__________by Jasmin A.

With eyes WIDE shut, I traveled down the curves and bumps of this new journey
Hands clumsily gripping, grabbing, guiding me towards a gushing center I
could smell but not see
Beneath each eager finger cool, plush and tender folds shift with each poke
While above my ears in the silent chamber giggles, and sighs escape with each stroke
A firm grip into my tosseled locks pull me deeper and closer
Her body arching is beckoning me into taste her-

Eyes POP open and...There It Was, for the first time; her throbbing triangle
A mass of pink and brown flesh folded twice on each side and nothing did dangle
A small opening reveals a MINI triange staring directly at ME!
Somewhere within, a well overflows ready to quench the thirst that began this journey.
The triangle talks to me in a language I can barely hear,
Squish sounds like a mouth swallowing and salvatating call me there.
An intoxicating scent descends from the well...
...a slightly musky, fleshy, still delicious kind of smell...
Raven black hairs glisten from the spill of the inner well-
And the mini triangle seems to begin to SWELL!

My hands still dug deep into cool and smooth flesh below her navel
grip tighter as into her triangel my head begins to travel.
Sloppily slurping, digging and licking the taste surprises then delights my tounge
Stuffed in between her thighs, my breath escapes so I inhale her scent deep into my lungs
Gasping for breath, I bake away and inhale again
Eager to resume what I already did begin
Her moans taunt me and her giggles imprint into my mind
That's when her delicate fingers graze my cheeks and she teaches me in a way,
ever so kind

She pulls my head back when I dig in too deep
And pushes it back in when her elixer begin to seep
Lifts my chin when my tounge travels down too low
and when I speed too fast she beckons my head to go slow

Then before I even can prepare she fed to me my grade
Warm, slippery and gushing from her now OPEN well it CAME! before back down
she laid

I passed on my first lesson

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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