_____Marvela sprinkled the seasoning into the pan of fried vegetables as Lorcia stirred. "So what you think?" she asked, as the aroma of the garlic and other seasonings permeated the kitchen. "You think this is going to taste good?
_____"Honey, it'sgoing to be fine. You go on into the dining room and let me finish up in here." Lorcia said. "What you want to drink tonight?"
_____"I"ll have the usual," Marvela grinned, as she slapped Lorcia'sbutt and walked out of the kitchen.
_____Lorcia completed the finishing touches to the meal. Cooking was not her forte. In fact, she disliked cooking and usually left the meal preparation to Marvela. Today she had wanted to make a special dish of vegetables and pasta that she"d found on one of the cooking sites on the Internet. She was trying to get Marvela to eat a little healthier.
_____Marvela was an excellent cook and when Lorcia did cook she liked to have her season her creations. To her it just made the food taste that much better.
_____Sitting down at the dinning room table they smiled at each other, before tasting their food.
_____"Um, this is tasty. I like this." Marvela said between bites off her plate. "You did good, woman. I am proud of you."
_____Lorcia smiled and bowed her head slightly. She stared down at her plate and was quite pleased with her accomplishment. Marvela wasn"t the easiest person to cook for. A compliment from her was tantamount to an award.
_____After dinner Marvela carried the dishes into the kitchen and prepared to place them in the dishwasher.
_____"No, honey. I am going to wash them. There isn"t that many and I can clean up the kitchen at the same time. You go back into the living room and relax. I"ll be in there in a minute."
_____Lorcia stood with her back to Marvela as she started to wipe off the counter. Her mind was drifting to what she would wear when she and Marvela went out the next night. She felt the warm breath against her cheek and then Marvela'slips on her neck. She smiled and started to turn but was held firm in place by strong arms.
_____"Be still. Don"t move yet, I have something I want to give you." Marvela whispered against her neck as her hands busily roamed down Lorcia'sbody until she reached the button on the front of her jeans. Deftly, with one hand, she unsnapped and unzipped the jeans and along with her underwear pulled them down around her ankles.
_____"This is the time, I want you now, right here in the kitchen. You have a problem with that?" Marvela asked with suppressed laugher.
"Uh, no, oh my goodness. Uhm..ohhhh" she stuttered.
_____"Are you wet? Is it throbbing?" Marvela asked in a husky voice.
_____With a wicked grin, Lorcia responded, "Why don"t you find out".
_____Marvela knelt between those luscious thighs and reached up and touched Lorcia. Using her left hand she started to massage the soft skin of her inner thigh.
_____"Oh since it is wet I guess I should wait until the juices start to burn"
Marvela moved her hand slowly until it touched the mound of hair. She pulled at the hairs giving a little twist before exploring further. Her fingers felt the lips of Lorcia'svagina.
"Uhm" Marvela uttered in a throaty tone, " it'sso swollen and hard."
_____Lorcia had moved from the counter and was holding on to the stove. Her breathing was coming faster and she stumbled over her words.
_____"I need to finish wiping the stove and to wash the dishes, I, oh, baby, you"
_____"You continue what you"re doing, and let me handle what I am doing." Marvela said.
_____"Here, let me help you move over to the sink so you can do the dishes." She said as she placed her hands on Lorcia'ships.
_____"Here baby, move one foot at a time slowly, turn, that'sright. Keep moving you"re almost there. Okay relax, and go on and wash the dishes."
_____Lorcia laughed and tried to concentrate on the job at hand. Her legs weakened and she grabbed on to the stovetop and moved to the sink. She tightened the calf muscles in her legs, air escaped through her lips and she closed her eyes and let the wave of arousal take over. She swirled the water around in the sink, picked up a plate and let it slide back in the water, utensils, glassware, all were thrown haphazardly around as she lost the battle to concentrate on the dishes.
_____Marvela asked, "Baby, what'swrong, are you all right? She laughed, as she positioned herself between Lorcia'sspread legs.
_____Lorcia felt the wetness of her tongue move up her thigh and then the teeth nippling on the lips of her vagina. She held on tightly to the sink. It was hard for her to maintain her balance and she felt her feet starting to slide.
_____Marvela continued to taste the appetizing vagina as she secured her hold around Lorcia's legs.
_____"Wait, honey, I can"t stand up much longer. This is a little more than I can handle." Lorcia spoke in a soft voice. "I don"t think I can do this."
_____ "Humphf. Yes, you can. Be strong damn it. Okay, spread your feet out slowly," Marvela said, as reluctantly removed her lips and looked up at Lorcia. Her eyes were lustful and dreamy.
_____"I'll lead you into the living room, just take little steps."
_____Lorcia agreed but found that it was too difficult to move with her jeans around her ankles, and she really didn"t have the inclination to do so.
_____Marvela lifted up her leg and helped her to step out of the them, still kneeling she guided Lorcia into the living room over to the sofa.
_____Once Lorcia was seated on the sofa Marvela proceeded to continue her lovemaking.
_____"Lay back and relax." Marvela said. Using one hand to gently push Lorcia back into the sofa.
_____Lorcia laid back and looked down at her lover between her legs, a sensuous smile appeared on her lips and a soft moan escaped.
_____Marvela, looked up at Lorcia and said, "I have you right where I want you. I want you to feel me, and know how much I love you."
_____ When she unexpectedly touched the tip of Lorcia'sclit with an outstretched finger, her legs flew up and she slide further down the sofa. This gave Marvela an excellent view of all her wonderful treasures that had been hidden between those succulent thighs.
_____"That'sright baby, open up for me and let me feel all those juices flowing inside."
Marvela stroked the inside of Lorcia'ssoft thighs as she watched her through half closed eyes.
_____Lorcia slowly turned her head from side to side as her breathing increased and low moans escaped through clenched teeth.
_____Marvela pushed firmly and felt the walls of Lorcia'svagina contract. She pushed in deep and instructed Lorcia to tighten the muscles of her vagina and then relax slowly. She continued her upward penetration that spiraled Lorcia into another wave of emotions. Her fingers moved rapidly in and out of the steaming vagina. She repositioned herself so that Lorcia was resting her legs on her shoulders and her pelvic was tilted upward. She could feel the full thrust of Marvela'sfingers working inside of her, as Marvela pressed her own pelvic against her own hand to give her deeper penetration.
_____"Oh, damn you feel so good. I love it when you're so butch. Don"t stop. Give me all of you." Lorcia uttered in a sex filled voice.
_____Marvela moved her finger around inside and then slowly pulled them halfway out before plunging deep inside again. She continued her plummeting as she felt Lorcia let loose her bodily fluids and shivere in ecstasy. "Marvela" she screamed,
_____"Oh, my god, how I love you. Oh, my baby, you are incredible. I have never in my life been loved the way you love me." She slides dreamily from the sofa to lie next to Marvela who was now stretched out on the floor.
_____Marvela reached over and pulled her so that she was lying with her head on her breast and squeezed her tightly.
_____"You know, you are my life. I love you more than any words I can speak." She bent over and kissed Lorcia'sneck while she stroked the side of her face.
_____Lorcia felt the feeling of contentment and safety engulf her as she closed her eyes and smiled faintly. She was a woman who knew she was loved.


Copyright © 2001. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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