Ali Blaque

“Does anyone know why I’m still single?” Nyalla asks to no one in particular. Nyalla Anderson was a striking African American woman in her mid 30s with thick dark hair, that alternated between auburn and black, which framed a caramel colored face. One of her most distinctive features was her light brown almond shaped eyes. A chorus of groans could be heard around the table. Sharice & Stacy Foster, identical twin sisters, kept their opinions to themselves, while Quintelle Bennett, immediately launched into a lecture on the dangers of casual affairs and warned her to chose carefully. “I’ll tell you why,” Nyalla continued, ignoring Quin “butch women are too chickenshit to approach me; just because I look the way I do, they think I’m straight! Do I have to have business cards printed proclaiming my lesbianism?” That elicited laughs from everyone at the table each knew that Ny had the gumption to do just that.
The four friends had met 15 years before while in college. Nyalla was taking a business courses, while Sharice and Stacy were both economics majors. Quin had been a nursing major but had surprised them all by joining the army immediately after graduation. She was now a Major currently on assignment in Ft Hood, Texas. After graduation Nyalla moved to California and opened a very successful chain of gay and lesbian bookstores, while Sharice and Stacy had gone on to work for one of the top brokerage houses in Baltimore, Maryland. Do to their hectic schedules and distance, it was difficult for the friends to keep in touch. Therefore they had decided early on that they would take time at least once a year and get together. These extended slumber parties were looked forward to by each of them. They met in a different location each year. This year they had come together in Sharice & Stacys’ home base of Baltimore. 

“I have an announcement,” Sharice said after the laughter had died down. “I’m getting married!”

“WHAT!” screams and exclamations of joy and excitement could be heard throughout the somewhat quiet restaurant, eliciting several turned heads and frowns from the mostly white patrons. “When!” “Who!”

The chatter continued until Sharice threw up her hands requesting silence. “Ok, Ok, His name is Tamar Reese, he’s a doctor. We have been dating for almost a year.”

“A year!” cried Quin. “Why don’t I know about him?” The twins were closer to Quin than Nyalla and frequently called her throughout the year. They considered her the big brother they never had. Big brother because although she was a woman she was as butch as they come having forgone almost all feminine trappings. Being in the military had given her the excuse she needed to cut her hair short and “butch-out.”

“Yes, a year.” Sharice said, “I didn’t want to tell you about him because it was supposed to be a bootie call thing; but we starting seeing each more and more and last week he popped the question!”

Stacy, who had remained quiet during her sisters’ explanations, finally spoke up. “I knew she was in love before she did. All she ever talked about was ‘T’ this and ‘T’ that. I was so sick of hearing his name if he hadn’t ask her to marry him I was going to have to move out of the apartment!”

“So let me see the ring!” cried Nyalla, who everyone knew was a complete jewelry hound. Sharice finally pulled her hand from under the table where she had been hiding all night. “God Lordy, Ms Claudy, look at that rock!” Nyalla exclaimed. On Sharice’s left hand was 2-carat emerald cut diamond solitaire in a platinum setting.

“That must have set your man back a grip!” Quin exclaimed.

“Not really,” Sharice said with a sly smile, “He’s loaded!” This brought on another round of laughter from the four friends and another round of frowns from the other restaurant patrons.

“So I suppose this calls for a toast.” Quin said after a moment, “To my baby sis, I hope that you find all the happiness that you deserve!”

“Here, here!” 

Later that night after finally saying goodbye to the girls and promising to meet them for breakfast, Quin settled into her hotel room. She had been single for almost two years now. Her break-up with her wife of ten years had been extremely hard on her. Now she was ready to start dating again but had no clue on where to start. She had met a couple of women through work but she tried to keep her military and personal life very separate. Though the motto was “Don’t ask, don’t tell” she was in a high profile position and could not afford to risk being caught up in a scandal. Never one to indulge in one night stands she had been celibate since the break-up. Turning her face into the pillow and groaning she reluctantly put a pillow between her legs and humped herself into an unsatisfying orgasm. “I have got to get a woman.” She thought as she drifted off to sleep. 

Across town in their shared apartment, Sharice and Stacy were going over the night’s events. “I thought Quin was going to blow a gasket!” Sharice exclaimed. “You know how over protective she can be. Remember that guy you were dating in college?” She inquired.

“How could I forget?” Stacy replied. During their sophomore year of college, Stacy had been dating a member of the football team. She was still a virgin at the time and refused his sexual advances. One night after a game he decided to push the issue. Stacy escaped unharmed but she was very shaken up. When she told Quin what had happened, Quin went ballistic and attacked the guy. Had it not been for campus police she may have killed him. After the incident, Quin became very protective of the twins. She had gone as far as accompanying them on several dates. It had taken almost a year before she would allow them out without meeting the perspective suitor. She had been especially attentive to Stacy, taking her out to dinner, the movies, etc. They spent hours together talking about everything and nothing. Secretly, Stacy had been devastated when Quin had joined the Army.

“I just can’t wait for everyone to meet Tamar.” Sharice said, interrupting Stacy’s reverie.

“I’m sure they will love him.” Stacy replied. “We have got a long day ahead, we had better turn in.”

“I will in a while, Tamar is supposed to come by in about an hour.” Sharice said.

“Oh lord I’d better turn my stereo on tonight!” Stacy exclaimed with a grimace. “Good night sex fiend, tell T I’ll see him in the morning.”

“Night sis.” Sharice replied with a smile. 

The next morning the ladies met for breakfast in the hotel lounge. “So when do we get to meet this Prince Charming of yours?” Quin asked after they had ordered.

“Actually, any minute now,” Sharice said with a sly smile. “He was still sleeping when I left. By the way I hope you guys don’t mind he is bring along his best friend.”

“No not at all. The more the merrier” Ny & Quin chorused.

Stacy remained quiet. She had met Tamars' enigmatic best friend JD, and she was wondering how Ny and Quin would react to another ‘family’ member entering their group. Just as she was pondering letting her friends in on this secret, she spotted Tamar entering the lounge. She glanced over at Nyalla just as she looked up and noticed the newcomers.

Nyalla had been thinking how good it would feel to go upstairs and get back in bed when she noticed two very good-looking men entering the restaurant. Upon closer inspection, she realized that one of the ‘men’ was actually a woman. She was a rather dark skinned sistah, with dark eyes and a tapered fade. A chiseled chin and high cheekbones dominated her angular face. She was dressed in well-creased khaki slacks and a blue button down shirt that accentuated her rather broad shoulders. “Damn she fine.” Nyalla thought as the mystery woman approached the table. 

Jachyra Grant was wondering how she could make an early exit from this meeting at the hen house. She loved her best friend Tamar like a brother and truly thought that Sharice would make him happy, but she was not looking forward to meeting Sharices' gaggle of girlfriends. Just as she was trying to come up with a good excuse, she looked into the eyes of the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. From what she could see, the woman was wearing some sort of red wrap around dress thing that accentuated a very generous bosom. She was sitting at the table with Sharice, her sweetheart of a sister Stacy, and another woman whom she recognized as a ‘brother’ As she approached the table JD continued to stare at the beauty. “Oh here they are now!” she heard Sharice say as she and T arrived at the table. “Quin, Ny, I want you to meet my fiancée, Tamar Reese, and the is his best friend Jachyra Grant.”

“JD please.” The newcomer said with a smile.

“Please to meet you.” Quin said as she rose to shake hands. She gripped JDs hand a little tightly as she shook it in the time old tradition of testing another’s strength. JD raised a quizzical eyebrow at this but returned the shake as firmly as she had received it.

“Stacy my sweet, how are you?” She asked as she received a warm hug from Sharice’s much quieter sister. “Are you sure you don’t want to go out with me? I could show you a real good time.” She said flirtatiously.

As always Stacy giggled in her shy way and said “JD you are so full of bullshit!”

“Ouch! I am so hurt!” JD replyed with a smile. “And who might you be?” She asked as her eyes locked with Nyallas’

“JD this is Nyalla Foster.” Sharice replyed with a nod.

“Please to meet you.” Nyalla said.

“Believe me, the pleasure is all mine.” JD said in return staring intently into her eyes.

“Well you guys have a seat.” Sharice said after a moment.

Tamar sat down next to his bride-to-be and immediately took her hand. From the warm glances being exchanged between the two, it was obvious to everyone at the table that they were very much in love.

“So have you guys picked a date, yet?” Quin inquired.

“Well we are shooting for early August.” Tamar said.

“August!!” Ny exclaimed “but that’s only four months away! How can you plan a wedding in four months?”

“Well, we were kind of hoping you guys could help. Of course you know Stacy will be the maid-of-honor, but you guys are going to be in it too.”

At that, Quin burst into laughter. “You are not getting me into one of those frilly girl dresses!” she exclaimed. JD immediately joined in the laughter.

“I’m with you bud!” She exclaimed as she exchanged high fives across the table with Quin.

“No you don’t have to wear a dress.” Sharice said after the laughter had died down. “But I would be honored if you would give me away.” Sharice & Stacy had lost both of their parents in a car accident while they were in college. Having lost her father at an early age Quin had been a strong support for them during their grieving.

“I would be honored.” Quin said solemnly.

“Of course JD here is going to be my best man.” Tamar said.

“Well this is going to be quite a different sort of wedding, isn’t it?” Ny said with a smile.

“Well we are a different sort of people aren’t we?” JD replied. Nyalla felt her heartbeat quicken as JDs warm gaze went up and down her frame.

“So,” Quin said startling Nyalla out of her trance, “where do we start?” 

The meal was spent discussing the wedding, who should be invited, and trying to determine where it will be held. “Why not have it at JD’s house?” Stacy finally suggested. JD owned a beautiful four bedroom split-level home on six acres of land that included a pond.

“That’s perfect!” Sharice exclaimed. “JD do you mind?” she pleaded.

After a brief pause JD said, “Well I guess you guys could consider it my wedding present.” Sharice squealed with excitement. With the matter of the location settled the group spent the remainder of the meal in companionable conversation.

After breakfast Tamar & JD excused themselves from the table saying they had business to attend to. “That muthafucka is fine as hell!” Nyalla exclaimed as soon as the pair was out of earshot eliciting hearty laughs from her girlfriends.  
The ladies spent the day at the Inner Harbor shopping and visiting the sites. They were planning to visit the Baltimore Museum of Art after lunch but decided after all the shopping that a short break was in order. Besides later that night they were going to go dancing at the local gay bar, Kats. 

Having decided to all meet at Sharice & Stacy’s before they go out Nyalla was taking her time getting dressed and fantasizing about JD. Deciding she wanted to look extra sexy tonight Nyalla chose her favorite black dress to wear. It was a form fitting number made of a soft stretchy material that fell below the knee, with a split on each side that extended almost to her hip. The dress hugged Nyallas curvaceous body and left little to the imagination. Black high heels and silver accessories completed the look. Before leaving her room, Nyalla placed a small spritz of her favorite perfume on the back of her neck and behind her knees; for good measure, she decided to put a small squirt at her crotch. As she was walking across the hall to meet Quin, Nyalla received appreciative stares from several men that were waiting for the elevator. Smiling to herself Nyalla knocked on her friends’ door.  

Quin opened the door looking quite dashing in a dark blue suit. The suit was tailored to accentuate Quins muscular body to perfection. Nyalla let out a low wolf whistle as she looked at her long time friend. “Damn girl, you are looking good tonight!” she said with a grin.

“You’re looking mighty fine yourself.” Quin replied. “We are going to be up to no good tonight!” 

Hailing a cab downstairs Quin and Nyalla chatted as they rode across town to meet Sharice and Stacy. Stacy answered their knock wearing a royal blue sheath that fell just above her knees. The thin spaghetti straps showed her delicate dark chocolate shoulders to perfection, while the length highlighted an awesome pair of legs. “My, my, my, Baby Sis! Look at you!” Quin said flirtatiously. “Girl you had better stop looking so good, I might have to take and ravage that gorgeous body of yours!” Stacy blushed prettily and looked at Quin with a type of adoration Nyalla had not noticed before. Could she have missed the signs? Nyalla was distracted from this thought process as Sharice made her entrance. As always she was dressed to the nines in a fire engine red halter dress that left her back exposed and quite a bit of leg showing.

“Somebody call the law, cause that dress has got to be illegal!” Nyalla exclaimed. Sharice laughed heartily.

“Girl I’m going to be a married woman soon, I want to get my party on while I still can!” Sharice exclaimed as they headed for the door. 

Kat’s was located on the lower eastside in the warehouse district. What it lacked in locale it more than made up for in shear size and party atmosphere. The clubs motto ‘A little pussy can’t hurt!’ was announced on a bright rainbow banner above the entrance. As the quartet stood in line to enter the crowded club, they received several appreciative remarks from various women in line in front and behind them. Once inside Stacy immediately grabbed Quins hand and dragged her off to the dance floor while Sharice and Nyalla headed to a free table they spotted on the edge of the dance floor. Nyalla placed her drink orders to the waitress that magically appeared at her side. As conversation was next to impossible in the noisy club Nyalla occupied herself by scanning the club and taking in the handsome butch women strutting around. What is it about those rough looking, ‘manly’ kinds of women that drew her to them? She supposed it had to be the combination of the strength and power of a man, but the underlying gentleness and understanding of a woman. In her thirty-five years, she had been with exactly four men sexually and each had been a totally disappointing experience. In her third year of college, Quin had introduced her to Regina or Reg, as she liked to be called. Reg was a tough talking militant dyke who blew her mind and broke her heart. Though it was a disastrous relationship it showed her what she had been missing in her relationships with men and she never went back.  

Nyalla was startled out of her memories by a rather ghetto looking butch with a gold tooth and a jheri curl asking her to dance. “Sure.” She said after a moment’s hesitation. “Hell why not” she thought to herself as she allowed 'Goldie' to drag her out on the dance floor.

“You go girl!” She heard Sharice yell after her with a laugh.

“My names Peaches.” the woman yelled in her ear as they hit the dance floor. Peaches?! Nyalla could not help but laugh to herself. ‘Peaches’ was at least 6 feet tall and a good 240-250 pounds. Parents just never know how a baby is going to come out when they give them those cutesy little names.

While she was not much to look at Peaches could really move on the dance floor and Nyalla had a good time dancing with her. After about six songs Nyalla plead exhaustion and with a promise of another dance made her way back to her table. Quin and Stacy had finally tired themselves out and were sitting at the table when she arrived. “Man, it’s hot in here!” She yelled.

“Yes, really” Quin replied. She had taken off her suit jacket and hung it on the back of her chair revealing a smoke gray button down shirt underneath. Her open collar revealed a gold chain with charm on it.

“What kind of writing is that?” Nyalla asked Quin over the music.

“It’s called a cartouche.” Quin replied. “I got it when I went to Egypt earlier this year. Actually, she continued, I got one for each you.” As she said this she produced three small velvet bags from her pocket and gave one to each of them. The small charms looked almost like scrolls and had images of different animals and objects on them. “It’s your name written in hieroglyphics.” Quin supplied. “The pattern of the chain is called the ‘Eye of Horis’ and can only be found in Egypt."

"Its beautiful!” Stacy exclaimed. “Will you help me put it on?” she inquired of Quin.

“Of course, sweetie.” Quin replied. Quin had never noticed how beautiful Stacy’s skin was until she placed the chain around her neck. “Damn she smells good!” Quin thought to herself. Her hands lingered at Stacy’s shoulders. A small sigh escaped Stacy as she leaned slightly into Quin.

Totally oblivious to the tiny tableau occurring across the table Ny & Sharice were busy admiring their new jewelry. As Nyalla was placing the velvet bag into her purse she glanced across the room and stared directly into the eyes of JD Grant. 

JD had come to Kats hoping to get her mind off the sexy woman she had met today. She figured she would go out pick up a little piece of trade to take home and play with for a few hours. She was just about to approach a hottie in silver stretch pants when she spotted Nyalla. For a moment, she felt as if there was no one else in the room. All of her attention focused solely on Nyalla. She was even more beautiful than JD remembered. Seeing her sent an immediate spark directly to her groin. Since they had met, JD had not been able to get the beauty out of her mind. She immediately changed directions and headed toward her. 

“Quin will you come with me to the bathroom?” Stacy asked.

“Sure love.” Quin replied.

“Do you think I’m pretty?” Stacy inquired after they made it to the strangely deserted restroom.

“Of course I do Sis.” Quin replied uncomfortably.

“Don’t call me that!” Stacy cried.

“What?” replied Quin with a puzzled frown.

“Sis,” Stacy continued. “I’m not your sister.” Stacy said with a slight pout.

Quin stared at her longtime friend in bewilderment. “What the hell is this all about, Stacy?” she asks after a moment.

“It’s about this.” Stacy replied. It was a tentative kiss at first, but after a moment it grew deeper and more passionate. Quin wrapped her arms around Stacys' slender waist and pulled her closer. Breaking away forcefully Quin tried to catch her breath. Stacy stepped back shyly and stared at the floor.

“I’m sorry.” She said miserably. “I just have been wanting to do that for years. Please don’t be angry.”

“Angry?” Quin exclaimed. “Come here baby.” With that Quin pulled Stacy back into her arms and kissed her thoroughly. Breaking away momentarily Quin, grabbing Stacys’ hand, ducked into an empty stall. Pushing Stacy against the stall door Quin ran her hands up and down her arms.

“Baby, are you sure?” Quin pleaded.

“Daddy, please.” Stacy replied.

Hearing this beautiful creature call her daddy nearly sent Quin over the edge. She slid her hand beneath Stacy dress and began to stoke her through the silk of her sopping wet panties. Pushing the underwear aside Quin slid two fingers into Stacy. “Damn you feel so good.” Quin groaned into Stacy’s ear. Stroking in and out Quin added another finger and begin fucking Stacy in earnest.

“Oh shit!” was all Stacy managed to say.

“Cum for me baby.” Quin whispered. She could feel the muscles inside Stacy starting to contract around her fingers. Quin whispered encouragement to Stacy as she drew closer and closer to the edge. Placing her thumb on Stacys’ clit, she began to massage the sensitive bud firmly.

“Quin, baby, oh my god! I’m cumming!” Stacy screamed as she flooded Quins' palm with her love juice. Feeling Stacy’s passion fulfilled sent Quin, who had been grinding against Stacys’ leg, over the edge of her own orgasm. Quin could feel Stacys’ hot box throbbing around her fingers. As her tremors subsided, Quin looked into Stacys’ eyes for what seemed like the first time.

“Baby, are you sure?” she inquired again.

“I’ve loved you forever, I just never had the courage to tell you.” Stacy replied.

“Well, I’m glad you did.” Quin stated matter-of-factly. “We need to get out of here.” Quin said after a moment. “I want to make love to you, the right way.” With that Quin grabbed Stacys hand and headed for the door.

“But what about Sharice & Ny?” Stacy stated breathlessly.

“They know how to get home.” Quin replied. With that Quin took Stacys’ hand and led her from the club. 

“Well, well, well Good Evening, ladies.” JD said as she sidled up to the table with Sharice and Nyalla.

“What up, JD!” Sharice gushed. “I’m going to go shake this fine ass of mine on the dance floor!” Sharice said with a knowing glance and ambled away toward the dance floor. JD pulled her chair close to Nyalla.

“What is that you’re wearing?” Nyalla asked after a moment.

“My cologne?” JD inquired. “Its called ‘Izzy Myaki’” She stated at Nyallas’ nod. “And you are wearing…hmm what is that?” JD murmured, as she drew close to Nyalla and began smelling her neck. As JD was taking in Nyallas’ scent, she allowed he lips to brush the sensitive area on the side of her neck. A spasm of pleasure immediately went down Nyallas’ spine and settled with a splash into her cunt.

“It’s, ummmm, Rapture by Victoria’s Secret.” Nyalla said with a soft sigh. JD continued to run her lips softly down Nyallas’ shoulders and began to place soft nips upon her neck. Nyalla turned her face towards JD. Softly JD began kissing her. Gently exploring the contours of Nyallas full lips, JD was careful not to be too demanding. Not as shy, Nyalla placed her hands behind JDs’ head and pulled her closer to deepen the kiss.

Groaning JD reluctantly pulled away. “Let’s dance.” She said as she pulled Nyalla off her stool and dragged her out onto the floor. Stepping onto the crowded dance floor JD pulled Nyalla into her arms and began to grind against her. As Nyalla began rubbing herself against JD, she felt a curious bulge. Running her hand down between JDs legs she discovered the bulge was, in fact, a strap-on. God I love a woman who packs! Nyalla thought to herself. Turning her back toward JD, she began to grind her ample ass against JDs crotch. Groaning JD grabbed Nyallas’ hips and began to hump at her behind. JD could tell by the way a woman danced how she was going to be in bed, and the way this lady was riding her dick she was going to be a handful. JD placed her hands inside the slits of Nyallas dress and slid them up her supple thighs. As she slid her hands toward Nyallas crotch, she discovered that she was not wearing any panties. “Why aren’t you wearing any underwear?” JD whispered in her ear hotly. JD slid her fingers across Nyallas protruding clit sending visible shivers through her body. “Never mind.” JD said. Nyalla began grinding on JDs crotch and humping her fingers. Throwing her head back and kissing JD over her shoulder Nyalla exploded in a knee weakening orgasm. Feeling the shutters running through Nyallas’ body, JD felt herself becoming moist through her harness. “Can we go some where a little more private?” JD questioned, having noticed that they were starting to draw an audience.

“What about my friends?” Nyalla murmured. v
“I have my car, you can ride with me.” JD replied.

“Just let me tell the girls we’re leaving.” Spying Sharice on the other side of the dance floor JD made a beeline for her.

“We’re leaving.” JD yelled to Sharice.

“I’m not feeling very well.” Nyalla supplied.

“Damn, what’s going on tonight?” Sharice inquired. “First Stacy gets sick, now you. I hope its not anything going around.”

“Stacy’s sick?” Nyalla said.

“Yea Quin took her home a few minutes ago.” Sharice replied. “You go ahead and rest. I’m gonna party a little more!” With that she turned and began dancing with a very attractive blonde in a neon-green pants suit. 

Holding her hand JD lead Nyalla out of the club to her car. JD drove a black Nissan Xterra with a rainbow sticker on the back that stated, ‘Out & Proud’ JD was parked in a dark alley behind the club. JD could not wait until they reached her house; she had to have this woman now. As they reached the side of her truck she pressed Nyalla against it and began to grind against her. Groaning urgently JD unbuttoned her pants freeing her rigid cock. Turning Nyalla toward the truck JD lifted her dress and bent her over the hood. JD groaned loudly as she sank her throbbing cock within Nyallas' sopping wet pussy. “Oh my God!” JD exclaimed as she began to stroke Nyalla. Grabbing Nyallas’ hips JD sank deeper into her extremely hot box with an urgency that she could not control. Nearing orgasm JD began to pound harder and faster into Nyalla. “Baby, baby, baby…” was all that JD could manage as she felt the explosion in her cunt. “Damn Baby I’m sorry,” JD said after regaining her composure. “I just had to have you.”

“Don’t be sorry,” Nyalla said. “We have all night. Think you can get it up again?” she said with a smile.

“For you baby,” JD whispered, “I can get it up as many times as you can take it.”  

The next day as the ladies sat down to a late brunch there was a decidedly satisfied air about the table. Nyalla sat sipping tea with a dreamy far away look in her eye. While Stacy and Quin kept exchanging loving looks.

“So,” Sharice asked to her three best friends, “What do you guys want to do tonight?”

The End

Copyright © 2002. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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