Felicia Ann

_____ Jazzie, short for Jasmine, took a quick interest in Deja the first time she walked into her beauty salon, the Hot Spot on 87th and King Drive. Chicago’s blistering heat forced Deja into a snug pair of shorts and a revealing light blue tank that exposed every curve of her 40DD breasts had to offer. This sudden attraction sent a surge of electricity up her spine as she motioned the fresh face over to her booth, where she was tying tissue paper around the wrapped crown of her current client. “OK girl, go sit under the dryer for about thirty minutes.” She then hopped from the chair and went to sit under the next waiting dryer.
_____ “So, what do you need done honey?” Jazzie questioned.
_____ “Uh, I think I’m in dire need of a touch up!” Deja’s voice whined.
_____ “Hmmm, well go head and have a seat and let me see just what we’re working with here. Jazzie raked around in her long black tresses, teasing her scalp with her fingertips. The gentle touching of her head made her clit swell as shivers of delight flowed down her spine. “Yeah, you do have a bit of new growth up there, let me get a cape. She went over to her trunk and pulled out a black and gold cape, shaking it in the air as if it were a sheet to be hung on a line out in the sun. Jazzie applied a brown towel around Deja’s neck and told her to hold it as she fastened the cape around it.
_____ While parting her thick hair and slapping relaxer on her new growth in a rapid fashion, a normal conversation took place between a stylist and her client. There was the stuff about the men of their past, but not the future. Their bi-weekly conversations at the Hot Spot, evolved into a friendship. For the first couple of weeks, the two were inseparable. Every time Jazzie and Deja would go out it would be like two schoolgirls ditching class for the first time! There were the cute same gender loving e-mail greetings and instant messages sent back and forth, then shopping in Boystown and the Women in the Director’s Chair Film Festival, the house parties and nightclubs. Following one night of underground clubbing, they headed back to Jazzie’s downtown apartment for nightcaps, when they we’re already tipsy. They sat on the black Italian leather sofa sipping on Cognac and laughing about an earlier episode at the bar.
_____ “Remember, remember, wait a minute, when that trifin’, Master P, gold-teeth-wearing-asshole tried to holla? Ewww! Deja questioned.
_____ “Girl, that was some funny ass shit !” Jazzie bubbled as she gazed at Deja’s jiggling breasts. Her mouth watered as she leered down the V-neck of her tight black bodysuit. The black strapless minimizer she wore underneath did everything but make her tits look smaller. Her bra presented her breasts as if were they were the World’s greatest Caviar on a sterling silver platter.
_____ “You putting your arms around me and saying, ‘you talking to my woman?’ That was hilarious! Did you see his mouth drop open?” Deja continued to laugh.
_____ But if I had I done this? Jazzie wrapped her arms around her and began to kiss the top of Deja’s pointed little ear. She flicked her tongue down the length of her ear, when she noticed that Deja stopped giggling and sat there absolutely still. She paused thinking that maybe she was rushing into dangerous territory. Had she gotten her signals crossed? If she was having sexual feelings toward her all this time and Deja didn’t feel the same way toward her, it would ruin the nature of their newfound sisterhood. Her heart started beating again when there were no signs of resistance. She continued making small kisses from her ear down to neck.
_____ “Do you want me to stop?” Jazzie breathed against her ear.
_____ “O, please no, don’t stop now!” Deja panted as she ran her long sculptured nails up Jazzie’s left thigh, caressing her black sheer stockings while at the same time exposing her garter belt. Deja’s body felt as if it were two halves, blood rushing to her head and between her legs. Jazzie seductively spread her legs around Deja’s back. She had finally found what she had been looking, Deja’s hot spot on her neck. She attacked it like a barn owl going after a field mouse. Deja spun around on the now hot leather with her eyes closed and mouth gaping as she endured her first kiss with a woman. Her heartstrings tangled as she yearned for more of this new untapped resource, Jazzie. Deja broke off the lip lock and stared into Jazzie’s brown eyes. “It’s my turn.” She growled as she caressed her smooth, chocolately face. Her hungry hands grabbed at Jazzie’s round supple breasts. Jazzie jerked with excitement as her exposed nipples were pinched.
_____ “Do you like that, Huh?” Deja snarled in a low creeping voice. Jazzie flung her head back and moaned with ecstasy. Deja replaced the slight sting of pain with the short wet circles of her tongue. Deja steadily teased her nipples, until Jazzie grabbed a hold of her head. She instantly picked up the clue to go down. She made a wet trail down from her breasts to the top of her black lace thong. She pulled the dividing string out from between her moistened lips. Her index and middle finger slowly inched around the drooling mouth of Jazzie's vagina. Deja continued to swab her finger until it dripped with her translucent sticky juice. Her pierced tongue snaked out from between her lips to taste, but hesitated. Her dripping wet fingers swabbed Jazzie's pouting lips as she then bent down to lick them, initiating another tongue wrestle. Deja then hurried back down between Jazzie's legs and consumed her fine wine, taking special care in pleasing her clit.
_____ Jazzie's breathing become more rapid and heavy, her breasts were swaying back and forth. Her hips’ gyrating all around in big thick circles against Deja’s controlling face and tongue. Orgasm was steadily approaching and Deja stuffed her thumb and two fingers up into her snug g-spot while she continued sucking on her midget penis. Jazzie's body jerked as a thousand and one tiny waves rippled throughout her entire body. As they both struggled to catch their breath, Deja came up and kissed her lover's awaiting lips.


Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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