The lights faded from red, then blue then green, filling the living room with an odd aura. Horns beeped furiously as people and drivers alike below as the sky opened its arms and lets the heavens’ tears fall upon the streets of the city. She stood at the window of the apartment; mind wandering and body feeling sensations and urges that she had grown accustomed to. Even the surge of hormones had eventually integrated itself in part of her everyday living. She sighed to herself thinking about everything that had transpired over her lifetime. How she dared to defy social norms by defining her destiny in living and in loving. Sometimes it didn’t seem worth it, as if what the norms of this society seemed more fitting, easier to live by, but then she thought about how she loved being different, loved being herself and at peace internally instead of happy externally. And the love of her life made defining her being worth every second of life.

She turned to the grandfather clock, adjacent to the window. It was almost 2:30 am and there was no sign of her beloved. She began her frantic pacing, worrying if something had happened. Had her love been beaten and no one to call for help? What if…?

No sooner did the questions race through the field of her mind did the door finally open. Slowly, a tall figure dripping water upon the floor emerged from the dark corridor of the hallway. She crossed her arms, observing her visitor from head to foot, chuckling a bit.

“Welcome back, boo,” she said in a sweet voice, “I see you’ve had quite a battle with the weather,”

“Yeah,” the figure said, taking off the coat and then placing a medium sized bag on the table, “and nature won, like always. I got your ice cream for you. You wanted moose tracks ice cream and a bottle of Louisiana hot sauce, right?”

“Yes lovely,” she said, walking to the figure, smooching her on the lips. “Thank you, Mesha. You had me worried you know?”

“I did? Well, I didn’t mean to. After all, I did have to walk in the rain for this.”

Mesha wrapped her massive arms around her figure. Even if it was almost 3 in the morning, there was nothing she wouldn’t do for her lover, even walk in the desert for a glass of ice water. They swayed together for a few moments, enjoying each other’s company and companionship. They were like a pair of gloves, incomplete without its mate, and oh so lovely when together.

Mesha kissed her on the back of her neck, letting her hands trail down to her belly.

“Do you think I’m too fat?” she asked, resting her head on Mesha’s shoulder.

“Trice, baby, why would I think that?” she whispered in a sultry voice, “You’re beautiful to me always. And your belly accentuates your majestic ness.”

“But look at me. My stomach has gone from 16 to where ever, my hips are huge, and my feet are swollen and-“

“And you’re pregnant with OUR child. That’s precious and, yes you’ve gotten bigger, but how does it look with you being all skinny and pregnant. Girl I would be afraid to hold you if you were skinny and pregnant,”

Trice giggled at that comment. “Yeah, I guess I would look silly.” She walked over to the table, picking up the ice cream. It was still relatively frozen, so she left it, walking towards the window, looking about.

“You know, Mesha, I worry about you. I know you’re strong and all, but still, baby I can’t help but worry nowadays…. I just *sigh*,” Her head rested against the moist glass, thoughts wandered to a distant place which she and Mesha had shared numerous of times. A place where fears seem to run freely and love often ponders over the hypothetical situations. Unknowingly to her, Mesha had walked behind her, cradling her in her arms and smelling the sweet lilac oils on her locs, which were tied into two neat plats trailing down to her hips.

Even in the neon light of the sign below, Trice seemed to glow like the stars. Her smooth hazelnut skin felt like velvet under Mesha’s rough, calloused fingertips. Her eyes were deep ebony with no hint of brown, just pure dark sparkling black. With her state of pregnancy, her beauty had been enhanced by this sense of centricity with the earth. It was as if she was holding onto the one secret in the world that man had tried to fathom, but no manner of science could explain: Life. Life that was so small, so precious, as if it held the answer to why we are here. So many possibilities, so many wonders, so much to worry about in Trice and Mesha’s mind.

They had stood there for what seemed like hours, but in reality was only a few minutes. Finally Trice broke the silence asking Mesha if she was still turned on by her.

“Turned on?” Mesha verbalized, “Why wouldn’t I? I love you baby. And yes you turn me on. Now more than ever.”

“Oh so you weren’t so turned on by me at first?”

“Uh, that’s not what I’m saying.”

“Then what ARE you saying?” Trice said, facing Mesha with her hands on her hips. Mesha chuckled remembering when she was pregnant so many years ago with twins. “Some things still remain the same.” Mesha thought cracking a small smile at Trice. “Baby,” she whispered, looking deeply into her eyes, “what I’m saying is, it’s just something about a woman who’s with child that’s fascinating. It’s one thing to be pregnant, but…,” She stepped closer to Trice, bending to kiss her passionately upon her silk lips. She pulled back, just enough so that Trice could feel her warm breath upon her lips as she whispered “Making love to a woman with child is just majestic,”

Tears flowed their way from Trice’s eyes to her cheeks. Mesha smiled warmly at her, kissing each tear away, before kissing her lips again. With the back of her hand, she brushed her cheeks dry. “Baby,” she whispered, “your ice cream is starting to melt,”

Trice innocently at her with a gleam in her eyes. Mesha knew that look all to well, that look that of predatory desire, the kind of look that sent sparks up her back then back down between her legs in savoring anticipation.

“The ice cream can wait, “ she purred while running her fingers through Mesha’s short wiry warrior locs, “I have… something else I’m craving.”

“Oh really?” Mesha teased, “And what would that be?”

“Mmm, baby you know what I want and need right now?”

Mesha rolled her eyes up to the ceiling ponder, wanting to actually hear Trice’s plead. “I dunno now. You said you wanted and needed ice cream and hot sauce, so I was figuring you might want it now.”

“Boo, don’t tease me, you know how that makes me-*moan*,”

“Make you what, hmm?” Mesha said as she ran her free hand between Trice’s thighs. Even through her flannel pj’s and panties, Mesha could feel how wet Trice was; drenching to be exact. No matter what time of day or night it was, the thought of Trice being wet turned Mesha on like a cat in heat. She wanted to taste Trice, drink her like fine wine, make her body quake in ecstasy, feel her body temperature rise as she would lap at her clitoris like a lollypop. In thinking about what she would do to Trice, she felt her own pussy moisten with anticipation, aching for a little attention as well. She nibbled in Trice’s ear, purring as well.

“I think I know what you need,” she said. “I think we both need it boo. So why don’t you give me the keys and let me drive you and the baby to ecstasy tonight?”

Trice shivered. Mesha always knew her spots and with the surge in hormones, it only intensified her arousal. Trice hurried to the bedroom with Mesha in tow, kissing her passionately while grinding her hips, as much as she could, on her. Mesha didn’t miss a beat as they entered their bedroom adorned with numerous ethnic figurines, paintings and even the bed was carved with various African figures. The atmosphere of the room only added to their sexual energy.

Quickly, Mesha ripped off Trice’s shirt while tugging off her own shirt and bra. She always enjoyed her breasts touching against Trice. Her skin was always smooth and we their nipples touched, Mesha almost damn near came. Trice, by this time, yanked at Mesha’s belt, trying to force it as well as her pants off. Her cravings had gone from the strange mix of hot sauce and Ice cream to fresh dripping pussy. Finally, after a few minutes of struggling with the buckle and Mesha sucking on her erect nipples, her pants were off and boxers down, exposing a neatly trimmed juice glistening pussy. Her eyes flashed as she watched her clit jump as she brushed her fingers across her dripping lips.

“Oooh, shit baby.” Mesha hissed. She took Trice’s hand way, rolling her eyes in the back of her head for a quick second. “Not too fast baby.” She kissed Trice on the lips then moved down to her breasts, taking one into her mouth and massaging the other with her hand. Trice squirmed underneath her touch, her back arched as tingles raced up and down her spine. She wanted to hear Trice beg for it, so she continued her tease, moving to her swollen stomach, licking it slowly across its fullness. The baby seemed to move towards Mesha’s kisses, wanting a part of the love making session. She smiled thinking how the baby was starting to take after mommy. Trice moaned and whimpered, her arousal surging even more with each stroke of Mesha’s tongue. In a desperate attempted, she tried to push Mesha’s head down towards her drenched pussy. Mesha obliged only a slight bit.

As she maneuvered herself between Trice’s center, she took in the sight. Her clit was engorged, moving up and down with the beat of her heart. Her juices shimmered across her lips, enhancing her open hole. Her aroma filled Mesha’s nose, tempting her so badly to lap her up, but she couldn’t just yet. She blew on Trice’s clit ever so slightly then dragged her tongue on the outer part of her lips. Trice couldn’t take the teasing anymore, she reached down for Mesha’s ear.

“Baby ooo baby, please. Stop teasing me.” She whimpered.

“So what do you want me to do,” Mesha said, lightly tapping her. Trice let out a small scream, wrapping her legs around Mesha’s neck.

“Please baby, lick me, taste me, make me cum I want you bad. Pleeeasse!”

This was all Mesha wanted to hear and she loved it. Hearing Trice beg was the ultimate aphrodisiac. With that, she took Trice’s clit into her mouth, rolling her tongue over it before licking all the juices from her pussy. Trice screamed, rocking her hips in rhythm with Mesha’s tongue while grabbing Mesha’s hair for dear life. Between Trice’s rocking and moaning, Mesha found her hand had found its way to her pussy and was stroking hastily at her own clit. In a burst of light Trice came, pushing Mesha into her as she was riding the wave of ecstasy. Mesha was enjoying this, but she still had yet to cum which was beginning to get frustrating. Trice could sense even in her slightly incapacitated state and pushed Mesha from between her legs, unwrapping her own from around her neck and kissed her passionately.

“Mmm, baby, let me help you with that,” she purred, running her hand between her legs. Mesha moaned, grinding her hips in synch with Trice’s massages as somehow she found herself on her back with Trice on top. Barely able to keep her eyes open, she watched as Trice sucked on her nipples like a hungry baby, increasing the intensity if her strokes. Mesha was almost on the brink until Trice moved down lower and began savoring her lover’s juices. She swayed and moved about, biting her bottom lip to not scream, only letting out a few moans as trice continued her tongue assault, twisting, twirling and flicking her tongue on her clit and in her pussy.

In a loud scream, Mesha finally came, shaking violently in the wake of her orgasm. Trice smirked to herself mentally, commending her work of making her boo lose control and cum. Darting her tongue in and out, she cleaned her lover, savoring the flavor of fresh pussy cum in her mouth. Mesha twitched just a bit from her tongue touching slightly against the sensitive part of her pussy.

“Oooh, baby,” she hissed, bringing Trice up to her, “Sensitive baby. Sensitive.”

“Oops, sorry boo,” she giggled then planted a smooch on her lips. The two of them laid together with Mesha rubbing on Trice’s stomach. “Not bad for a youngen,” Mesha teased as she felt the baby kick then roll over.

“Mmm, well you’re pretty good yourself for a 41 year old woman,” she said, nibbling on her bottom lip. Mesha purred slightly them smiled at her, holding her tighter in her arms. “Well baby, you’re only 27. Women always get better with age.”

“I hope so boo,” she said, licking her lips like a Tigress, “cause I’m still a little hungry. And I hope you have the stamina to last boo.”

“You keep it wet baby and I’ll get the ice cream. Then we’ll see who out lasts who.” She said in a husky voice before disappearing into the front room.

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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