Shy Tomboy

The time has come for us to physically express our love. As I gaze at your cute round face, bedroom eyes, and smooth chocolate skin, I begin to wonder, is this really true? You know, nothing ever seems like reality the first time. You pull me close and softly kiss my lips and my question is answered. How Ive waited for this moment, our lips to meet and our tongues to better acquaint themselves. As we passionately kiss each other, we allow our hands to roam one anothers body searching and finding places never seen, only imagined and craved.

I slowly begin to undress you, although excited to find the lace bra and g-string Ive heard so much about, I refuse to rush. I study every curve of your body, hands trembling. You see, I want to be able to close my eyes and see you natural and exactly as you are from this day forward. After taking in each view, Ive found what Ive been looking for. I lay you down on the silk sheeted bed and start to undress myself. You look at me with a sly grin as I remove my jeans, and I cant help but chuckle to myself, at the thought of what could be going through your mind. Im down to my shorts and sports bra (because I never liked to be naked) and I grab the chocolate covered strawberries I made earlier.

I climb onto the bed and straddle your stomach, kissing your neck, your cheek, and then your lips. I take a strawberry and lick and suck on the tip of it and then tease your mouth before allowing you to devour it. After finishing a few `berries, Im ready to explore deep into the unknown. I move my hands along your athletic but feminine body and allow them to find their way up to your breasts. As I caress each one in my hands, I cant help but want to play with them, kiss and suck them, so I release them from the sheer, lace cover. Nipples hard and pointed right at me, I become mesmerized and just stare. You call my name and I snap out of my gaze.

I hungrily take one in my mouth, and you begin to moan as my tongue ring makes circles around it. As if I wasnt wet already, your constant moans are driving me crazy. I kiss and lick your stomach up and down, making circles in your belly button, thinking to myself, this is better than I expected. As my lips reach the border of your g string, you start to anxiously move your hips. I refuse to satisfy your anxiety until Ive finished what I have started. Kissing every inch of your lower portion, your hips, thighs, waist, and of course in between your legs, I decide to end your wait. I tug at your g string with my teeth and realize its not as easy as people make it sound so I pull it all the way off with my hands.

Here it is, the moment Ive been waiting for. Although Im nervous, not knowing exactly what to do, I take a deep breathe and remember all the Kuma stories I had read just for this reason. I did alot of reading so hopefully I'll do ok. I slide a finger between your legs and you are wet as ever. I suck my finger dry trying to get a sample of what it really tastes like. Kind of weird at first, but hey, I could get used to this. I start my exploration through your neatly trimmed bush and I'm hooked.

As Im licking, sucking, moving my tongue in and out, you grab my head and run your fingers through my freshly braided cornrows and scream. "OOOOOHHHHHH......BOO!!!.....MMMMMMMM!!..... IM ...IM GONNA..C-C-C......" I cant believe she came in my face. And here I thought it was all a myth. This is great, I think to myself as I "clean up the mess". When Im finished, I lay down next to you, tell you I love you and ask if you`re ok. "Yeah Im fine", you reply, "and I love you too Boo". I wrap my arms around you, and kiss your cheek, but before I can get comfortable, you wiggle yourself away talkin' bout its your turn to learn.

The End

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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