_____I was sitting in my office at my computer. Work was extremely slow today. I signed on to Yahoo Messenger and posted an ad in the live conversations section. I posted an ad & read it silently to myself: Twenty-three year old lesbian from West Tennessee, bored at work & seeking some interesting conversation with a nice young BLACK Lady. "That sounds good," I thought to myself.
_____After what seemed like hours of rejecting men and old women, I finally got a message from a young African-American lady. Her user name was: Tennessee's_Fynest. She was 22 and also from the West Tennessee area. She & I had a great conversation about life, education, relationships, and even sex. We shared many sexual fantasies with each other. I felt like I had known this female who shared my computer screen for a life time. We began to chat more about sex and even exchanged some sexy lesbian websites with each other.
_____"I'm getting so wet by looking at these sites," Fynest said.
_____"Yes, me too," I agreed. "I'd love to be caressing your body right now!"
_____"Ooooh, yes I wish you were," said Fynest.
_____I felt my sexual desire increase as my computer romance continued with this extremely sexual woman. "What are you wearing," I asked her.
_____"I'm wearing a short navy blue skirt with no panties on and a low cut button-down shirt," she replied. My pussy began to get wet at the thought of how much I wanted her and I longed to be deep inside her womanly essence. "Do you have a pic?" she asked. I told her yes. I popped the disk in & sent her the file. "Uhmmm, oh my," she replied after seeing my picture. "Hold on a sec."
_____I had began to rub my hard nipples through my shirt, when I heard a knock on my office door. "DAMN!" I thought. "Come in," I said.
_____The door opened and standing before me was a thick, gorgeous, honey-brown skinned, hazel-eyed cutie. Much to my surprise, she was clad in a short navy blue skirt with no panties on and a low cut button-down shirt. My eyes got wide as she closed and locked the door behind her. She came close to me and whispered, "I have always thought you were so sexy from the moment I laid eyes on you." Fynest was one of our new employees! Needless to say, she was getting off to a GREAT start.
_____We smiled and immediately began kissing. Our tongues intertwined into a dance of passion as we pressed closer to each other, feeling each other's passion. I began to unbutton her shirt and expose her already hard nipples. Her nipples were so hard & so big. I leaned forward and began to suck them. "Uhmmm, yes Mercedees," she said softly. I rubbed her other nipple to keep it hard & entertained as I nibbled and sucked the other one. Her warm gentle kisses to my neck and ear sent me into sexual overdrive.
_____Still sucking her nipples, I quickly pulled off my loose fitting pants and my panties. I sat down in the chair, pulled down her skirt, and watched it fall to the floor. She straddled me and pressed her hot, wet pussy against my leg. "Uhmmm that pussy feels good," I whispered as I slid my finger inside her womanhood. The smell of sex in the air aroused me. She moaned and began to pump her wet pussy on my finger. I used my middle and fore finger to fuck her deep as my thumb massaged her hard clit. She got wetter and wetter and begin to suck my titties. "Yeah, do that shit girl!"
_____She pumped harder on my fingers to feel the in & out motion I was giving her. She began to moan my name over and over. "I'm gonna nut, Mercedees, oooh fuck me baby!" I took my thumb and shoved it up her pussy while placing my fore finger at the rim of her tight asshole. "Oooh fuck yeah!" She yelled. A flood of sticky, thick cum ran down my hand as she moaned softly in my ear.
_____"Uhmmm, dayum this pussy is good and tight," I said.
_____"Come here baby," whispered Fynest. "Lay on the floor boo." We laid on the floor and she got on top of me. She fucked my pussy deep with three fingers. "I've been wanting to do this to you for so damn long," she confessed. She quickly got between my legs and begin licking and sucking my clit.
_____"Fuck yeah, eat this pussy," I moaned.
_____She rammed a finger in me as she flicked her long tongue across my clit. "You taste so good baby," she mumbled as she began tongue fucking me deep and finger fucking my ass. "I want your nut all over me!" She got on top of me and began to grind her pussy on mine. I felt our hard clits dance together in total passion and ecstasy. With each thrust, I felt her juice drip inside my pussy and onto my swollen clit.
_____I grabbed her ass and smacked it as we bumped pussies. "Oh yes baby, give me more," she groaned. She grabbed her nipples and rubbed them against mine as she pumped me faster & faster. I felt my body began to shake as I had the strongest orgasm I had had in months. I begged her not to stop as I felt my cum squirt out of my pussy. My cum hit her clit and sent my computer goddess into another beautiful orgasm.
_____We lay there on the floor panting and trying to catch our breath. I grabbed a towel so we could clean up. Our quickie had last for half an hour. We got dressed and kissed passionately. "Meet me after work in the parking lot," Fynest said.
_____I said, "Sure, but what is your real name?"
_____She smiled and said, "Look for a black Kia Sportage with mirror tint and you will find out what my real name is." She winked and left.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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