while undressing me... she began at my forehead and whispered in my ear...."relax let me help you ease your mind and body." My pussy was soaking wet her warm, hot breath on the side of my neck and her steamy hot soft tongue making it's way down my neck to my hard nipples , was making the pussy so wet...

Bryanna put my hard nipple in her warm wet mouth and started twirling her soft tongue around it till I couldn't take anymore ...she looked up at me and started biting with soft pressure ....her hand had moved to my inner thigh and was getting so close to my steaming hot hole....."My baby is getting hot for me, huh?" When she finally put her finger on my swollen clit..I shook and got that much wetter...... she started licking my other erect nipple while her finger was slowly caressing the edge of my clit.....I was so very hot and extremely wet and was excited about what she had planned for me next.

She continued licking all the way down my stomach and made her way between my hot thighs.....she pulled my pussy lips apart and kissed her way around my legs began to tremble this girl had gotten me so wet I need to cum so bad....She took my clit and sucked it into her warm mouth and I began to shudder and let out a long soft moan..." Oh Bry your mouth feels so good.." She began licking up and down the wet slippery slit, I was so wet that you could hear her tongue slurping up the sweet pussy nectar and she seemed to be enjoying it...She found my tight asshole and began to stick her tongue in and out, while she rubbed my clit.. My legs were uncontrollable and I was on the edge of cumming in her hot mouth..... she put her finger in my ass and began fucking me slow, at first, and then she had my clit in her mouth and her tongue was twirling the tip of it......I was so hot and trembling nd she sucked my clit in her mouth and I thought she was going to swallow it and at the same time she put two more fingers in my ass and began fucking me hard .......I began to pour sweet juice all in her mouth and let out a loud moan,,, I was shaking as the climax took over my body and I squirted all over Bry's face ..... She got up from between my legs and looked at me with a devilish smile on her face.."Baby, that's not all I have for you."

She reached into the night stand and got my favorite toy......"You are going to be sleeping so good when I finish with you". Bryanna opened my legs and inserted the top of the dildo in my sopping wet pussy and the other in my creamy ass, I was still hot and wide open that we didn't need any lube, and began fucking me..... It didn't take long for me to cum again and I came all over the bed..... Bryanna said, "let me run your bath and change the sheets for you."

I took my hot bubble bath and Bryanna had made the most delicious meal for the two of us......My work was completed and it was time for bed and she led me to the bedroom and put in bed and sat on the edge of the bed...."I could join you and finish what we had started earlier if you want."

I said "Ummm that would be nice but I am so relaxed that I don't think I would make it."

"I understand," Bry said, "call me tomorrow if you need another therapy session."


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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